Ilana Glazer talks about her new film, 'False Positive'

The film is being billed as one of the summer's scariest movies.
3:49 | 06/15/21

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Transcript for Ilana Glazer talks about her new film, 'False Positive'
we are back with the hilarious Ilana glazer. You know her from her hit series "Broad city," but she has a new movie. She's not here to make you laugh on this one. It is a scary movie, one of the summer's scariest possibly. It's Calle "False positive," and let's say hello to Ilana. So good to have you here, and let me say congratulations. You are going to be welcoming your first child pretty soon. How are you doing? I'm doing good, T.J. Hi. Thanks for having me. I'm doing well. I can't -- it's so funny the way this is lining up because the film is a psychological horror about pregnancy medicine, and we had a few different dates to release this film, and now it's coming out when I am very full-term. Oh wow. So it's very weird the way this is lining up. Yeah. Hilarious. Are you looking forward to your child maybe following -- have you gone that far yet thinking about your child following in your footsteps and watching mama on "Broad city"? Are you thinking that way yet? I wouldn't tell anyone to follow me, like, even my own child. I wouldn't say you would do what I do, but they can totally watch "Broad city." Once second grade hits, I think it's -- I think they'll honestly be probably so ready for it. You said second grade for "Broad city." I don't know what age and what grade for this movie. "False positive," and again, this is kind of a new take on the classic "Rosemary's baby" which was an absolute scary and creepy movie in a lot of ways, but how intense sit on set going through an experience like that where you're doing -- you're doing and talking about something this intense, and that scary? A pregnancy that goes all kinds of sideways? I've never made anything like this before, and it was really, really hard, you know, to be in that space of feeling so disempowered and scared and paranoid. You become, you know, as an actor, I just become that, and it was incredibly challenging, like, at least with comedy, you laugh. You cut and laugh, but with this film, we would cut and be, like, it's really creepy. Let's give fol an idea. I have a quick clip here. Let's take a look. I'm okay. Are you? I just -- I'm starting to feel nervous. A little crazy. I'm seeing things. Honey, me too. I'm having the wildest mommy brain lately. I don't think it's mommy brain. Something's not right with Wendy. Ilana, do you like this? Do you want to do more horror? Because it's such a departure from what I guess folks are used to seeing from you. I have one project that is in the horror genre right now that I didn't write, like, at least to not be in the mindset at least helps, you know? But I think if the story is compelling to me, then yes, but it's not like this thing I'm going after. Even this film, I wasn't, like, aiming to do something it just was the story to felt right to tell at the time. You liked the story. It felt right, and here you are about to have a baby, and this movie, about a baby is coming out. A horror movie. Ilana glazer, it is an absolute pleasure. A lot of us have been following you for a long time, and it's awesome to see you on these things, and congrats on being a new mommy soon. Thank you, T.J. You're so sweet. Have a good day. Whatever stresses you out-- the uncertainty of the pandemic, bills stacking up.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"The film is being billed as one of the summer's scariest movies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78284550","title":"Ilana Glazer talks about her new film, 'False Positive'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/ilana-glazer-talks-film-false-positive-78284550"}