James McAvoy opens up about 'Sherlock Gnomes' live on 'GMA'

The actor dishes on his role in the new animated film.
5:35 | 03/21/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for James McAvoy opens up about 'Sherlock Gnomes' live on 'GMA'
We got a very talented actor who is going to join us here at our desk. He's getting animated in the new movie "Sherlock gnomes." Yeah, I love the title. We'll bring him to the table right now. Give it up for James Mcavoy. ??? I'm still standing feeling better than I ever did ??? Hello. Hello there. How are you doing? Sorry about that. Good to see you. Great. Sit here? Yes. Thanks, guys. That's Aaron and hope. They're lovely. I tried talking but they walked right on by. They're sort of starring. I've heard about gnomes. You know how to make an entrance. Yes, we try. "Sherlock gnomes," fantastic animated movie. But you're still quite a kid at heart. We got a videotape of you playing with some familiar action figures. Oh, really. Yeah, that's me. That was me recreating a scene in "C-men" because clearly I got too much time on my hands. A kid at heart. But when you're a kid at heart like that, what do you miss most about being a kid? Oh, man, somebody asked me the other day. I think it's lying in bed and having enough time and space to imagine crazy stories and stuff like that. I don't find I have enough time to do that any more. I lie in bed worrying about not being able to get any sleep. Which is so boring? Speaking of stories we know the story of Romeo and jewel quote but this is gnomeo and Juliet. You play the gnome version. Did you ever or do you love yard ggnomes. Look, a lot has been said about my passion for garden noms and I don't really thinks it's fodder for daytime television. Oh. It's a deep fashion, you know, it crosses the line every now and again. Did you have them as a child? I actually did have a garden when I was growing up, I think my grandma had two or three in the front garden, the little usual with the wheelbarrow and the cocked leg. I'm gardening. Wow like to see a little bit of the clip? ??? What's going on here. Apparently gnomes are going missing. Yeah, they even promised us a big surprise and they did that when they said it was a bit ominous like we weren't going to get a surprise or if we do it was be unspeakably horrific but it may just be balloons. Balloons. Pretty amazing. Star-studded cast. One of the producers, you did a lot of the recording by yourself. I'm curious of that star-studded cast. Who would you like to spend a lot more time with. I think I'd love to do something with Emily one day. I've done so much with her ish, kind of fakely in these recording scenarios when you're all on your own and would like to do secret with her for real one day. She is a great fun lady to work with. You have another movie coming out with Samuel Jackson. Yes. This comes after "Split." Glass. I love "Split" by the way. I'm scared of you in that movie. Which person nail came to the table today. Barry. Barry is definitely here. Okay, Barry. Yeah, no, it's sort of a bigger more expanded version of what we had last time and a bit more straight up conflict I'd say, maybe. It might not be. I think so. But I can't tell you too much because it's an -- We all have a favorite movie of yours. I was saying "The last king of Scotland." It was one of the first things I ever saw. Thank you. I was actually -- I was on an airplane coming to New York yesterday and there was a girl sitting opposite that way and she was choosing what to go through and what to watch. She kept going pass "The last king of Scotland. Catch "Last king of Scotland." We won't regret it. What did she go, "Death of -- You have another project working with Michael fassbender's wife Alicia vikander. Had you ever worked before. Alicia and I met on the set of "Apocalypse." She's an amazing actor, great lady and such a -- such energy on set. She is incredible. You have good energy as well. "Sherlock gnomes," great cast. You've being a part of it. Emily Blunt, johnnydepp, Michael Caine. Mary J. Blige and ozzy Osbourne. Wow. You talk about eclectic cast. We never get to hang until we do this. Today we're all going to get to hang out together. Yay, best friends, never met each other. What's that? But we appreciate you being here. We love everything you do. So talented and this is no different. It's "Sherlock gnomes," it is in theaters on Friday, make sure

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{"duration":"5:35","description":"The actor dishes on his role in the new animated film. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53890036","title":"James McAvoy opens up about 'Sherlock Gnomes' live on 'GMA' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/james-mcavoy-opens-sherlock-gnomes-live-gma-53890036"}