Jamie Lee Curtis opens up about 'Halloween' film

The actress discusses her role in the new horror film live on "GMA."
4:41 | 10/08/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jamie Lee Curtis opens up about 'Halloween' film
is technology with the power to change your life. Back now on "Gma" you hear that music. It means one thing, Halloween is coming and so is a fantastic guest right here. She made her film debut in the 1978 horror classic. "Halloween." Of course. We have to show the t-shirt real quick right in the front row. Speaking of "Halloween," yes, the scream queen herself, Jamie Lee Curtis is joining us live. Thank you so much. Good morning, America. Great to have you here. Yes, absolutely. I have to ask, you mentioned something right in the break before we came here, do you really have that music, the "Halloween" music as your ring tone? I had it as my ring tone when it first came out and interesting curio, you know who else has it? John carpenter. Okay. So, you know, the music of that movie really became such a big part of its success and its lure and it's as you said you hear that beginning of that music and you go, oh, I'm scared. And that's the goal. Was it weird though if you were in a restaurant and the phone goes off and people are like, is that Jamie Lee Curtis? She really has that ring tone? I just turned to them and go like this. We're so close to Halloween. What does Jamie Lee Curtis do on Halloween. I live in Ang area where nobody cops. I put candy out and it's all still there in the morning. Save it for next year. Yes. Halloween is my time of year. Born in November. The late fall has always been my time and never more so than this year with the 40th anniversary of "Halloween" coming up. Absolutely. Speaking of that, led to my next question. It has been 40 years since that breakout role, Lori Shrode, eye kongic. What is it like to get back in that character? The thing profound about the movie that is coming out on October 19th is that it's a movie about what really happens to someone when they suffer some sort of huge trauma like Lori did when she was 17. We see these movies and see these characters. There's sort of mayhem and scream and never know what happens to them. And this is a movie that explores actually what happens and since trauma seems to be the buzzword of the year for sure, capital "T" everywhere, politics, art, music, it's appropriate that our movie tackles the true response to that kind of violence which is trauma and that's who we find. We find Lori in isolation living really only in preparation for Michael Meyers' return. First I want to show people a clip. We're showing a clip? At:00 in the morning? Yes, we see Lori meeting two journalists trying to vicinity her to meet face-to-face with Michael Meyers. Take a look. Michael Meyers murdered five people. And he's a human being. We need to understand. They're transferring him. Tomorrow 7:00. He'll be locked away until the end of his days That's the idea. Ooh. How many times does he have to die, by the way? Try one more time. One thing I want to get to, what's different about this one, we're going to skip all the sequels, right? We're going back to the beginning. This was a direct connection between what happened to Lori strode on October 31st in 1978 and what happens to Lori strode and her family because it's not just Lori. She has a daughter who was taken from her by the state and a granddaughter who is now 17 and the whole movie takes place. It's generational trauma and what we're learning also about trauma is that it is generational. Anybody who has a service member who fought in a war. When they come home, they are not the only ones with the trauma of that experience, the family receives it and it is generational and so it's a movie that although is hella scary and intended to be so in a safe, controlled way, dark theater, a lot of people, very, very intense. Generations of the strong women fighting back against this character. With some integrity. Absolutely. And taking back the power. Jamie Lee Curtis, ladies and gentlemen. Sorry we are out of time. I know. What's with that? We have to tell people "Halloween" in theaters, Friday, October 19th. Don't you want him to go gray, everybody. I'm working on it.

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"The actress discusses her role in the new horror film live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58357466","title":"Jamie Lee Curtis opens up about 'Halloween' film","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jamie-lee-curtis-opens-halloween-film-58357466"}