Jared Harris talks 'Chernobyl' and his role as a Soviet scientist

The actor appears on "Popcorn with Peter Travers" and talks about the making of "Chernobyl."
20:17 | 08/28/19

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Transcript for Jared Harris talks 'Chernobyl' and his role as a Soviet scientist
Emmy nominee for Chernobyl. And we're coming here to celebrate that and the success of this fear which. Like I was saying to you before hadn't and. Pound did people get so interested that they told their friends about it it's that I'm going to watch five hours about a nuclear disaster. The out of a thousand good way to spend a Sunday evening should. Yeah. The I think and that's when it reaches a coupon and upon the critical mass of people saying. This shows great you've really got to check it out you can he get wop wasn't the thing. That grip and the subject I just before I think yes yes well I got you know I actually. They had meetings via. You know they felt OK do you think that a spear is doing with various amounts and I will and I remember. Memories of the amendment fell. The offending either for us fool of two thirds. I'm. Twenty pages and I was groups and craze than an amazing job and I was stops now I'm on board. And I'm the experience of Reading it was very month than that through watching it and night you have. You are fascinated it was gripping. It was surprising there was a lot of information that you want to Wear over the time and I remember over the mark the time and I remembered being reported in the news. I was deeply moved by the sacrifice that terrorism of the people involved. And I'm on the that are very clever prospects through you think about him and great now he's he you know the very successful and costly told amounts screen monitoring the he boys knowledge of of the different genres that few he's not is that the say he's constructive. Almost like a sort of horror story. And ever since two and three. Political thriller and for the woman Avian farms a courtroom drama in. All in Kabul again ya and it was shifting the whole time she never quite knew what to expect. Well before we don't want to we should show everybody I through it. Casey is alive. I don't happen. That's graphite on the roof and broke buildings being blown open the call six. I just see I can tell that from him. That's radiation in my head I think the like MacKenzie we don't know Dennis directly over the Billy Morris. And I directly over I don't know that I got it only that. So. Get us all not very well that he is done. If you fly directly over the course promises by tomorrow morning you'll be ready for the moment. I wouldn't be yes I would definitely check. Why her people now going to Chernobyl and his self what what cannot. All the world I thought to terror in in many ways but really. What's also want you mean they're taking self fell fees and then only half dressed. They backtracked I mean that's right they're doing that too when you wouldn't guided you wouldn't go that. You wouldn't go down to the World Trade Center and do that that they would wholly you know deeply deeply culturally insensitive. We all knew about it know about it but without really. Knowing that. Does one of things I really admire divine. It's the way they he decided Craig started tell the story. Because I'm it was momentum exactly the and he starts with the explosion Needham spend the finest hour and developing relationships that you feed these with seventies is off the film's web. You often are leaving that's going on someone's door strained marriage or whatever these things if things start buying with that right right at the top. And and and it and he fought it got momentum. All the story that was the propulsion all of it Thalia. I really admired the way that he. He came out this that the construction of the story telling the story. Win this show is this the plane when you get the eighth. Any company with certainty what is the whole ward mean I'm enormously if it. Has been nominated the north speaker because they had well there's that about that experience than do anything your head. Do you then do you get any allegation. I'm not I'm art is Brady throw by the gulf and many nomination knowing teen was incredible. And for a one off show it in the two theories that the again. Recognized across the border almost every single department. Thought was rated I think I was with the excited for myself as well and you know the truth is as well it's. You know it's it's the sort of its momentum fool from two career points of view through mean. My there it is that yes obviously becomes important from a slide as well. I'm on the arm was thrilled to have been nominated I mean it. I mean we all. I've seen you in so many things where I would say yeah if he must one for bat you know and we all look it performs that way and we fan. That was terrific and we remembered do we remember in the end three years from now who actually won it maybe not. Here I thought I would both of his nominated for the army was before it for my man and I think study are fully minutes off signed off I was in the the bond someone congratulated me on winnings that. Yeah I'm gonna fit. He. And you can just beside mock argument trying correct and a crew of to let him who won garden and who that meant you know I've won there. You know Arab poet he was wonderfully he they use I mean that's the thing about it is when you when you go when you get on every one you know you it becomes the thing. You know this year couple was the best content and you I mean dole brilliant problem with that I'm now also. Bring him proposes that didn't and opinions. Those two Emmy nominations were for guys who hang themselves right pat and know what that yeah go through scripts. The day. I. We've had only in. Oh in the in the because well it's gonna well this is probably every script that needs with the Russian scientists beat then and now. You're just. Now you're up and now that the white guy. Higher office are. Let. Jared you can EU grew opera. You know. Your father and your mother in this is in your Brothers are they threw in a basket yeah it was like no state. And retreated omelets or anything else. If you even consider it. IA they thought because I'm in the middle child thought I was who is being a you have to fight your corner as the middle child because very argumentative. They told I'd be in the land. Something like that you know the way that found these decide they based on finding roles for the children and I didn't really like the role that that was headed my way that I so I came to America went to Duke University. Did the family cake you going drilled his arms the first member of the has found that on the college a mark on the brief idea. Why them why they would they would throw. Every time somebody is on his gone through the British school system. I had my own version of it but. There's always some kind of discipline that goes on in those schools yes did you have one of those who we they basically tortured him. What are our favorite movies for a prisoner of womb and we if there. We if they didn't like calling you have we went we watched them would be decide which one of the food the germ and gone within the teachers and we decide who we were in the story ice the I was part of the skate committee at the school and planned in this case. If you believe the I knew they needed to North Carolina. All of that the what I got out later yeah that was life if it the to. But you also think your dad's Richard Harris. He's at home. What is he teaching wealth he thing you yeah. If he's the whole larger than life he wrapped a movie from this morning when I first few when he Gumbel Bill Burton he was. Huge I mean never. You never properly go up the fence. Of his post on T on screen. Because he always had to he had to dump on it down vote for the camera. And with our eyes of its post signs to the strength of his prize ninety view you needed to theme on stage together because he would fill holes place. And that. Are. And he enjoyed being found really really enjoyed it. And I'm you know I'd be at restaurants and he'd start turning this story and and he and they just this here's these stupid thing these these sheds he's. To acknowledge about persons watching and then he'd see down and they sleep which is chaired by the busted. I'm and by the end of the story the whole restaurants listening and he has the punch line and they were closed in the -- and Gary don't I mean. It's under water. Killing. As this child I was very shy I really didn't think that I was going to be and I. I went to do you. And I didn't really have a plan our member. Did you go through that thing cool orientation week you aren't there week ID before them at the school got that all the freshmen that. It's a job on campus and they try to orient Tate used to Wear the campuses across the globe with direct entry is who hold their drink. And and then each night they would have a mix that wave of a keg of beer in the pizzas and and Maier member it was there with Sunday. And I realize. Gone in school Monday on park in school RP in school since obsessed. Boarding schools and flows that. And I feel while I'm so far one of the plan were it's. On the way from I got to the State's. Vote. I'm quite can through that the consequence which is I'm back in school. And I thought I couldn't figure out well liked on this to myself with like could have been out. Could I have yet to my elder brother who's seventeen broom and he without normal school. And I'm axis soared flyer on the table in this fitted with a free keg of beer lines than they into. And it was a mix and then arms eskimo disguise. And I'm out with think Saddam parking calls tomorrow who and I went there and ID I'd almost the mouth of being curious about what my father did. I'm off the pain but I really did not thing that I was. Gonna have a careers and that they just it was really very very story in and and in America. Art college no one knew anything about me and I could. Just figured just discover them Mon my and my myself my breath on T my and insurance that I'm very quickly I went I thought I would this year and I loved the community dialogue the camaraderie of the it's there on the idea of you very intense. Gold very intense relationships to try and get this thing on and put it in front of people in and night of the adrenaline all of it. I love the landing pond around it because you he'd study the plane and yet the study will be off. She's in the literally still do buy your face and by linking it it's still there. But I I remember seeing you early movies did Wear that sometimes you say how do you get cast in something how does that happen. Where you play Andy Warhol yeah so you think that's what I'm looking you've just described have. You were growing up what she studied how you did it and and in Hollywood they say why don't you play Andy Warhol. Well I mean initially. ER I went into met to me marry haren for that and then. I mean I feel like I'm sure it is an opportunity and it was. I'm Matt Marion and fed lapel during costing the comeback in three days time. I gave me and him a couple of weeks they have an idea of how Chrysler get the par. And my went off and on to lower research and I came back in the might well I came in in character from right from the off walking into the office. I also told myself I'm he would never put himself in this position. He when he was on the this much pressure each conflict on somebody else Bible a video camera in and I I made abbreviated. Tape of them conditioning needs they would feel self conscious. But but you are talking about drama. Bob college. When not maybe came out here in the you'll. My first acting teacher and director had moved to new you and particularly different job and I think comes the provision with me. You know be great human growth acting teacher will be written good that we agreed to the red carpet. And we're working our way up the red carpet. And then cut somebody off since he was your first director for his teacher you must be so proud here is his name in lights the premiere in New York City gets yes I'm very proud. You must've all those years ago he must've seen something special an image that no I didn't see anything especially name. And I was doing an English play Adidas some of the Cuban on the thankfully. Truly inspiring but if you. Third. I've been I just think. When I I I think Europe impossible to typecast. I just don't think it I'll try to make the case Uga really even with and repeat it a lot of actual people you know you've you've done John Landon eve that he leases they grant and in in linking him being a those people home with you. I think in there. I remember I mean whilst you are doing it they they. They if they review in ones who finished a few the hardest thing is. To prepare a role that he doesn't get to do good not guy you bump posts and rumbles around and find you Regina Avago if we can do it. I remember that when I was being more whole and I'm you know and during the recession everything I would have very gossipy conversation that my mother on the fine. Which are didn't come off too is and I sort of regretted no. And the way it was with a but he was a huge gothic and he'd fit in China to people on the fire and in to tell Americans about what they did that day in. And he brought that the your mom yeah this is a good thing yet. I I've I have. Fascinated by the fees that's grown and would love to go back to that. Character into the story. He was deeply impressed by. How miss on the stood. He and he has the tools. His story is and and than his reputation is. If so it all exited with with what he did. Would you played too many characters that died so they're kind of destroyed for sequels. And the united mates to think Carthon having fun and you don't it's great that there. We have to have one question from the Internet a right outside and lets see Melissa thesis brilliant theories gave me shivers. Was it tough to lead the weight of the role behind each day when you leave before. No because you Holland all the tough day coming the next day. I knew just look constantly looking for trying to make sure you're going to be and particularly that law that episode fine which was a slew of but the 24 page moment in you can you always hide something in front to view that you ought to focus as soon as it was finished you're on. Yeah till Monday so it's coming and you have to go back old school right hack that this is the way it. Well we've keeping QB Jimmy Fallon and amity and myself we keep relying yeah and we you know when. We need in need to be used I'm and often comment I would thank you happy that they are lucky guy not just. Really win can't do that. Well Ted used. It's the first have been on the it is so I'm yeah real thank entitlement come back many times that that you don't know that we and every show and how. I did not and that email you now. I don't I don't make that everybody headed I they know that no where it there we'd never heard a kick off ago we gotta go with the I can start and finish what you began but it doesn't begin with you are innocent off well I began. I don't know without writing its economic on this Bravo I have I swear that I swear on all my popcorn that everyone thinks this little holes. We just I need something for you it's not a lot from you live in the heat and then. Aren't they are yet to name and then you'll start getting it I want. All come. Thunder right by brief brief they. I can't begin at them. Don't will. And canola. I'm. He gave it back at fit and it's over in seconds and they'll be you know Monday. Great Britain youth that you started. I wouldn't find new commit them that you know that amendment. But that's just the contest the naming it isn't it I feel that you know what you did in the crowd you did and I'll start with. Oh I'm wild again. Be god again. It simpler ring whimper he'd child again. Who I type. Through which believe all. Other than live will do that right yes. Has ago. Well he didn't hold that note thank for a long time. I've get a pass. The idea that now bring jobs you popular. Latin you enforcing. And by the way good police. You got some part. That's not working because next time you're. I can't act well you. I want the whole fall where I've made up. But she's done. Up pot and united mine you did you do with it a little. Quote and we're going on out you're struggle all right you're trying to but it. We think it. Right welcome back it was the from the earth somehow that the trick and I'm just not going forward I'm still thrilled. That the if you.

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