Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon reunite for 'The Morning Show'

The pair, who played sisters on "Friends," star in the new drama with a star-studded cast that includes Billy Crudup, Mark Duplass and Karen Pittman.
11:35 | 10/28/19

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Transcript for Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon reunite for 'The Morning Show'
What about? Yesterday, that must have been so difficult for you. Because you worked together for so long. I'm fine. Back here with the stars of the new series "The morning show," Jennifer aniston and Reese Witherspoon. Who's that in the front row? Anybody you all know? This is a glorious front row. That's our brilliant cast. Oh, my gosh. We're going to talk to them. We've been playing the name game off camera trying to figure out who's playing who. We'll get to all that in just a little bit. First I want to talk to you two. You all have kept us waiting. You've kept us waiting for this and it is worth the wait. I have seen parts of it and it is -- but also, 20 years ago is when you first met on the set of "Friends." You were just a mama. Yeah. You had your baby girl. Yeah. What is that experience like? What do you remember? I remember I just had a baby so I was watching "Friends" all the time. I was sitting the couch thinking I wish I could be on "Friends." Then one day my publicist said do you want to be Jen aniston's sister and I said yes. Then I got there and Jen was so sweet. I was so nervous. She was like, don't worry, they like when you mess up. But she didn't. Well, I kind of did. But it was really fun. It was really fun. Then I got a little picture of my baby on the couch at central perk. She was three months old. Now she's in college. Scary. She's 20 which gives you a sense of how long time has then we finally got to work -- we've been talking over the years we wanted to do something and then this project came along and I called you or you called me and we were like, this is it. It's perfect watching you guys on Instagram talking about it and things like that but there was a third green sister, wasn't there, Christina Applegate. Right. Any chance she or other stars are going to be popping up on the show? Anything is possible, robin. We're in the works the scenes so who knows. She's already good about -- Teasing it. Not giving away too much. You guys made this happen as executive producers and you did your homework as well. You came and visited several Mont ago. You've both been on morning shows a gazillion times. When you did your research what surprised you about what was happening back here? Oh gosh, just the insanity that takes place from 5:00 in the morning until 7:00. It's a very quiet, still, you know the halls are kind of just slowly starting to buzz and then this engine that just starts to go, go, go. I don't know how anything actually gets happening at 7:00 when you go -- It just has to. It has to because -- it's brilliant. Lots of respect to y'all. We call it controlled chaos basically. It's chaotic but we have it under control. And then it just kind of all falls into place. I know. We shoot out of a cannon. Or not. What I really respect and George alluded to this, you all have been working on this for a while and you kind of put a pin in it and came back to it because of the me too movement. You wanted to incorporate that. Why was that so important for the show, do you think? Well, it would be completely irresponsible if we hadn't incorporated it into the show because it was -- it's what our show was about, was just this world and that's what was happening in the world. So we took pause and figured out how to, you know, incorporate it into the perfect tone that we wanted to which was sort of not black and white, allowing people to have a perspective because everyone was trying to figure out what is this new normal. So we really kind of focused on that, you know, sort of peeking behind the curtain and allowing people to say the unthinkable and the unsayable politically correct things to say. So it just added a whole other level -- layer to the show. You can see all the layers on Steve carell's face, at least in the trailer we've seen so far. Yes, you can. He gives the most beautiful human performance because he's a human being. Things are happening to him but he has a wife, children. He has to figure out his career. I think our writer did a great job. Your character has a nickname we can't say on morning television. You can try to say it and we can beep it out. My character went on air once and accidentally -- They're telling me now my invitation was inappropriate. I'm sorry. We don't have those in our ears. You will, you will. Did it ever cross your mind to get into broadcast news a million years ago or never? I wanted to be a country music singer. Well, you kind of -- It didn't work out but I'm fine. Don't worry about it, I'm okay. Other things happened. And you still have a lot more That's true. You have no idea. Who knows what can happen. It's been fun learning so much about journalism and the way it's evolving so much. And how you have to kind of -- first of all, the fact that you have to digest all of this information on a daily basis, it's not like you can say, I can't, I'm not, I'm just going to turn this off today. You can't do that. That takes a lot. Then you have to also come in and do segments like this. Which we love doing. Also, we really appreciate about the show strong women, strong women we see -- We appreciate that. Women in power, women in power. Your character has a teenage daughter and there's something that you told her. You said sometimes women can't ask for control so they have to take it. Mm-hmm. Have any of you -- I know you have a great production company and all but were there time in your careers where you're like, I'm going to take control? Yes. Yeah. I think they're doing it right now. I think it's an interesting time where women are really stepping into leadership positions that they never expected to be in before. The world didn't tell us that we were supposed to be leaders. We never thought those opportunities would come and now here we are and I think a lot of women are stepping up or being asked to step up and I think it's fantastic. Mm-hmm. Both of you being executive producers, you have a fabulous production company that you're able to do some of the programming that you want to do? Thank you, yeah. It's been great and it's been -- Jen and I talk about it. Even seven years ago the idea of us being producers was sort of thought of as cute, you know. Oh, aren't they sweet. You'd like to produce? Aw. It's been amazing because we go into big rooms with lots of important, creative executives and they listen to what we have to say. It's a big moment in time for The voices have always been there. It's just now that they're being allowed to use them. And being heard. Yeah. We've got to take a quick break. We were on a break! No, sorry. Commercial break. When we come back, we'll hear more from "The morning show" cast here. The more things in your home you make yourself, the more it feels like your home. There's something just really special about putting in our own time, sweat, blood, tears into our home. We're learning how to do these things as we go. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but it's really fun. We want to create a place for more people than just ourselves. I'm Cndida. I'm Jeff. And we're Airbnb hosts. We're with Jennifer aniston, Reese Witherspoon and the cast of "The morning show." We were playing the name game who's playing who in our world. I got to call out mark duplass because you actually -- you probably know this. You play the character who has definitely the hardest possible job, the executive producer of the show. Did it feel like that? Did you know anything about that? Yeah, look, I did a little bit of research and shadowed some people and it's a lot like being this sort of stressed out captain Kirk trying to keep the whole thing from crashing, you know. The thing that really struck me is like I think it feels like you are at a holiday with your family where as long as you're in the kitchen you got to be smiling. As soon as you leave the kitchen, all bets are off. You guys don't know this, like, as soon as the camera stops, they're throwing mugs. Don't go in that control room. Billy, okay, you're the top executive, exuberant I would Yeah, definitely. He's happy to be the king. Kind of like to stir things up a little bit. I think he recognizes that there's a state of disorder going on at the moment and he's an opportunist so when there's chaos he's looking for the weakest link.

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{"duration":"11:35","description":"The pair, who played sisters on \"Friends,\" star in the new drama with a star-studded cast that includes Billy Crudup, Mark Duplass and Karen Pittman.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66578104","title":"Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon reunite for 'The Morning Show'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jennifer-aniston-reese-witherspoon-reunite-morning-show-66578104"}