Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck spotted together in Montana

The two stars, who dated nearly two decades ago, sent fans buzzing after reportedly vacationing together.
2:57 | 05/11/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck spotted together in Montana
Cannot wait to see it. A fun trip. Now to our "Gma" cover story. The reunion of bennifer. Famous exes Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez spotted on a trip together 17 years after ending their engagement. Janai Norman has all the good morning, janai. Reporter: Michael, good morning. Yeah, they were engaged in 2002 and split in 2004. Fast forward all of these year, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were trending on Twitter yesterday making headlines again as so many are asking, is bennifer back? It's the blast from the past no one saw coming. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, photographed while seen together at a ski resort in Montana. This now reportedly the second time the two have been spotted together. People reporting the pair have spent several days together telling the magazine they have a strong connection, it's all been quick and intense but Jennifer is happy. It's almost been 20 years since they were first datinso people are very excited to see that they've sort of found each other again. The unexpected reunion coming on the heels of Lopez's bombshell breakup with fiance Alex Rodriguez. Affleck and Lopez also former fiances were affectionately known as bennifer in the early 2000s as their romance and careers blossomed. These were the originators of the celebrity name combination. Bennifer was the very first time that this was sort of a commonplace thing. Reporter: The pair taking their relationship from the red carpet to the big screen collaborating on several projects. Ben making a cameo in the music video for Jennifer's wildly successful song "Jenny from the block." Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got I'm still Jenny Reporter: Making an appearance in "Jersey girl" then the two co-starring in "Gigli." I don't think it's the best time. Reporter: After splitting the a-listers going on to marry and start families with other well-known face, Ben with Jennifer garner and Jennifer Lopez with Marc Anthony. The source revealing they have a lot of love for each other. They have always admired each other. Earlier this year Affleck came to Lopez's defense in "The Hollywood reporter" podcast awards chatter about their relationship and his continued admiration for her. People were so About her, sexist, racist, you know, ugly, vicious, , was written about her in ways that -- if you wrote it now, you would literally be fired for saying those things you said. Yeah. Reporter: So they postponed their 2003 wedding days before walking down the aisle and split again in 2004. 17 years ago. That's before we had iPhone and listened to music on cds and could stand within six feet of each other. Talking about nostalgia seeing pictures of those two together Thank you so much. Robin. Now to sharing your car for cash.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"The two stars, who dated nearly two decades ago, sent fans buzzing after reportedly vacationing together.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77617680","title":"Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck spotted together in Montana","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jennifer-lopez-ben-affleck-spotted-montana-77617680"}