Jennifer Lopez talks 'Second Act' and her directorial debut

Lopez appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" and talks about her new film, "Second Act."
16:27 | 12/21/18

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Transcript for Jennifer Lopez talks 'Second Act' and her directorial debut
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers this is popcorn we will tell you what's happening at the movies and there's really terrific movie for you to see this holiday season called second act. With a lot of things and it starts by having my guess Jennifer Lopez star. It so well why didn't you just don't like yeah yeah the faded just say that cut them here. Tell you really thought about the you know what critics can't lie they can and second. Global caught up front but it. Days later you'd see that I sit right arm all right Herrera I think block yeah she is likable it's okay. That's kind of what I did it up. A because again it's to do that right now why would you do that. But you always think about you is that. You do so anything I do eat half and I you're acting you're seen you're dancing. You have fragrances my car brand impresario. Have all this. What time do you have in the world to reject the EU and amp. You know it's it's. It's been a balance many was all of that for a long time until I Hackett that was me he was working and doing as much as I could and I just loved it so I just can't have it into it and it everyday it. Don't add kid I was like oh I need to find some balance here you know because I want to do was be my kids I want to do with hasn't let I don't mind on this stuff and pound. Now I'm stuck it it. So. I still love it and I still find that I need to be fulfilled as an individual first to be a great mom to my kids but at the same time I cool rave. My time with them this is the most important time in my life so. Definitely learning the balance and in their twin threats of Handel to their ten now. So a tin can they see sick and yes they both side they soluble so there's your there's you'd most crucial and oh yeah review now what was. It was so great because then later when we were doing press I was with Leah who played my best yes in the fill the room and they aren't BB Li Li. So she think they're on C. And. I would like look long and went deep in alien. And Mac until this home instead in thank you result funny. He started naming the different scenes. Zone and you realize like he really paid attention and he really might fit in so that was off them. What attracted you to second act what was it about it that's it he said I've really went well this is something we develop day one might. Partner producing partner Elaine Goldsmith Thomas. Had this idea she often comes up with awesome idea she knows me so well. And she had an idea for like a working girl type a script she feels like that's the essence of why am in so. Much like leaving about barbour's choice she played characters that really lent herself we tried it. Play characters that really we can tell those stories authentically. She like that working girl being that outer Borough thing you're like let's let's develop a story like that about. Where you are new electric which is like the second Mac and you know reinventing yourself or. Evolving into something realizing like the mistakes you make at this age you start thinking I. The mistakes I made the either gonna hold me back forever then went in at a propelled me tonight greater purpose. And so that's kind that was the idea of it and we developed it with this writer Justin Zack. And once peak came on the direct we honed it and it became the movie that it is very inspirational a touching. The very funny like life you know it's like in those. Moments William light is changing and you don't know what you're going it's that when you with your best friend is that you'll be crying and then you'll be making a jump in the next second that's real life. And that's what I love of. But it is reelected that is what a lot of movies that take on us. Becomes Cinderella stories yet it's nothing really wrong yet you're not really reality she got yeah. And she's been scarred by them an idea and you see. And so even your leading man my love it to me. Is. On lot I guess I guess where this is us that yet itself he said I want him to be in this the end. But he. I think captors desperate to get married and have an actor is now she's a rage you'll find. I mean to China and she's afraid at end and also. Feels like she doesn't deserve to have a better life and so when she gets passed over for this job right. In the beginning of the movie it's like she's at the plan which isn't ready to give us at Keeneland I've tried. And I tried and tried over and over. To make good. And maybe this is just what took from me and I think we all had that moment and I but we're just about to give up like McCain have the stream. Maybe that's not mostly my life and then to a series of laments. You see her turning get this second chance. And an opportunity. To me things. All of the things inside of her that she thought with a messy ugly things and they propel her to her greater purpose and happiness. Do you realize that her life was actually wonderful. Well you know why because she's also confident yes she knows what she's doing you know in the store. And what it should be like can help people need to be spoken to about you know they're gonna bond is. And Spain's and you can't buy that. When an Ivy League education you. Yes you can learn a lot of things. But that instinct that know how experienced you can only get by living room and that's what she has and that's what she had she she's lived. And she suffered and so when she gets there is flying. You know where she has this this chance to realize is my bash my life was actually. Perfect kept wanting something different something else. But it was always just me holding me back so did you go through this at the beginning of your career I really what I've gone through this many times in my life where I feel like. Is this right you know is this is this. Should I continue maybe I should quit you know I don't have those moments when this career what makes you feel that way because it be good debt and he would fly broke the voices inside your head. The boy wonder what they're saying and the boy isn't and I still talked which are influenced by the things that people say and people think of you and that's the thing right. She thinks she's not good enough he thinks this. Your not as good at this as other people can be. And unite and and the sinking with me and my own life it's a showcases so associated good at this not good at that. And the things I am I knew this thing fails that thing doesn't goal is expected anything and Mamie name is the stuff from me. Me and I. It. This is this is me I can highlight his great I'm doing all day. It now. I just I thought we were on American Idol there for met. And I only can you give me an idea that stock and it was if I had loved you want answering I love you and they would be honest but never cruel you know with that there's a difference. Because you can relied on state you're really great yeah but. You'd be lying and I'm not really helping but at the same time you have to know had to do a day without distraught. Now you don't want to destroy people's dreams are people's self esteem you just you want them to rice the occasion. Right that like again like we all have an insider and you want people to just be their best selves like c'mon you candidates you can eat your actions better in this moment and you're allowing yourself to be. It's just when it's hard for me to believe that you had that area where it wouldn't lacking confidence because not only did every right now and dance why why would you I mean we cup as it's just. Some I always going to be better and I think everybody wants that we all wanna be better at what we do all the time in. All it takes is one person. Okay that you. You know it just the tax year you. Security. About yourself for anti pushing yourself which is comes with ambition to you know there's a song Barbara Streisand's called. Being good won't be good enough I'll be the best when nothing at all yet now I love it idiotic yes she's my I don't know that it. That's why he's not my song evidently not only is limitless limitless limitless which is the video that I hear the debris I did. Died while I'm still what was that like it. Amazing. So much. Fine them but also terrifying and and I have my daughter and it which mean even more terrified. Boland amazing. Internet that outgunned and I guess life is terrified me terrifying enemy terrified. Terrified I made Taylor I think parents crying and to me it's wider than most America buying eat eat baffling and terabyte Eric Eric terrorizing his yet. But just just for me to stick for a while with fewer movie career it. You know I remember you in the beginning when you did Celine and then you know this is. Incredible story in care yet who really just play from the heart. So we're woody we have with the lack of confidence that you do this it to be senior carrying this picture yes and. You have a moment where you say this isn't enough I've not is citizenship. Well you know wasn't the only movie aided someone else other ones that that would then also well no pity him you know bring those up now nothing are not. Sure don't but you know you hat but it and that's that's a funny thing about life right you have this great moment any star and everybody praises you in an and that will he does well and Netscape and the next one doesn't it was fun and you like your failure flop. Like old life. It's a tough business that you hate that he and handed it manifests itself when you weren't feeling good about them. You state depressed for long now. I don't think so now look at that you don't I don't I don't stay depressed blog at honestly I learned early on. And his business. 22. Took kind of plow through power through you know and and kind of you know quiet those voices to continue but that doesn't mean I didn't have part rough moments and times where you know. My confidence was shattered and I just didn't know. Post in the right thing but there was another side of me that. Web site. You love this don't give up on it. You you do you have to live a lot of you let them go Aaliyah where people are just watching always the rest of us can go out and just let you care if I've thought that but you really think. Yen on The Who have a special disguise you know I don't have any special disguises this those special discount on either one well like no make on the lashes you know none no no embellishment. Here. I get if they gala edgy is. Steel in the Bunnell are there. There owning staking out their phones. T think that if they like it recognize my voice pianist or they'll recognize my voice can point to point out. Crazy they want to know what they want to know who you're in love with get everything out everything and anything. It's OK I'm used to it now Wilson now that you're in love with Alex Rodriguez do you did to view I have to just based that together. He and I think he's been on the. Public icing you know he got drafted when he was eighteen into the big league so. He's been in the public that for a long time to and so we're we both know how to navigate it now in. But don't take associate sleep well people say we take more CAC how we feel about ourselves and how we're living our lives. And we just tried it. Be the best we can be you know we both had long careers. We've both been under a lot of scrutiny we both had moments. That were. Amazing moment a moment so we're very difficult fallen down we've gotten back up and now at a plan unless we just enjoying every minute of it. And just again China like the movie second act having our second acts and growing in evolving and we day. And knowing that that's Google just how can we be better a can be better parents how can only help our kids like that's that's our thing how are you. As a critic of yourself when your act. I'm the highest critic we have yet. Of the movies that you've done why aren't two or three of them that you forget what critics said forget what audiences. Ocalan forget what critics and IA. I can tell you want to do that all the time yet young and I mean I don't concentrate on into much of time because it would be too brutal. I did it early in my Korean and I stopped. I think for me my favorite movies. And dumped on them and not a critic's favorite. But one of mine best roles I think. And I thought mark was amazing and it disjointed movie it's not directed in the way that I would have liked but great performances great music great effect. Greek story for me to tell as my first things produce so the means a lot to me. Selena. Which was a defining role for me and. Probably favorite film that it is the second act I think billed to be from me where. Super special Whitman Hanson. I'm not that a site. I love that site and I eye popping one of my favorite people's favorite movies of mine yeah if you had a fourth Arab put out of center. Victory for. I think three. You just took it because I pushed you have to because I'd love that these and I love that only two you know didn't Soderbergh your company everything is pat on the amazing amazing I loved working the the analyst is. A brilliant filmmaker I wish she would make more honestly. Yet while he's due in the lot TV yeah but why couldn't trust in your life to tell you the truth. I mean. Everybody around and I mean they loved to till it's telling you this they check everybody like it's actually not. Like everybody tells that your Soviet tells you the truth Aaliyah tells me the truth. My aunt tells each Alex tells me that you with my mom tells the truth Elaine tells the truth. Everybody my sisters tell me the truth he's well. It's it's a truthful ban him from a peak at your little friend I didn't hug. It but so will you move from acting back to singing. Back to dancing back to doing this is that a whole other universe Alia go back into yes I would think that it greatest thing in the world it is you had talent that these other thing I love. You know it's funny when I was doing shades of blue and doing my basement is the all I have. And I it was funny I'd do this the Shelton and I go away for like three weeks ago didn't fifteen shows in Vegas and I love the break. And I loved using the different muscles in of the different. You know talents in muscles. And kind of stretching those and then coming back in and doing next serious acting. And shades and plain Harley and then with radioed and really going told a telling him and then going back in being in front of an audience and doing my shell and being in sparkles and you know as a whole different things that was it was fun I love it I love that I'm able to kind of plane lot of different worlds that way in what is the family doing for the holidays. We're just trying you know to ask him time making pottery in food and the many of food and then we're gun in a dispute that the kids spend not found it time hopefully night. Catch up with everybody we're always. Running all of us so much what what you're doing that everybody else to be watching sickened I hope so no that's what's gonna happen I hope so Jennifer this the first time we've been on the shows that you don't know we end in the little snippet of song. OK so what are you let me ask what would have going through it are you gonna do limitless for us or you giving tacit Christmas song. What are you. Consulate. What would you like would you like Christmas I want to hear head OK let's do it. I don't know what let's ask that if I. Let the fact. And I tasted. RFI ever. Good to have a little drive.

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