Josh Gad gets a special surprise from GMA and talks about his 2 new Disney projects

Gad brings back Olaf to tell the character's origin story in "Once Upon a Snowman" and celebrates "The Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom" with National Geographic.
6:17 | 10/14/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Josh Gad gets a special surprise from GMA and talks about his 2 new Disney projects
Wednesday morning and great to have Josh gad back. Of course, one of our all-time faves. He's going to tell us about some exciting news snowman olaf. Good morning to you. You'll have to start paying taxes here. You already have a dressing room. We've given you a mug. Yes. I don't know if you have return video or not but if you look outside our times square studio, there is actually a sign for you. You have made it, our friend. Josh gad way. Whoo! That is the greatest honor ever. I can't wait to see it get vandalized by the end of the day. That is so unbelievable, guys. If you look outside my room, I have a tribute to "Good morning America," it's not morning yet and it is just black. You seemed really genuinely excited to see Josh gad way outside. You weren't faking it. You're excited about it. That is genuinely incredibly. I wish that I could travel without fear of dying to go see it in person. But I'm so honored that you guys have done that for me. It's so cool. And I love that it's just on like a little makeshift pole that is just going to get run over by a scooter any minute now. Well, Josh, we're here to talk about other things including, of course, olaf. Olaf is back. Seems like everybody has an origin story. This is his. Yes. Yes, so we did sh short about a year ago after "Frozen II" and basically the directors were like, we don't see him again until Anna and Kristoff -- what if we were to tell the story about what happened over that period? And so this was the end result. It's so unbelievable now to watch it with my kids and they absolutely loved it because usually they hate everything I do. We'll give everyone else a sneak peek right now. A little bit of olaf coming to life. I'm alive. Who said that? I said that. I can talk. I can think. I can juggle. No, I cannot. I got too confident there. I appear to be some sort of snowman. How absurd. How is that possible? What do I even say? Who am I? Josh, he's asking all the deep existential questions. That's it. You know, George, I really, really love to play existential characters, especially in animation. That's something children understand deeply. The other project that you are involved with and that is the "Magic of Disney's animal kingdom" where you far yacht the behind-the-scenes look at that theme park and didn't you grow up that way down in Florida. I did. I didn't grow up inside of animal kingdom but I grew up adjacent to sit. When I was growing up I remember we went in '98 when the park first opened and my mom and brothers and I went and I was just so mesmerized because I was fortunate enough to have gone to Africa as a junior in high school and -- oh, god. That's horrible. I don't know -- oh, that's even worse. Like I -- this is -- I'm going to sue you guys after this episode. So we went as a kid and I loved it because it was the closest thing to going on an actual safari so getting a chance to just follow the animals in realtime and talk off camera because I actually, you know, that's how I narrate everything is I like to be live and just follow the camera crew around and just comment on what I'm seeing. That's a lie, by the way, but, no, it was a thrill to get to host something like this. We were supposed to ask or supposed to ask how your quarantine is going. Seems like we talk to you so often that we are up to date on how things are going for you in quarantine. Because like you say you've spent a lot of time in that room waiting on us to call you. I sit here, I wait for the call from "Good morning America." Sometimes I'll go use the rest room when I have to. But for the most part I just sleep out of here now because I speak to you guys more than my so it feels like this is essentially a wait and see approach. Will today be the day I'm woken up at 4:00 in the morning. That's what we're here for. What do you think olaf this stage of the quarantine, what would olaf be doing? You know, what do I think he'd be doing? He'll probably be binging as much TV as possible. I feel like now he's gone through all the appropriate stuff and probably on to the boys and like I think like I'm worried that people are trying to intervene now. Anna and Elsa are trying to get control of the remote because it's too risky. So, yeah, I think he's binge-watching and "Good morning I think he just tunes in every morning. He's like, oh, another morning in America. I want to see what happens today, uh-oh. Just for that. You always come through. Josh, thank you, thank your family for sharing you with us in the early mornings like this when they're still asleep. Give them our best. Of course, and to my wife, happy birthday. I love you very much. I'm going to say that now before she wakes up so that it's commemorated for posterity. There you have it. Thank you, Josh. Watch "Magic of Disney's animal kingdom" right now on Disney plus and "Once upon a snowman" will premiere exclusively on October 23rd. So good of him to be with us.

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{"duration":"6:17","description":"Gad brings back Olaf to tell the character's origin story in \"Once Upon a Snowman\" and celebrates \"The Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom\" with National Geographic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73602860","title":"Josh Gad gets a special surprise from GMA and talks about his 2 new Disney projects","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/josh-gad-special-surprise-gma-talks-disney-projects-73602860"}