Josh Gad surprises deserving health care worker's daughter

The actor, who voices Olaf in the "Frozen" films, honors a health care hero’s family amid the coronavirus pandemic.
6:50 | 06/01/20

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Transcript for Josh Gad surprises deserving health care worker's daughter
'cause I'm gonna stand by you They have been standing by us for so many months right now, those health care heros all across America working so hard and risking so much to take care of our country. Robin. They absolutely are, George. There are so many, so many amazing people that are stepping up on the front lines during these challenging times, and it's not just those workers who are making sacrifices. Their families are as well. So T.J. Is back. He has a special surprise for one health care worker with a heart of gold and a surprise for her daughter as well. Is that right, T.J.? Tell, T.J. Reporter: Robin, you're right about that as we honor these health care workers and their sacrifice and what they're going through, their families are sacrificing and going through it with them. This woman this morning in particular, well, her 7-year-old daughter -- this woman has not had a day off since this started back in February. That's a lot of sacrifice for her 7-year-old so we wanted to give them a pick-me-up and cheer her up. It helps that we know olaf. When the pandemic first hit, Ashley Ayres was given a crucial task, turn this once inoperative emergency department into Pittsburgh's first covid-19 testing center. Managing of infection prevention during a pandemic, okay. It hit like a ton of bricks and it came super fast and the world wasn't ready, and all you worried about the first three to four weeks was how are we screening patients, how are we making sure we have the ppe. And patients were coming left and right. People were coming in positive, positive, positive, positive. Reporter: In just 24 hours, she helped rally a team of more than 160 staff volunteers. Within a week, they began accepting patients. I was shaking in the car. I was like patients are showing up today. Nothing's going to work. I left and cried the whole way home because I was so proud that we did that in a week. I will never forget how good it felt to know that through all the exhaustion I made people feel better. I made patients know they can come get tested. I made staff walk in there with the option to leave. They all felt safe and they all wanted to stay, and they're still working there today. Reporter: Ashley even volunteers to work extra so her co-workers can have a day off, including on mother's day, allowing Amy to stay home with her two boys. A lot of times in everything that we do it's hard for them to have my undivided attention, and that day they were able to be with me and spend the day together and truly focus on what it means to be a family. How often are you getting a day off these days? I have not had a day off? Are we talking about the past couple of months? I think February. Was the last time. So, are you planning to take one any time soon? We'll see. Reporter: But the grueling schedule comes with sacrifice at home. Ashley is a mom as well to 7-year-old Paige. What's usually the first thing you do when mommy walks through the door when she comes home? Give her a big hug and kiss and cuddle her. When she's leaving and going for work, what is the last thing you do on the way out? I like get sad because I miss her and it's hard. Reporter: So what could we do to cheer her up a bit? Turns out Paige absolutely loves olaf, and it turns out, we know a guy in arendelle. We did call him. We did call olaf. So, well, I guess we called olaf, or I called a guy who knows olaf at least. So this is the guy. Please meet Paige. That's little Paige there. I know you, Paige. Are you 7 years old? I'm going to do something for you now but I can't show you my face while I do it, okay? So, I'm going to turn the camera around. Ready? Hi. I'm olaf, and I like warm hugs, and I love you so much, Paige. You want to know something? Your mommy is my hero, and everybody like your mommy is my hero right now, and you are amazing and one day I hope you'll come visit me in arendelle. I can't believe my friend olaf just said all of that to you. He never talks like that to me. Paige, your mom is doing some great things and you're missing out on time with your mom. We thought this was a good treat and he was on board with doing Heck yeah, I was on board. You and your mommy are incredible, and we are so grateful that you're sharing your mommy with all of us right now, and so grateful to your mommy because I'll tell you a secret, your mom is a real life superhero, which is pretty cool, even cooler than being a snowman, I got to tell Ya. I love you. I love you too, baby. Reporter: The call was over, and Paige finally let it out. Page, what happened? I got to talk to olaf! That's some of the best reaction we've gotten there for sure, robin. Now, I have been talking to Ashley about what's happening at the university of Pittsburgh medical center where she works. She says things haven't slowed down much but they are going the right direction and she told me that she got some hours in at the pool, so I thought, hey, you finally took a day off? She said, no, I actually worked during the day and was at the pool for a few hours at night, so she still has not taken a day off through this all but it was incredible and fun talking to them. Oh my goodness, and Paige, that squeal. You didn't tell Paige that you played olaf on Halloween on "Gma" back in the day? Robin, I worked here for two months and you made me be your olaf to your princess Elsa and I can't thank you enough for the opportunity, robin. It stays with me all the time. Stays with me. All right, you da man, T.J. Thank you. Take care. Thank you so, so much for that piece and the piece that you brought us earlier this morning too.

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{"duration":"6:50","description":"The actor, who voices Olaf in the \"Frozen\" films, honors a health care hero’s family amid the coronavirus pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70991858","title":"Josh Gad surprises deserving health care worker's daughter","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/josh-gad-surprises-deserving-health-care-workers-daughter-70991858"}