Joshua Jackson talks concerns of welcoming new child amid coronavirus

The star of the new Hulu series, “Little Fires Everywhere,” shares how he and his expectant wife Jodie Turner-Smith are staying sane and keeping busy at home.
3:52 | 03/25/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Joshua Jackson talks concerns of welcoming new child amid coronavirus
was the new hulu series, "Little fires everywhere" based on the best-selling novel, and this morning, we have one of the stars of the show, Joshua Jackson joining us from los Angeles this morning. Hi, Joshua. Thank you for getting up extra early. Hi, you guys. It is very early here, yes. Before we get started, can you ask, how is your wife doing? You guys are expecting a baby very soon. We are. We are. Like, right -- like tomorrow kind of. She's okay. I mean, physically she's fine, and the baby is healthy so the important things are okay. Obviously it's a bit stressful right now, and we're just trying to figure out how to be smart about being quarantined and how to interact with the medical system right now. It's a little bit difficult. So we're figuring it out day by day, but she's healthy and the baby's healthy. That's so good to hear. And she's asleep. Which is important, but how do you keep yourselves sane right now waiting for the baby to arrive? Well, we started with lots of bingeing, and that was, like, too much couch time. We moved heavily into the board game era of quarantine. So right now, we moved our way through monopoly. Jenga arrived two days ago, and there's an ongoing jenga war in this house. You guys found out you were pregnant while you were filming "Little fires everywhere." I'm curious if your co-stars Reese and Carrie gave you any parenting tips, what you talked about on the set? Oh, yeah. Actually both of them. I mean, my -- this is my first time. So when I asked both of them, I was, like, so how do you do this thing exactly? This parenting thing? Both of them were incredibly helpful both in, like, finding doctors, obs, just resources of people to talk to and then, you know, frankly just leading by example because both of them are not just actresses, but they run their own companies. They're both mothers and have integrated their family life and professional life in a way that seems very healthy. Watching how they navigate all that because next time I go to work, I'm going to be a daddy. Yeah, that's awesome. We got to say, we love this show. It is so good. Love, love, love. We want to show everybody at home a little clip of "Little fires everywhere." What kind of artist is she? Apparently a struggling one. I saw her sleeping in her car. You rented to a homeless person? Between homes isn't homeless, bill. Did you even have time to check other references? You know what felt good? Helping. It is a beautiful thing to know that your actions can affect another person's life. It is so good. Seriously, Michael and I have been talking about it all week long. You and the rest of the cast, Joshua, had a viewing party on Twitter last week, and you had a ton of people watching alongside with you. What did you make of their reaction to the series so far? I think the reaction is, you know, everything we would have hoped it would be. People really seem to be engaged in the show, and we're going to do another one of those viewing parties tonight. I think this might become a thing for our show since everybody's at home anyway so we might as well watch together, but the reaction has been really strong. I mean, in a weird way, it's an amazing time to be releasing a new show. I'm glad to be part of something that can be helping people to, you know, take their minds off of what's going on in the world right now. Yeah. It's certainly helped my house. We can't wait for tonight, Joshua. That's great. We're all in. We love a viewing party. My job is done. Thanks for getting up. Best of luck with the baby. Yes. Let your wife sleep in this morning, and we will be watching. Guys, you should too. "Little fires everywhere" streaming now exclusively on hulu.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"The star of the new Hulu series, “Little Fires Everywhere,” shares how he and his expectant wife Jodie Turner-Smith are staying sane and keeping busy at home. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69786491","title":"Joshua Jackson talks concerns of welcoming new child amid coronavirus","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/joshua-jackson-talks-concerns-welcoming-child-amid-coronavirus-69786491"}