Julia Louis-Dreyfus to reunite with 'Veep' cast

The award-winning actress talks about teaming up with her former castmates for a table read, and working to educate voters and encourage turnout in the upcoming elections in Georgia.
4:44 | 12/04/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Julia Louis-Dreyfus to reunite with 'Veep' cast
now we talk to one of our favorite guests, 11 time Emmy award winning actress and producer, Julia louis-dreyfus from "Seinfeld" and so much more. I'm so sorry you're not here in person. I'm sorry too but we got to stay safe, right? How has quarantine been going for you? Well, um, how isuarantine been going? I'm still -- I'm wearing my pajama bottoms if that makes any sense. We know thaou reunited with the cast of "Veep" for a virtual table read on Sunday to benefit America votes. Can you tell us about that. Yes, that's going to be this Sunday and we're all getting together to read a particular episode of "Veep" that we made back in 2016 but has uncanny resemblance to this most recent presidential election and so we thought it would be really, really fun to get together and read an uncut version of it so there will be a lot of material in it that isn't actually in the finished version and all to benefit America votes in Georgia which is a marvelous organization about educating voters, informing voters, helping people to reminding people that if you're under the age of 65 you have to reregister to get your mail-in ballot. They're getting all that messaging out which is critical, so we're really happy to be helping them out and it should be a gas just to get together and read it. It was a really funny, this episode particular is really funny, a mother episode from season 5. As someone who is covering the election and still covering it because they're still fighting it I'm very much looking forward to this. A little break from reality. You hav big guest stars joining who is in the lineup. Yeah, we've got Steven -- we have a few people come in to help read various roles. Stephen Colbert, kumail nanjiani, beanie Feldstein. Don Cheadle and Paul shearer are all kindly helping us out to have a good laugh. I think we're all surpriseed that reality is matching "Veep." What about -- any chance for a full reunion show at some point or maybe even another season? Well, I'll tell you something, the last four years has been -- I mean one of the reasons we ultimately served the end of the show, it was impossible to compete with the trump white house. They seem to be sort of outdoing us with this outlandish behavior. You know, there was -- it was always very important to us to -- we had a lot of consultants and wanted to make it real, plausible, funny, outrageous, yes, but not too outrageous and then this guy comes into office and he's just like doing a better version of our show except it's not even remotely funny so -- but N now I think with a more of a normal human being, shall I say, a real leader in the white house, Joe Biden, I don't rule out the idea of maybe getting back together to do some version of "Veep" at some point down the line. It might be fun to revisit. We left a little opening in the story to do that, but it would be -- I mean we all love each other so much so it would be a lot of joy to pull that one off if we could. And you're doing the virtue watt reunion Sunday but have done a few in the past with Jason Alexander, your "Seinfeld" so, you know, do you know if you go into Google and Google your character's name Elaine Benes, you know what comes up, dance. Did you think that that would just become so legendary? When you wish upon a star No, I didn't. I really didn't. And it's so unfortunate. How did you come one that dance? I'll tell you something, I came up with it practically in this room standing in front of a mirror trying to make myself look like the biggest ass possible and I came up with two different moves and my mom was visiting and I went in to the kitchen and my mom and my husband were there and I said which one of these things looks worse? And they voted the one that you will the may ended up in the show. Thank you for coming back. Thank you for inventing that dance. All of you at home can get tickets to "Veep" live virtual table read happening Sunday, go to show up for georgia.com. When we come back Tory is

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"The award-winning actress talks about teaming up with her former castmates for a table read, and working to educate voters and encourage turnout in the upcoming elections in Georgia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74535357","title":"Julia Louis-Dreyfus to reunite with 'Veep' cast","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/julia-louis-dreyfus-reunite-veep-cast-74535357"}