Justice Smith on his role in ‘Pokemon Detective Pikachu’

The actor discusses his craziest stunts, his love for Pokémon and what it was like working with the hilarious Ryan Reynolds.
4:37 | 05/01/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Justice Smith on his role in ‘Pokemon Detective Pikachu’
fastest rising stars in Hollywood. We saw him run away from dinosaurs in "Jurassic world." Now chasing down pokemon in "Detective pikachu." Let's take a look at the clip. Oh. We need to get some ground rules if this is going to work. You're not my partner. Men story, sensay, master. What if it's heredity? You don't need to talk to us for us to understand. We can feel what you're saying. You have to be open to the experience. Try it sometime. I'd rather not. I got my plate full talking to you. Give it up for justice Smith. How cool. How are you? Sit on down here. All right. We had so much fun with you and Ryan in Tokyo last week. You brought us gifts so we have a little swag for you. A little "Gma" swag. Look at this. Look at that. There you go. Nice. So nice. Thank you so much you so much. Well, we know that you like swag because we saw you posting. You're a big pokemon fan. Woe saw what you posted on Instagram about that. Oh. You know -- Oh, yeah. Where did you get that from? I think the pokemon company or someone just sent a bunch of stuff and so I was like, I should bury myself in it and like -- I mean it's fitting too because my childhood self would freak out. You were a true fan. I had the games. I had the cards. I used to make up the rules with my sister because we didn't know how to read or something, I don't know but, yeah,s of like a true, true fan. You didn't let them stop you that you couldn't read. You do a little bit of everything in the movie. Did you have to learn how to scuba dive. I first learned how to scuba dive during "Jurassic" because there was underwater scenes for Yeah. There. I know. You guys did a deep dive on my Instagram. Yeah, so then I had to do it again on pokemon. Exactly. What's the coolest stunt had you to do for this? A lot of harness work, a lot of hanging from wires, flying through the air. One really cool stunt and -- without giving it away, there's a scene where me and Katherine are running through the forest. Theragain, how did you -- it's public. I realize it's public. It's a harness. Come on. Actually ran into a bunch of boxes when I -- I didn't listen to the rules and I ran -- Rule breaker you. You were talking about Katherine. There was this rig where we were running in a forest and the whole platform bends in on itself and we have to run up -- strapped into harness and run up and hang on this pipe at the top of the hill and then when they yell cut the only way to get down is let go and fly through the air, yeah, she just freaked out. But it was a lot of fun and -- I love it. I adore your boyish charm. You're just all -- kind of went with it. It's adorable. Thank you. Ryan Reynold, he's a hoot but he's animated. He's peek cue. He's animated so how was that for you because you really weren't in the scenes with him. It was his voice. Yeah, it was kind of hard. I mean I had some practice during "Jour ras quick" working with cgi characters but I had to respond in realtime and know where he was in the room at all times and react but, you know, the more you do it, the easier it becomes but I remember there was one day on set it was like I came to set and it was just a warehouse and a stool and a lamp and then the whole crew was behind camera and it was just me talking to myself with a guy in my ear, pikachu, where are you going? It was so emblematic of the whole experience of me playing pretend again like when I was a kid. Ah. But, yeah, it was a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun because it was just imagination. You're living the dream? Yeah. You're living the dream. I'm so happy for you. We have Ryan here tomorrow so we got to be on our toes because he's quit-witted. He is very quick-witted. You are a sheer delight. Happy for everything that's coming your way and you can see "Detective pikachu" coming in

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{"duration":"4:37","description":"The actor discusses his craziest stunts, his love for Pokémon and what it was like working with the hilarious Ryan Reynolds. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62750299","title":"Justice Smith on his role in ‘Pokemon Detective Pikachu’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/justice-smith-role-pokemon-detective-pikachu-62750299"}