Lin-Manuel Miranda surprises 3 ‘Hamilton’-loving sisters

Superfans Azyiah, Maliah and Amia Simmons of California were supposed to perform an original song based on the musical at the Pantages Theatre before the pandemic hit.
4:48 | 07/02/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lin-Manuel Miranda surprises 3 ‘Hamilton’-loving sisters
And we have been counting down all week to "Hamilton" streaming. So many people excited to finally see it. Oh, "Hamilton," is that this week? I haven't heard much about it. Noted in the calendar. Everybody excited. There will be streaming on Disney plus starting tomorrow. Everybody is waiting to see it pop up on their screens at home but for three talented young ladies from California, their screen at home, you know who popped up on it, lin-manuel Miranda with a very special and deserving surprise for them. Take a look. Asia, Malia and amia, sisters from southern California. I'm Asia. I'm amia. And I'maly Ya. Reporter: The pandemic stole from them moments they'll never get back. Look at Asia. Reporter: Asia was forced to have her high school graduation by car. Asia Nicole Simmons. Asia, say good-bye. Reporter: As for her and her prom date. Look how good they look. Ah. Reporter: They got to enjoy a lovely evening in her parents' living room. The family making the best of it with food and decorations. But the disappointments didn't end there. 17-year-old Malia missed out on her spring dance show. It's really sad because that's one of our favorite parts of the year. Reporter: All three were crushed when their school's production of "Matilda" got canceled the day before opening night. That was pretty heartbreaking but luckily that night our teachers invited close families of the leads and the seniors and we got to be part of that so at least got to perform for You got to sneak it in there. Remember the woman Reporter: But the real gut punch, not being able to perform this original song they wrote about the wives of the founding fathers based on "Hamilton." Martha, I'm George Washington's wife, Abby, I'm John Adams' wife Reporter: The song inspired by lin-manuel Miranda and his "Hamilton" education program which invites students to create their own "hamilton"-inspired performances and now because of quarantine post them online. Abby, I oppose slavery and reminded my husband to remember the ladies Reporter: Music inspiration from the Schuyler sisters because they're an iconic trioary wean as well. The Simmons sisters. Reporter: They had been selected to perform their song at the Hollywood pantages theaters in L.A. But no sooner did they hear the news than surprise, surprise, that was scratched too. You're saying, hey, you're selected and you're canceled? Remember the women Reporter: But turns out sharing their song on social media has its perks. Do you all think lin-manuel Miranda has actually heard your song? I don't know. I don't think so. Reporter: You don't think he's heard it? Oh! Remember the women remember the women You don't think he's heard don't think he's heard it. Hello, Simmons sisters. I love your song so much. Thank you. It was so great. I haven't been able to stop clapping like this all day. Thank you. Oh, my gosh. It's fantastic. You don't get tongue tied on me now. Lin-manuel is sitting in your living room. When I see your work I get so inspired I can't wait to see what you guys write and I love watching you make your own stuff. You didn't hear them earlier talking about this but they were supposed to perform in L.A. On, of course the stage but the pandemic happened but didn't find out they had been selected until it was canceled so they got the news that they made it only to find out at the same time it was canceled. Oh. Well, so the pantages didn't get to see you but the word gets to see you so that's kind of a nice, you know, balance of the scales. So catchy. My kidding will be singing it the rest of the day and they watch it like this and then as soon as it ends they go, again. So we watched it ten times this morning. We've been bopping to it all day. Lin, my man, good to see you. We missed a lot so good to see you. The treat is all mine. Thank you for the wonderful song. It's so great to meet you, Simmons sisters. Thank you. Of course, you can stream "Hamilton" Disney plus starting tomorrow.

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"Superfans Azyiah, Maliah and Amia Simmons of California were supposed to perform an original song based on the musical at the Pantages Theatre before the pandemic hit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71572074","title":"Lin-Manuel Miranda surprises 3 ‘Hamilton’-loving sisters","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/lin-manuel-miranda-surprises-hamilton-loving-sisters-71572074"}