Mary J. Blige and breast cancer thrivers explain why early detection is key

Grammy Award-winning singer Mary J. Blige is using her platform to push Black women to get a mammogram.
7:05 | 10/28/20

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Transcript for Mary J. Blige and breast cancer thrivers explain why early detection is key
We would run an almost all about mammogram breast cancer anything like that family members in dies. A lot of us and we can't answer is this old person's disease. My cancer was carrying a note nontraditional. Because I was diagnosed and thirty. Forty years well. Show get a mammogram and it makes it oh yeah but a parent my breast cancer. I fall down in public I get out my life is public you know they see me as an example you may be days it would. Urge them to go get him a mammogram is well. Because I don't want us to keep dying from breast and some. Can't make people do anything that in our ready to do. And so the only way to loosen them up is to say it's okay if you haven't done yet. In and it's not truly needed time. Ian 2009. I was and modern teens I am but my primary here got there she is the one who suggested that I go in and I was not. Completely familiar and there are. My lights where I was annually I was pushed out where my sound and it helps a lot in the right friend's cell Elson a great and I went out its plans. You know it just it was a to stinks. About sixty. What are my best and 49 years she passed awaiting. I mean you should ask our he had several applications not ask cancer during that time her past a little mom growing. You're high on my left blew the still. A company is not and must. Sit and some explaining on getting it done I trying to priest Adams Tommy. Action Wright and asked auto accident right now is. Caught him in okay America's. Parents saying any check and a light melt rate all the onion and I Willey asked OK wait out. Three months passed I went and had a mammogram and boards and makes up oh yeah Elaine parent breast cancer. And that eerie I was diagnosed breaks. You miss truly devastating to hear those words an eerie moments that you have breast cancer who. I don't can't cast of scary minds aren't why can't costs. So it was on lax practice looking out my whole it's been just an. Amusement and Colin. After a mom of three young bullies of course first cops to my mind plans. To cure for what are the next steps in. Early detection is key because my captain and so forth thinking that putting it in. It. Would be hands I was aren't stationary. It's startling to now discrepancies that still exist and are sealed. When it comes. Near where there is such as distinct. Depreciation in them apples are Pappas impacting. Are we. So we need to be really means it we need to start you know we get decent Tippett digs. Once the awareness has been brought to the table did hopefully apple Oscar acts action to improve the disparities that exist action to make health care access. Also all no matter what color you are out because once again we're also we all want to lift its track and every once half an hour. A lot of times we're going through life seeing at Briggs and son from certain being showing up Erica. And still is imported from each cheer just to raise the awareness that this can happen to any. I think is important to me personally be open. Because the fact that I was a little bit ignorant and naive to what the cancer process even. You know just being big he. In a position to ask the right questions because that was not something that was done you know in my family. I get out in. People happier buyer and actually overcome its not such an oral doesn't have to be the world. So I would hope that I'd be opening up and talking about my lopsided there is. You don't make it feel. Getting your me and aquariums. And making sure that you teach your peers actually hear it until way. Jilin is sort of you yourself mr. Because once you're on its journey and don't get me wrong I will dry eye and letting it to the other side. But will be a lifelong journey. Never say cancer diagnosis that you want but. But Iraqis. Can take LAX eight. Because it open seat or how I was so wrong you know eight miles per hour but I would not stop and thousands are. The engaged in you know the prince and you know lack you know taking time on what like I really. Its release your. Attitude that helps a lot like he can really change the trajectory. I'm your tax. Super woman is the one to eat here person who has super light this year intentionally. In its complete opposite of what it was threatening to. Did not. We'll have Tatis their hack attempt to. Steve. Bryant times reports slapped but it's about kicking yourself in the evening award. Skinny teenager being you know a young you know a young woman does not look myself. Pain muscle pain in my hope not upended him and I am so sad lesson in the miracle to have meetings in this week. The place actually love myself. In want to heal myself from the inside out Windmills them behind uses this it's of less.

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{"duration":"7:05","description":"Grammy Award-winning singer Mary J. Blige is using her platform to push Black women to get a mammogram.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73880180","title":"Mary J. Blige and breast cancer thrivers explain why early detection is key","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/mary-blige-breast-cancer-thrivers-explain-early-detection-73880180"}