Met Gala put on hold

Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
3:35 | 03/17/20

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Transcript for Met Gala put on hold
We'll facetime with him about his virtual dance party. How about some "Pop news." We begin with the biggest show of the year. The met gala has become the latest global event to be postponed indefinitely. This year's theme was to be called about time, fashion and duration, co-hosted by Emma stone, Meryl Streep and lin-manuel Miranda. The last time the met gala was put on hold was in 2002 after the 9/11 attacks. We're hearing that a lot, not since 9/11. Agreed. It is quite serious and a lot of celebrities are giving back during these trying times. Jennifer garner and Amy Adams started an Instagram page. Donations can be made to save the children and no kid hungry. Jen writing on Instagram, quote, these funds will help make sure families know how to find meals when schools are closed and support programs to help kids make up for time lost in the classroom. Ryan Reynolds and Blake lively are stepping up. The couple announcing overnight they're donating a million dollars to be split between feeding America and food banks Canada, two organizations helping those most at risk and in need. Ryan posting on Instagram, covid-19 has brutally impacted older adults and low income families. Take care of your bodies and hearts. Leave room for joy. Call someone who's isolated and might need connection. Then he offers Hugh Jackman's phone number. Joking of course. Much needed humor. Thank you so much and thank you so much for your generosity. Absolutely. So many celebrities are using social media to urge their fans to stay inside. Kristen bell getting rave reviews for her post which says, quote, our elders were called to war to save lives. We are being called to sit on the couch to save theirs. We can do this. That is smart. It's so simple. It's so true. Bell's sentiment echoing for the call of social distancing among younger people who officials say can spread the virus without having any symptoms. To that end, Mel brooks and his son max have teamed up. The 93-year-old there, he's behind glass safely. Max reminding everyone on the other side of the glass why it's so important to stay inside. Take a look. If I get the coronavirus, I'll probably be okay, but if I give it to him, he could give it to Carl Reiner who could give it to Dick Van Dyke, and before I know it I've wiped out a whole generation of comedic legends. Well said, max. Not funny. Yeah, funny not funny. Max sharing the video on Twitter on his feed on Monday. Now it has 11 million views and counting. Among them, mark Hamill who is using the force of social media to tweet, listen to max's wise words, everyone. It's great advice, and we simply can't take the risk of endangering Mel brooks, Carl Reiner and Dick Van Dyke who represent 284 years of comic genius, adding the #don't be a spreader. It's like the surgeon general yesterday said watch out for pop-pop. Mel brooks looks great. 93 years young. Finally, there is one group that is very happy that we all have to stay at home. Take a look at the post from the Ellen show that reads, humans, quote, dang, I need to self-quarantine for two weeks and the dog's response? Well, the smile says it all, they're glad to have us home, everybody. And that is "Pop news" on this Tuesday morning. Look at that smile. Great job, last ra.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69638919","title":"Met Gala put on hold","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/met-gala-put-hold-69638919"}