Millie Bobby Brown talks getting her license during quarantine

The Emmy-nominated actress stars as in the forthcoming movie “Enola Holmes,” where she plays the little sister of famed detective, Sherlock Holmes.
4:30 | 09/21/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Millie Bobby Brown talks getting her license during quarantine
with us. We can't wait to introduce next guest. She's a two-time Emmy nominated actress. She's just 16 years old. Good morning to Millie Bobby brown. Thanks for being with us. Now that you're 16 you're licensed to drive and you got that license during the quarantine. Tell me about it. Yes. Hi, everyone. Good morning. Yes, no. I did. I drove here this morning. I feel very much like an adult. I wanted my license all through quarantine and then finally I got like a covid driving test which is really exciting. She stood outside the car and told me what to do. I was very proud of myself. I passed. Congratulations. That's a great way to celebrate your 16th birthday. Talk to us about playing Sherlock Holmes' little sister. We saw you doing some jujitsu. That can't have been easy. No. It's not easy to do jujitsu itself. Doing it in a corset and heels made it difficult. I think it made it more fun. Obviously wearing a corset, you know, makes me feel like I was in character. I loved every element of playing Enola. That was one of my favorite parts, the stunts. Let's give everybody a look. Mr. Holmes, Mr. Holmes. Yes? You sent for me. Enola. My god. Look at you. You're such a mess. What happened to your gloves? I have a hat. Makes my head itch. I have no gloves. That was Henry cavall playing Sherlock. Sam's character is very serious. We understand he wasn't so serious in between your takes. Tell us about it. Oh my goodness, I was trying to keep set really fun and light especially because Mike Kroft is such a traditionalist. He's very serious all the time. To have Sam Kaplan onset, he's a very funny person. Something Henry is good at doing, as soon as they say action, he's good at stop laughing. I carry on the laughter and have to go off the set. That's how I remain 16. That's how I know I'm still 16. I definitely -- I crack up at every little thing Sam does, especially his dance moves. They crack me up. Definitely embarrassing older brothers. Have to ask you about "Stranger things." I know you were about to start season four when covid hit. What can you tell us about plans on getting back? We all want to get back to work as soon as possible. I love playing eleven. As soon as it's a safe environment to go back, I'm sure we will. I know the fans want to see what's next. Obviously I know what's next. It's very hard to keep that in. I'm very excited and I hope to get back to work very soon. I know a lot of people have been binging "Stranger things" during quarantine. We might have an idea what you're binging. You dressed as Rachel from "Friends" for a "W magazine" photo shoot. Has that been your favorite show? Yes. Definitely. It can be great to watch the news. It can be very educational. "Friends" is a light hearted show that makes me laugh. Millie Bobby brown, thank you for being with us. "Enola Holmes" releases globally on Netflix Wednesday.

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"The Emmy-nominated actress stars as in the forthcoming movie “Enola Holmes,” where she plays the little sister of famed detective, Sherlock Holmes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73141844","title":"Millie Bobby Brown talks getting her license during quarantine","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/millie-bobby-brown-talks-license-quarantine-73141844"}