Miss America competition announces major changes

Gretchen Carlson reveals how the organization is overhauling its competition in a #MeToo world, including eliminating the swimsuit competition.
6:31 | 06/05/18

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Transcript for Miss America competition announces major changes
with those grbreaking changes coming to missmerica competition after nearly 100 years of swimsuitsnd evening gown, the new chairwoman, Gretchen carln, crowned miss America back in98 standing by live W a big announcement butst here's how the organize is changinghe wake of the me T movement. Miss arkans. Since its start,he miss America pageant has been famous for its suit competition. Miss America. Reporter: The 97-yold contest billed as bathers' review has long been criticized forhe parade of sy clad women but the miss America organization says it dedicating to shifting the focus fr T bodies to their brains. In december017, the organization was thrustohe me too movement. The CEO and top executives resigning after lea e-mails exposed sexist and lewd comments pa contestants and wis. Thiss an opportunity to see how wo can come together supporach rise up, take over the things the want to see happennd move forward. Miss America is Gretchen Carlson. Former Fox News anchor a miss America 1989 Gretchen Carlson taking the reinsarlier this year.serving as chairwoman of the organization and leading a new fille with former winners other women. I have so many great ideas for Thi organization and I will be taking all those with the B members and eventual CEO and staff of miss America. Reporter: And it is great to have Gretchen Carlson withs th morning. So -- Good morning. We spoke in the fall and you said big changes were coming and now you canfficially announce them. Tell uhay are. Yes, so we are no lonr a pageant. We are a compition. We will no longer judur candidates their outward physical appearance. That's huge That's huge. That means that wll no longer have a swimsuit competitn and that is official as ofeptember 9th whenhave our competition inantic city. We'll also be revamping our eng gown competition phase as wellndo we're no longer judging women when they come out in T chosen attire. Their eveningwear. Whatevery C to do it's what cops out O their mouth. Wom of all shapes and sizes. Typically wemsuit ready bodies up on T stag Bewant to be , transpar inclusive to women who may not have comfortable participating in our prografore but, look, we havelwaysad talent and scholarship and need to message that P of the program better as W but now we're adding this new caveat we're not going toudge you on your outward appearance because we're inrehat makes you you. We hand outolarships to these young women at the end of day and when I travel this country I meet somebody who has paipated in the ram, yourself included. M inclu ho benefits from those scholarships and became lawyers andoctors and members of congress and we want more women tow that they are welcome in Thi organization. It's prettyemarkableiven that the miss ameri organization began as we mentioned as a swimsuit pageant and now you are taking out what it began as and completely reving it how is THA taken B board? This was bigdecision? I know itas taken lightly. Was there restance to it and what are T concerns abouthe ratings? Let'. It's on television. LE tune in many people believe to see scanily clad women. Interestingly enough that not a highly rated of the competition. Pe like the talent part of the competion so, en very thankfu to T board we put togeth they are all stakehol inhe orgaonthis was a decision. We are called by females now. Our foundation, our new CEO is a N. I want tnk all the volunteers across this country. We are a nonprofit organio I want to thank Atlantic City for us andieving I us. Be difficult. But I know lot about ch I never thought I'd be th an of the miss ameri organizaon but here I am 'R moving it forward evolving in this C revolution. Yeah, speaking O that revolution, I mean, this I a a part O me too movement and I K you WER obviously such a huge part of it was interesting when Harvey Weinstein turned himself in you tweeted . Oday is the day never thought I'd see when I came ard 22 month ago alone. Thank you for elisabethening to women. How do younk T huge miss America transformation will help people listen to women? So, I could haveever excited what would happen W I sued my former employe at fox newsorexual harassment 22 months ago booat has haed. They can stand up speak up and their es will B heard. And if I'veeen a beacon of hoo any woman in that process it has been worth it. The S is true about T wonderful miss America organition. We are now open, inclusive a transparent and I want to inspire thousands of young pe across this country to come and be rt of our Ogram. Because we want yound want to celebrate your accomplishments and talents then we want to hand Y scholarships. For education which I Rece too which certainly helped get THR college. We both have teenage girl I know you also have a son and I have sons in my life all S just texted me.ay of school. How do you hope this new etition will at young girls and the young men who a watching, as well? You know, W heard inst a lot of youngen that way we want to be part ofyour program but don't want to be out in a swimsuit and high you don't have to do itymore. You're welcome.pl join us. Think there T W be -- we'll have a hewn flux, not only companiesnterestedn sponsoring us now but of young women who want T B -- who doesn't want to be empowered, learn leadership skills and pay forle and be able to shower who you are as a person from the inside of yoursoul, that's what we'reging T on. Gret, you are bold and E and applaud you as a mother teenage girls. You can see ite on Sunday, septembeth at 9:00 P.M. Eastern heren abc.orge. Very different kind of

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{"duration":"6:31","description":"Gretchen Carlson reveals how the organization is overhauling its competition in a #MeToo world, including eliminating the swimsuit competition. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55653883","title":"Miss America competition announces major changes","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/miss-america-competition-announces-major-55653883"}