Olivia Colman on her roles in 'The Favourite' and 'The Crown'

Colman appeared on "Popcorn with Peter Travers" and talked about starring as Queen Anne in the new film, "The Favourite."
18:17 | 11/23/18

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Transcript for Olivia Colman on her roles in 'The Favourite' and 'The Crown'
Has though everybody I am Peter Travers this is popcorn we would tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a movie that I love love love argument for allow and it's called the favorite. And it stars one of my favorite actors ever in the world because I'm sorry I'm going off and boy. But everybody welcome Olivia Cole take him off the pitches that I see it now it during your queen mode. Queen and in favorite yes Queen Elizabeth the Second the Koran the. Do you do that as that the way you're home now do you sort of rule over your husband and children with. And fixed his me. A potentially. And potentially is. That. You don't bring any of this home with you these rules you know I'm not Axl took. Excite is suddenly you're just acting and you're just not being it's just pretending something with the princess something I didn't. I'm and in his Phoenix and then you had. I'm advocate he Hewitt at the pew because I don't think kids want to listen to two records yes and I'm not violent and paving the queen. I think it would lead to what was acts art with the favorite let's start by having you explain who queen Anne is because. Of course queen Anne is something this is the on of the eighteenth century. And we know something about her but we don't know everything about and I knew nothing about. A senate she's she was a bill petition on it. She's not printed Denmark. It had seventeen children all if you guys. Carrying. Enough so you. Salinity an incredible catch to this guy who's been but I didn't know anything about half of history at schools. Which still focus is extraordinary I didn't either and you raise it and it he had said. We that you would think they would have this going a minute David just remember it but he does in the movie have the rat yes. It we know that you had to read I did that's on Tosca fuel costs but seriously traffic as well each child that she announced that have babies. In the film. It actually test that's the pathologist nice so well that's true. You mean that you think that you're directory or goes on to most would use artistic license. This has to play with the way things are I would think yet now I don't think about it right. This is what he does because what we're seeing in in. Your queen and yes there and you've got Rachel Weisz playing. Lady said one who is very influenced. In terms of view and what do and then incomes. And a stone yet as advocate who was once the lady but it's fallen on hard times. They all want you a thing. Yes well as there is more. Any personal slip as the monuc the times and and to have a little portion of that path to favoritism. From the market is to have some of it and of space and what's wolf is cleaner method has been out of this accident. She wants to be someone's statement from that holds us. Jockeying for position I don't want to give away and because that's it this movie takes you by surprise in the best possible way. But people say and do things that make ago. Now what here is yes yes that was a co. This decision to knots. To half the language. When and we would imagine how they would if they can and we Jokester he wants it in mountain language. Which is a fountain so you could sit face these through cactus in any period in history because. It. And the costumes battled at the shapes. I'm respectful to that period. That not played that way with. This. That's been. Passed down. I am sensitive a little understanding usually annual and his flipped a nice day as. Is that customs and adaptive re used jeans and things written yes they should I see what's on second that. And that's why people look at it it's a good. And look for that well but we've been fun to see the same time as when I first thought I was. Moon. You know I think you wanna say you because you don't see what's come and that will be dumps it at all. Any film as the second mistakes if it does take things the good ones I have. Think of any debt is shouldn't necessarily a further prohibit strip I don't wanna ask you to point out I didn't. Everybody has the experience of something don't even know right away whether something's working or clicking yet. They and you can't accident and you can't really. And if he feels good it feels right. And what was it like working with Rachel and him on. Just feet Smith Sanofi. And and the people of this thing different. So that's always true that we've got me they would community. Hassles full of it says. Let. Me activists and just yet and you couldn't pick a favorite did you. It got there are. As it says is China's economy and it can't that is anything about queen has refuted this poor woman who doesn't have at ease with her help now. Think royally messed up being film anyway she had doubt did you and she hats. Just osu. She's a very bake oven and let's. Lane usage couldn't. And a two not public some depression. And assistant she had an eye condition. Just an accident south from the house missed but life. I guess that was the real selling point for New York City said you know you get to be really physical acts yeah. I didn't pick it very unlike that it I'm gonna do it I wanted to. It seemed like your fearless in terms of what you do it as queen and having she has days which he's not licking their bets again. And slick. Rick advises the actor that you would. No don't Wear that you look like a badge that doesn't actually goes. I. But that's. That's the joy for me because on the tonight to model that they should be able to. Look. And students. In I would think you'll be. Fund its schools humanity at a time of day you you play a character so that you're more comfortable playing characters that you wars you can even though you've seen great seeing them but. Thank you gotta smile that is coast the sunshine. You know do you that's the nice thing that is so. Meet you wanna do it what was it in your child what happened to not think. No trauma at all in the AFC nothing patterns earth he will be just as we go and sign what Hispanic is there. Yet a few people. Adam. At this wells related anything looks at this school let me try nuclear physics. It'd or disposal analyst with academic. This community find I was magazine and then the Disco play this time sixteen. That. I didn't that you could be an attack. Nixon came from problems in this. Relevant evidence and you get this part it's exquisite in school scoop day. What wasn't Jean Brodie apartment sixteen Beatty and what role did you park Sebring take. While there it is if answered right I've playing Jean Brodie is up buddy much older than yeah I don't know IQ you know like it was meant they. Seeing it as an adults. Her. We will thing that's sixty they'll they'll it is one you know here in America we have. If you're like me and hundreds of other people and now we C we meatball watch broad church we now have BBC America. But you in it in you are homeless. Our bet you people stop you on the street for any reason on earth because we've done all those comedy shows so when people come to you and say. We'd love you seem to be in something you'll say. Fine if it amuses me I'm going to do. Yeah well in his let me say and I did up until we but it's all kinds its. Be all kinds of people yes she found that being an. Yeah but sometimes of an audience and it's so popular shows so popular where they say when he's seen every funny enough it. She gonna do this and yet because we're all conscious that you can be all your characters seem to me far more three dimensional that. Because you handle it if you have to be able took the queens all have to and queen hand certainly does it by all for ailments he sees. I did like finding you guys guys in and pops but colony help it could. And until it does exist it did is that we're turning today. And got as human and the missile just extraordinary. Miserable moments something funny happens and you really need to often announcements. When Europe onset and your plane certainly did you know and constant I'm where you've worked with him and ran a solar wings is such a great movie. And when you come out you need to leg go hide in the corner. For two hours because it's just so. Dramatic and sad and what happens in this woman who's abused by her husband can you walk off from doing it seemed like that yet saying. We're gonna go have a joke. You have to think imagines it cannot defeat that kept that they and that's sort of a Johnny don't know that in England is that it isn't. Says and patty was I care about. They feed it in you respectful to an experience that's the stuff. That's you've got so this again they are. It's okay Hillary Clinton who that's gonna allow that in the extensive. And again is always what I issue is. And sometimes scored yet subjects doing well I mean it's interesting because now. You are you shooting the season three of the crown yes. Listen to different types quaint at bank of Rea could Elizabeth didn't didn't take enough to tips and queen and President Bush is two day. That's really. But it's incredible cuts just play and them and those who was it the Clinton looks at. Conjecture as it is because accomplice. And as those. Well that's what conjecture now and then it becomes art. Yes actually we see that let all of us have watched those first two seasons of the crown have you yes we got as the biggest we should have read. I said yes so that's a yes I was Baku about that they do. Have you met the queen. Once. Did. Well in a meting elicited a rest people shaky. That's all I thought maybe you went out for pizza something what else it is nice that I was busy with the. It really didn't go to wrote people in a formal yeah I didn't know she's going to be that. Food and this it's a persists film. Industry jinx thing. And an ambulance and the Q could look how I would on the Cologne and as the cream and it's been rumored. It but Coke Pepsi and we'll what do you get to say in that situation do you see as little as possible as if that's possible if she's the hunt to speak to get it. Sail it sort of wished stated. Which has been. Tests found apple that time as well and they don't quiz her and said. Is this is what could do against me who have these hundred people have and you medicine at 200 people via. Inching discussed this role with Clare ward who preceded. I offend. And and why because I was I want specifics of the programs and she set them sit at the one that nothing is a very happy job we'll have another time sense so he needed. But when it happens way you know broad church is when you a lot of towards another series that we saw here that. We all lots years night manager. You get a Golden Globe what you're doing all these prizes and I think you're gonna have a hunk more after the favorite. That I'd I'm telling them. I feel it in the air just and is it that you picked it what it is you wanna do it did do people come to you in to say please do this. Today's have changed and the eyes at it the which is what people we we in the critic for we say if you're an. Something's good about it and that's it's it's just what he's I don't know this like it if he finds the comeuppance at. Like I just. Detonated in them which she like. Honestly simplistic as this I did active tablets but. In his if if it's got annual it's played. We fear it could do that well let's face an expertise in out because this will to a suspects. In the which is the best thing. I'll do this this this and send him safe but there aren't enough days in the week. One month in the year for you to do on my left the agents and execute capital ultimately. Battery they can do the tough work about it not great things the subtler. Bowl or excellent veterans and impact cost and lack. Couldn't trust about what you do my husband always at saint. So he can be. Tough as that is not I captive and then he as a exit east we have some that tastes Sakai admitted that this is as yet. Like it. We then a alike on about what to think it has its ups let's. Right so an uncle that sounding. You have one of the most romantic stories I read somewhere that when you met your husband he said that fit his music has found adults. Under ball again yes. A so his right and has. Good about him who. And it went it he kept John Q weeks later. A heated it and we if we just days that the west could have been. This. Wasn't it was when I was. Pulitzer if account with the three it yet how altered the terms of how they would know what you do what it is that day. Navy and I'm unrelated pieces of what that involvement in them and we basically did it not being. It's not the important part of my day. Who mommy has a joke when she sells it to say happy how I'm to have a work ethic and to know the work. Is what whack if you didn't have it and and think that that initial phase of this uninterested in it looks like to use it in her. And have they been able to see any importance to relay race sentencing I did one of senate Gupta to thinking that was because that's what percent. But there was very little when it came down from not forgotten it CG CGI it's pretty scary teeth and. And and since I opened that effort at the local I don't. That's not our. And I. What what did you I don't think there's been a favorite for years and opened it can't do that maybe a taste of the crackdown. Think I've seen Coosa. You can just you can do this did you do the way do you carry for yes it yes it is as if it. I would be worried to death and I got that right. I attractive just. To vote that. We have been if it seems we'll see how are you shooting season three and Ford back to back note things they tried to Fannie. Right. Looks at the could it does appear in the fashion is. Making room in the water department. Is trying to get through the sixties and it got his seventies can't just talk and change it sounds. Suit with trying to do it continent as possible just me a treat it you have done the show before but I'm thrilled you've done. And always in this split two bit of song. This picture what I don't know musical yet that you've done. I think they're doing actual security company you mean why should June dot congress every world that there is because account saying that's. Except that maybe offs it. But what reducing future. To my tenancy that you meant to just pleased me it's for no announced plan every asking that. Counts because it does cap. Okay we'll singing I'm ready. For this. Could today through news. Day to you. People paying dailies have such entities that Dayton is headed back to. I'll get very cleanly there when they thank you so much they'll say well it could have been. I'd that you're doing I Kanye West's to you just don't want criminal some. I bet if you might actually be.

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{"duration":"18:17","description":"Colman appeared on \"Popcorn with Peter Travers\" and talked about starring as Queen Anne in the new film, \"The Favourite.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59326312","title":"Olivia Colman on her roles in 'The Favourite' and 'The Crown'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/olivia-colman-roles-favourite-crown-59326312"}