Oprah Winfrey making $13M dollar donation to Morehouse College in Atlanta

Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
3:47 | 10/09/19

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Transcript for Oprah Winfrey making $13M dollar donation to Morehouse College in Atlanta
our great audience. Oprah has done it again. A week after giving over a million dollars to the united Negro college fund she is making a $13 million donation to Morehouse college in Atlanta. Founded 160 years ago to educate African-American men. She made the announcement while visiting the school where they were celebrating her previous gift of $12 million she donated to them 30 years ago and posted this video of them giving her roses and that portrait of Winfrey that will hang at the college and the president of the college said her original endowment three decades ago paid for nearly 600 young men's educations. Guys, this is amazing. This additional $13 million makes her endowment total 25 million, the largest in the school's history. Oprah writing, I can't wait to sigh what they do with their future. We can't either. Amazing. And now to legendary rock band the eagles who they sing "Take it easy" but do no such thing. After three sold out gigs where they performed "Hotel California" in its entirety, well, it was such a hit they announced they are taking the show on the road. Yeah, they are. Yes, they are. Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Timothy will be joined by Glenn Frey's son deacon and Vince gill to round out the band for the hotel California North American tour and each show features a hotel California set where they play that album and followed by a set of their greatest hits. The band will be accompanied there you see by orchestra and a choir as they play shows in Atlanta, New York, Dallas, Houston and San Francisco before wrapping it all up at the hotel California, well, in L.A. In April. Tickets go on sale next Friday. I am there. Yeah, that will be sold out. 43 years ago, "Hotel California." It's so poignant. 43 years young. Finally, guys, Miley Cyrus suffering a setback revealing she's in the hospital with tonsillitis. Miley taking to Instagram to ask her fans and friends to send good vibes as she recovers. It's no party in the usa but the singer is in good spirits posting some photos including one where she did a little redesign of her hospital gown. Miley writing trying to heal as quick as I can to make it to gorilla pa mrooz have with Ellen, Portia and Bruno Mars. She's set to perform at that event created by Ellen DeGeneres created for gorilla conservation. Do we have time for one more? Finally as we get closer to the holiday season the hallmark Channel is taking it to the next level and announced they'll be hosting a three-day extravaganza they're calling Christmas con. A convention. Kind of like comic-con. This one promises to include elaborate Christmas decor, ugly sweater contests. You ain't seen nothing till you seen ours. Christmas marketplace and live musical performances and all your favorite hallmark movie stars, also there the guys from deck the hallmark podcast. We love when they come on "Good morning America." They're so fun. I'm sure we'll have them on again soon. Christmas con will be held at the expo center near Edison, new Jersey, November 8th. Other sites to come. Tickets are on sale now. Great idea, hallmark. Happy holidays. Never too early. Never too early for Christmas. That's right. Thank you very much, Lara.

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66156977","title":"Oprah Winfrey making $13M dollar donation to Morehouse College in Atlanta","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/oprah-winfrey-making-13m-dollar-donation-morehouse-college-66156977"}