Oscar nominee Quentin Tarantino on the making of 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'

The director talks to Peter Travers about the making of his new comedy-drama starring Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio.
19:59 | 01/17/20

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Transcript for Oscar nominee Quentin Tarantino on the making of 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'
Directed by this guy quit until nineteen thank you very good case I do you really appreciate the decade moniker it that hard. Give that to two to a nine add to a movie that falls on the nine I don't. You have to do and agencies mostly years go by with this movie that speech the people like me if I according. You get the chips. That it too when they see it but it's a pleasure to have it could change it to eke out a little bit about this movie which is right now isn't it is the blue rain now accident. It. It's just a couple we have about twenty minutes of extra stuff talk about. You know everybody has it on their best list been nominated for every single does that matter anymore. It's nice it's really wonderful to elect actually you do movie and then kind of be in that like winner's circle of Lou timeout just before the show started. Between like this seven or eight movies that people are talking about and to be invited to the different parties and that's actually root really thought but I've been there where I thought I had one of the best movies and ended. And it's not in that round up so it's actually nice to be in the man. I want to know. What was the Genesis of this one what was the first thing not because she sat down and started to write it yeah boo when was this in your head. Well let's just kind of a long process. So much so in glorious bastards Wear a kind of I had the idea and as opposed OK I'm gonna sit down and and banging out this script that wasn't a lieutenant the case on him this was more kind of an exploratory. Kinda thing so there is a couple years I'm just kind of figure out who the characters work. And I wasn't in need are hurried it sit down and write a movie script even like my very first couple years of writing on it. I wrote it as a novel at least a couple chapters as a novel in exploratory way of any. In I even wrote the like them. Alpa chino seen in the sun frank the wrote that hasn't one act play at one point and not economic planning and doing it the play running and doing it when and how well do it but it was more and an exploratory writing exercise. But the the initial. I guess Genesis the whole thing well. It was a while ago I was I was making a movie. And I was dealing with and older actually kind of guy actor. And I'm I'm doing a film and he comes to me and goes. You know Clinton. I have a son. He's been my stunt double for about nine years. Passage of laws about it is not really anything formed to humans but there isn't the act coming up on Thursday. Heat could do you. So if you wouldn't mind maybe we could veto I had be a nice thing to throw something and he can come on Thursday and do that playing in that would be in good be good for Meehan is good elect. Yet gesture and awards. So Thursday rolls around any shows eight of the great jobless not know where they of the day is going on and the thing about. About the relationship is like you could tell and it's been going on for nine years you could tell. That there was a time. That this guy weighs. Perfect couple for an act. Perfect and you could have shut close with the stunt guy and maybe they would past. This time was not. That time. I think grown in different directions. And and and you could tell that this is like maybe the last or second to the last thing that they'd be doing again. And I kinda glance over and I see the two of them sitting in director's chairs on the stat talking about the cigarettes and just you know she in the breeze. And and naturally since one guy is the stunt guy of the other guy they're actually both dressed in identical costs which is in that the really. Look at the evidence and the like this time guys got a hair down and a cockamamie way that like resembles the actor in their vote when the same cost in the smoking a cigarette. I'm kind of watching them talk. I'm seeing the whole nine years of the relationship and I know that this is the tail end of it. At and watching them talking on right now. These guys been buddies for a long time and they've been working bodies and it's an interesting friendship because yes I'm sure it's a friendship but one is. Working for the others and there's a subservient yes. And AA implied and now back. And acted as a lot of movies are right on this movie he knows that directories Franzen in the southern movie he knows and an actor two and their friends but there's a lot of was he doesn't know anybody Italy gets another but the stunt guy he does know. And that's his little body on the set that they can talk and and BS's where the each other as I'm sitting there watching this relationship as they just can't talk to each other sitting in the director's chairs dressed identically to each other. I thought why now. That's an increasingly. At that regular movie about movies about the making of entertainment. That could be an interesting weight in the relationship between an actress. And it is and it luck thank you I have to show this clip though because it goes right to what you were saying let's just look at that affected you just come. Or for that. But you're gonna know I enjoy it would equipment not I think Danielle I don't know Kurt Russell let's run that clip. Let's see nothing is a mask need. Man get the answers know the answers no not not no excuse us. And. This thing up in in the blog which. You know I can't afford higher by two guys smoke cigarettes and sit around talking to each other all day on the chance that I might use. I got forming a team here. I need more than having earlier approved. You know I I I got to look after my next ate it. And if you're doomed to we're better match me up CO OK you've gotten in the habit that that's the case and no he's a great match from. If you could do anything you want to. The ball off a build a lot amount far into what the blanket. And get creative prewar and his. If the opportunity Rick. I don't dig and. And I don't they might be brings us. Oddly enough is actually funny just evenly telling that little story and watching that scene that's in it being very moving actually watching late you know. Rick fighting for is guy he would I really do anything you can beat him up. The the it. Did you read your anymore if a guy's gonna get higher I think he's got yet he's got you've got to talk the talk he's got to convince this gap for the delay in. It does get them. Now we're in that world of Sharon Tate and the Manson Vietnam. Was that always what you wanted to hand as part of this do you know that I background that with what it was always part of that one because I'd like the idea for a couple reasons one I liked the idea of exploring. The character. Of Sharon Tate who threw the sensationalism. Of the circumstances. And the sensationalism of history. Has almost been. Reduced to a an extra in her own story to some degree. Com and of course a wind to deal with. Charles Manson and the family because I'm kind of dealing with Hollywood mythology at that time Los Angeles county mythology and they are part of that app and you almost. K the it would that. That's city without thinking about them and also it's. In dealing with the the ups and downs of holly that it be Hollywood they were part of that fabric but one of the things I'm really proud about about the movie and part of it is just. Margo is enchanting performance that she fears. It is I'm doing and then on is that like 800 people in the Peter for the most part. Those 800 people before the movie started when they thought if Sharon Tate. They just thought about hammer and they not a matter summer. And I think. The perception of Sharon has changed since this movie has played out during the year now people think about her as more than just a murder victim. They think about her as a person they think they contemplate a life that she lived she is me character she's a person she's more than emerged as she seems to be. That in her own life while the other characters art part of the story. Yeah I think all of that was actually kind of that was that was that was done purposely did part of the thing is younger the whole movie. I think all this time figure out who the characters were. And then at some point. I had to think I actually asked myself the question they okay okay now own kind of ready to do it I I I have mind the view. I am I know the environment. And I know the characters. What story. Do I want it to me quite nightly effort but the question what story do you wanna tell and I thought to myself well you know. I had a story in mind but you can imagine. My cat Elmore Leonard eighty. And kindness or anything less than enriching themselves feel like a my letter tightly packed characters but the thought about gun room. I don't think it really want to tell one movie story or have a movie plot I actually think I just wanna do a day in the life. We're a few days in the life of these characters I actually think the characters are strong enough to hold it and I actually think that milieu that I'm creating an and you know the town itself is enough to hold so in that regard. I didn't want to come up with a necessarily plot for shared I just wanted so. Have let's watch her live her life and she run some errands. She dives around she talked to a couple of friends he gets a book she goes to see the movie. And into me it was an aspect of just watching her kind of just live her life and dramatically. Is kind of what was dropped from our. And that's what we can if there that's a good way of putting it because a lot of people said well but she doesn't have a part you know she doesn't have this thing yet this. I was offended by that because look I mean. Part of the thing. Is. I'm have in her spent time by herself. Look I could given her dog who. Actually got to talk to the dog and then she would have more conversations. All right yes I could've come up with a plot actually. What the hell is plot plot is now and now you're talking to other characters moving up plot rock. From here to here I didn't do that I just up observed her living her life and the fact that people would think that. That a characteristic noted by the level of die a law. That they have I just think that is a situation where I don't agree with a guy that hypotheses of from. In terms of you changing history like you do anywhere he's back it hurts to know what's good to kill Hitler I think. I was making it I would say and I want these people dead. But without doing spoilers for those who haven't watched it are losing it. But you do change is that something that was built in to UN we're doing it. You wanted the Manson and that whole thing done the way you saw in your. Yeah that was yeah it was kind of baked into the pot pretty early on once I realized that was going to deal. Would that aspect of the situation and he any idea what that night I knew that that was the avenue ago. Yes well I also felt there was a kind of a situation service like. I created this character what. And I'd Kenneth add up that he was this kind of indestructible. Kind of that type of care here so. If you are imagining the worst scenarios. For those killer hippies. Did pick the wrong ousted from break into how Clinton and it would be the worst scenario for them. And that was something actually kind of a lot of fun about that. With you. I last year and I just don't wanna buying into them in denial on easing all I'm they be my and movies my last movie. Maybe I'll wait times sixty and that will be my last movie. And I think. You do this to you just on me elementary. What I do. I do it just that you think about this back again. I don't bat back and he. The EU since admits he's gotten here you're gonna have in your father right on. It changed you. Well it happen. Hadn't changed me yet again if you might not answers it's like. You with diapers I just don't just want to be there didn't want to eat some of that. Answer is gonna have it's just have a change. I mean. Look. I haven't retired so the idea of me talking about the aesthetics of my retiring before retired. Kind of obnoxious. But there uses aspect I guess I do feel that by directing the young man and I do feel that. Sentiment is changing and now on a little bit more part of the old guard them it was before. But. There is an aspect that now that I'm so apparently unmanned but the thing is. You could we have no energy caught it yet yet to act right. At that it might based core I'm very proud of my directing but in my base course in my whole. Him my whole modus operandi is like Tenet facing a bunch of blank paper where there was nothing before and then filling those playing pages. And then going up and and and creating something that didn't exist and then making a movie about it. So there is this writer aspect of me so I kind of like that now it's time. For this like third act just lean a little bit more in the later. Lean a little bit more into the writing which would be you know as a as a new father as the new husband now I'm not just you know. Grabbing and I am Lian and and and yanking them to Germany here yanking them to Sri Lanka or whoever the next story takes place I can be just a little bit more. Of a home body and become a little bit more of a man of letters frankly though I'm actually I. Actually really kind of excited about the idea that I really have no idea what that movie was is going to be if it's very very open idea. But one of the things on this movie now normally the thing is people are waiting for my scripts it's definitely done so like by Finnish. Is that they act finish a script on. Wednesday of the week. Usually by the next Thursday were opening offices. Because I think and I'm not worried about getting in a movie set up so I think it's financed the papered action until we actually make a deal. That was the case with this one because life is this the script for once upon him Hollywood there's two things I knew it wouldn't rate it just jump in a pre production. That's a big long road and not related quite start that journey yet. But more important than. Was. Inside I was more I I was in a writing place. And I had more to get out and so I finished this script apparently telling me and mine don't do not have that kind of self control. I normally bragging about it so. I finished a script I put it aside. And then I wrote a play. So I finished the play and play and at that the play aside and then wrote a five episode TVs here it. And then I was grant start talking about the movie that I wrote but boy that. I gotta have one question from the world outside for you location at least. Joey wise does have changes in technology film techniques and society. Helped or hindered your ability to produce sounds. The thing about it is there's technology. That it definitely. Help movies I think this things in technology that have hurt movies but you don't have you know but you know but if you pick and choose. You know from the but fake cable for what you like and what makes things better and and you ignore the things that you don't want to do they desperately in Birmingham but just to give annually to more historical example if something. And one of the things I'm proud about in this movie. Was. When it came to re creating. A living breathing Los Angeles that we are actually using the real life span than right. When it came to recreating this this world. We didn't do be a green screen we didn't do it via. The CGI. We built. We built we are directed it we will and like you are selling like Hollywood boulevard look we had to get all the shop owners to sign off on and we had to get that whatever the chamber commerce that wouldn't let us do it. And frankly in a world where it's easy enough to do it digitally. We have to. Convince the studios letters do it they kinda knew that that was kind of part that was baked in the pie but they give us that you problem about it. And and they could a all the money to do that we can just do it this way right but they did they realize that that was part of static that was what it was. And you know like when. But but that is. You know that's unusual I would get a kick out of that can and movie that Toby who repeated like force and it does watch the dvd from life force and at will making. Why force maker Canon pictures. Aren't and I am watching and let the making up. Army sex. Changes as if to football field and alligator in an airplane hangar and insects that they wouldn't. Ever build today. And this that was the day when they know Barack they won't let cop Rhode Island you might. The average they. Hey. You built that Clinton. We're all cited that you did that if you wanna continue to have you do that as you know though. We haven't talked about that one aspect of the movie that I always end with which is song the music that you have in this movie is incredible thank you so I need something from you that's from this movie. That suggests. Everything that's again but oh. What you I actually think probably the one that actually. Place the mostly Catholic team would be at a state police again over and we're not going and dreaming not the moment and optimum do you. Police. The fifth round. And this guy. Use. If it. At a perfect for hand picked her critic actually wrote eleven of them came out they were talking about how how I'd. How both mournful and almost an easterly economists that song played the Nate that is almost like the theme of sculptures circling the allowed us. Oh. Definitely. The great critically it is. And often do with that. Thank you my friend he always always bring.

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{"duration":"19:59","description":"The director talks to Peter Travers about the making of his new comedy-drama starring Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68329139","title":"Oscar nominee Quentin Tarantino on the making of 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/oscar-nominee-quentin-tarantino-making-time-hollywood-68329139"}