‘Outlander’ author Diana Gabaldon reflects on her writing process

Gabaldon talks about her creative process with Ginger Zee ahead of the popular Starz show’s season five premiere. Starz is a sponsor of “GMA.”
3:59 | 02/14/20

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Transcript for ‘Outlander’ author Diana Gabaldon reflects on her writing process
Well the first down. That it but as a you writing scientific. Hyannis of scientists and my previous incarnation. Ph.D. in quantitative behavioral ecology. And it was a university professor at the time others state. And but I don't since I was eight years old that I was supposed to write novels that's the eight jealous and realized that people actually wrote books that just popped out. Library books. And does that's supposed to but it now Mano writer does as you now it's starting at the end gradually figured out I was gonna work for you. Because there is no one way to right to know it's just what works for you. So I for instance right in the middle of the night between midnight 4:30 in the morning by prime time. At right sound during the day but that's mostly at night as everybody leaves me alone house is quiet my mind is an action alert at that period. Which it is not at 7 o'clock and predict have to open. And for other people you know they really thrive on outlines they really need to know where the ending is that you know I just need to know one thing. About this scene that will let me get a foothold. And from there at that kind of roles and he has seen happens here that's it happens here. And I'm doing research all of the time and stimulate southern growth. Other scenes as well as you know batteries but I sat to find out our find out a lot of other stuff that's interesting on the way which triggers more scenes them as a reason the books every day. It Huntsman in the best way that's at that don't teen area it's stubborn exciting. You'll walk into the book you know working. Where I am right now which is in the very finishing stages of the ninth book. That's very very exciting because this is the state rhino everything that's happening and had just how long commencement at the computer for somebody calls me follow her. It in Mattapan where ago and it's just got. I know it I don't Weaver with an outline it all right straight lines are right reckons he's something happening. And then seen what we have gradually unfold itself to me why marking. When Nazi system and I know what happens next right that if I don't know haggled for something else. Hand to graduate get all these little pieces and so when it began assembling the book you know. This happens here and I know I wrote a piece in which this happens so where is. A put out put them together sometimes having built a bridge to join them up sometimes they're fine. Sometimes need to tweak something obscene that I wrote. I didn't know what year was ironic is that with spring time but it falls in place at site through change the color. Prop. Right. Is the creeks and fittings as it comes together. But also you know things happen the more work with a book the market opens up to you need additional layers and but his luck. Mattie at our meet the people but opted. Colleges matter. It's what they. Think it. I loved. If that. It feel it pushing -- there with my nose up a mountain. Your shows airy since heating things Fuller is an art. And. For the most part as you know away from the beginning understood that this is a completely different medium. I've written graphic novels likes to write comic books and science and countless story in the visual medium is quite different from. But I can do an awful and do things that an Olympic. Its own and by expert says it is things that are. Much more vivid more immediate like and felt something. That I would need at least chapter to accept the emotional on the hunts. So wealth of the media have extra. But I understood to be in Athens and I respect their process them respect. We got along quite ancient scripts in the dailies and so for at Howland but. And that's it's certainly. I'm very blunt. Upside of this is that you'll never be honest I actually think they could get at. Can. Take it.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"Gabaldon talks about her creative process with Ginger Zee ahead of the popular Starz show’s season five premiere. Starz is a sponsor of “GMA.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68992121","title":"‘Outlander’ author Diana Gabaldon reflects on her writing process","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/outlander-author-diana-gabaldon-reflects-writing-process-68992121"}