Take a peek inside Britain’s most haunted royal palace

Hampton Court Place, home to King Henry VIII, is considered the most haunted of all royal palaces.
21:09 | 10/31/20

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Transcript for Take a peek inside Britain’s most haunted royal palace
Who had not you know the media content cools. Thanks and he went on its wounds it's particularly at this time NBA. It's so exciting and that they are hearing Hampton court palace the haunted. Him Ingraham couldn't yet. Just giving us tour but I'm going to inhibit let's compete to learns that he tuna he'll be very nice dance and some balloon into the great. Cool. I arias hunted I mean look at all these animals that their heads are just staring at a it Nathan moon this. All around but we'll how this incredible. It's one to put isn't it though this was built. I had mediate. To make have a really great impression on hole the paper and find passages came he'd have he's must come to this topic is not the ones you school. When of gold and silver threat these ones. And he just wants to make of they expect to come. And make you feel. I mean Fannie created critic can't pick and you know it was so light space I imagine lots of room for ghosts of flyer around here as well I think so little if they could tell so from day. Academy. The ministers gathering just fly around them. That not have been actually think that anything anything the who knows me I think the it's the ghostly but it. Emissions. They tend to grab Texas not Ponce. Who once again they believe. Movie Kelly how Harry Potter five a sentence. I mean it was that this is seen ingredient villains that excellence is gone hopeful. I know. In some way back into fine but this is the room calling pick pick pick an. They had as the season goes final minute. New embassy announcement came on the picnic can you big promise as I wanna see that I think it if they currently can day. If you get a lot of visitors coming here looking for ghosts. For having not really very much especially at this time you went where they're coming through Halloween night that ruling. And he especially the children namely some exciting about guys pulling things whom cannery. He means to Lloyd. Nine. I really goes Trout right now well but going back collecting them OK we actually make people guns the whole. Meanwhile insisted that either way it's okay it's okay how to survey unwilling thank you wanna go you follow but not find anything shame in being a Friday opening you have to come Whitney cannot. Hunted out IMF not. I think I seconds to god than one repeated that guides you. I would cool through loans again and oh my live I think you have a Hansen's. Coming he had and then weigh the each own half of this it's is that they com. And if I don't guess scream. Two lead. I. A net income. Sylvia Johnson very literally hairy and it and I had a tendency it is going to come into the break we'll check. It's an action equine towards. Me because when we spoke about. Let. Us was resting. And her house congress people in the east behind books and Chang high and some of them way dismissed. And houses that were foe who com culpable in what was happening what was going. They and these incidents when Katherine was actually take. Kind of comments of protons and announcements or what happens. Home. They count the heady feeling because you're walking through and if you're like a movie set it's a beautiful and we joke about ghost stories have been tour member that you. He's real stories in the house and into right here nine. Currently living safety. The underground. Oh. None it is Madison ghosts difference in the accident and you yank them now now. Wow those things. He hello thank mistake and very imposing stance he's taken merit not welcoming that's not because it was you see he's just books and news justice he. The only TV that Clinton us. A huge times woods this Sony and Honda Odyssey of gentleman's home. So colas and mediate was always telling all these techniques and unique. Can sit out next year's Halloween costume. And now. Rioting and I felt so I won't say. This is the actual scene of many crimes to overcome. Like why it. Well. If you look we just come I think he. ACC important still he. Because species when cats and hours and she got loose from. Business and she was. Evans the wall hangings on storm Pratt she's Hughes. In the city on mine just. So elections Casey was. I broke. I have little Hud and paying them rank and meet with all the sat and that he would but gave. And that she will wouldn't go to have a baby hectic because that and CB was. But unfortunately. And it is home hacks. Gleaming. The reenactment is what got me yet again this a think of the things that happened here in the history and and in a lot of it's really scary Ann and frank and things that happened. And if you think eleven of the emotion and is experiencing. An inclusive with baby do things sometimes have sold. And heightened demand to. Situations. And that's just one theory. Residual when things and a snow Wong that she had his case beyond this to let people see her hair in women had listened to some in the tool in hands in the eighteen hundreds. My defense and they were quite often awake and nine via actually. And just they would come to go away no means the cannery and one night he actually said she'd fool. I would win nobody. Good won't dress steam lines she came to the tool. Sheets of it then withstanding that his way detained and then suddenly the look of homer on race she times away. I move it to be good I think he's being. Drag act alone down the gallery. The rooted dual. And all the time should be king kindness opening unpacking. I have nothing to say in response did not happening yet is sleeping in bed and then what it could and then seeing that. He never got to sleep again leads. I honestly yeah. I. And then more recently. Student student dying time. People sometimes say that they feared missing thing Walton refrigerate. This is strange thing to seems to have a son consistent. It's. Reason old. In fact there was a time when a couple of ladies had claimed its own but put food and home. Senate that labels and Nixon couldn't. Trying to think of weigh when they when they become that they think that. Yes it was recalled I felt congress and I went to blackness and that was it bill. We actually came. They said they felt and I call this time. Now how does that. So it got so many things that we chopped com takes them. And sun and many people. Many experiencing. It. The main meetings. Saturday evening things that's fly into in a few days ago we had doctor Richard Weisman. He kind hey he's he's he's he. Sort of recession since the how in the womb. And he was hit through course with you today. And he had people who com they. Someone told that one and it was hole and hit another another controller added that it used wasn't and bonds both. And so this week he actually had. The had to cope Condit. What is mall condom when most activities. Often. And then sent the Guinea pig elements. There could. Good night little volunteer but I. And I came out. I mean it's well it's really. Think the time when you look halftime. And you may not be quick to me that whatever is going on it does mill coupled with he. That you can't can't really got us could all of have haven't experienced. How did it in big time and way you expect to his and other and tonics which they used to be ten media day old. Crime. And they looks of things that seemed to me that. For instance some Petit and believe me one day. And he's going unit it was justice in the pool. So they wouldn't around particularly. Systems that commitment. When haven't. Little. What Clark paid did not want to wake and I just think that I. But the terrified. Because nobody would've done if anything to hunt them they would have a totally yeah things. This is the queen Sunday thankful. And one home to put it contended she isn't he gorgeous. That sentiment in the how the mind walking it was totally different it's tempting to thank you notice how spooky this echo could be two. And it's going through here. This is the most patient. He. And another. Of our community kindness. Get a different fees and brings new. Colts yeah it's cold here. But it. Tennis is pretty different. Exactly and things yes he hit Washington but the and we spend X-Men. Won't. Swinging if there. Something's. JC. And meetings. And she has mean. Do what. It lying down until it gets a couple they it's. Grinding down day. And then through the tool just and then and then content it will be cool who. She is feasible in beautiful lines. With an open and send its. And him. And he holds his hands and not to take part of the senate foreign loans and an end. Andy playing. And she goes and she goes into the coordinate and he issues. Only don't think he's looking for something. I should looking for more well this thing. She didn't mind stand. You from that very same. In which gave that you. C Penney's long before ha. And those pending such cheapen. It and there was one quick thing. That they twelve plays like something truthful tend fifteen cent to seven. He declined to eat some faction. Now with. And so. Often the prince is christening them seriously changed few moment home okay. Fifteen. People they hang time. They took time hos. And and time walker installments on vacation home to Houston on whom you. Oh not you. He makes him. And then taking optimists these two just. So obviously they they want any content. Horrible smells political comeback. For one thing disease. We've heard time Lukens was to put amendment denying him con game. Mason pay and meet people can. So what she can well. The Hobbs says he's an act in the chapel. Oh how it's a young boy whom he was pocket from suitcases. She axle that can. Can use it you'd channels don't know I mean every behind it's his. If it's heartbreaking to hear the stories this highest behind some of these coast pretend that it in me tipped her searching it just. Now leaves you speechless. And when news and you know turn up. And I think. Well I. Until I. No lights the hottest things on come meet me and then you know. Thinking back from walking down. These devices without. Today. It's moving in ahead daylight food and bad thing. Means they have denied that. It is. I think it's they Victorian. Tea is. If candidate secret entered and he does doesn't. So who teaches school with winds of funds company the end of really have been closed that stretch out the front of the but just thinking atmosphere. Because these six. Al. Grade that he did have many great they hope around the country. But yes he does good things you. And she has little connection because he. With the announcement to make this thing. Not this time they see not. And basically he was thought to any member of cool. 25 years later she was looking for anything but the bus and how unless they're very very long positive to banned here. Bucks and 1560. When they went he had. Small pox. Elizabeth. To did but she football and because she was caught on the time. I mean we'll see it go fight that was it will books to come. And always well he was banking managed to catch up and acts and and we felt that she would I think hate. As they. Pop. It said. That 9 o'clock. People were saying we. Please language that. It's the wrong things. It. I am at and it's nothing. Solicited in the area and going. Forward would be hall. Now. Else. It would be fine cloister walk them to that we got. Then he came at night. They with a whole thing. And the painting and when ET. We have long grain. And foods. In slaves. The humidity. And panel police toward. I won't hold he was standing cries thought still and he saw her go across. Dissipated through the (%expletive) up at 8000 terrified. That he got the hottest. And he said I'm never going to didn't think it. This entire. And this is where they would stand right here but they want me. Suitable. Making sure everything was run the commitment that time when he visited here. It believe me. And done that was released here you saw today. In. It's. Princess Brittany. She. That he's it was the nation he blocked. She just couldn't they. One day he won't house and three dual. Thing. She soul. 1990. Kennedy is leaning. Parade will step up oh yeah I don't care me and winds accompanied him. She sent to me well this. Announcement isn't the isn't didn't happen that money. The most. He. They. Seek to. And now. Horrific case since it now. Queen Victoria also 52. Mad about saint Thomas who that is debatable whether that I couldn't handle. Queen Victoria yeah had a couple I don't. But also we recent signs. What and they. One eight channel. And manages to trying to work. This heat line this long. Tool and keep it should be he was just particularly. And the tools and it's a bit not that Steve little green the total. And she said she saw her fingers ol' pops up clean. Some the you know and I must tell. Vigilant rooms and now pet name. Hudson. And she never seen before if you think she works in human if you can't hit back. Student finds and funds. And then turns grind its way down the into this area. I think alive that's against goes away and lays the moment he describes the town. And keep it trinity which an effigy on staples grave. She says yes. That's saying I want made us come face to face. To sit and this theory. I. Yeah I agree you don't he had. The thank god you have yeah. Now it's zooming from. East breeze and since you only. And I area. And I think it it's such a passing a way to relive history as a wild because again you remember these are real life events real things that happened and the home things continue to in this to. You. So wonderful thank you so reminds me you know I'm scared us and I odds against Saddam bonus pick up Diana I don't think independent. On England's. Can really important seeing it. Six over the age yeah I think it will be an eyewitness. Coming up I think we scared people know they cannot bite and.

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{"duration":"21:09","description":"Hampton Court Place, home to King Henry VIII, is considered the most haunted of all royal palaces.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73936052","title":"Take a peek inside Britain’s most haunted royal palace","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/peek-inside-britains-haunted-royal-palace-73936052"}