Peter Travers predicts who will win at the 2018 Emmy Awards

Travers offers a look at who should take home the golden trophies at this year's Emmy awards.
12:47 | 09/14/18

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Transcript for Peter Travers predicts who will win at the 2018 Emmy Awards
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to this special edition of popcorn where we're gonna talk about the Emmy nominations that come out. I talk about movies all the time. And we're excited about the fall in what happens with them. But. Are we all now. We're slaves to TV we didn't watch we do everything and so suddenly it Emmys are crucial to our lifetime so it's worth going over some of the nominations in the major categories. And I'm gonna start with the outstanding drama for years you know there are all right 1234567. Nominees in this category but I'm gonna talk about the one I think will win and the ones that I am rooting to win. So the hand maid's tale. Which won last year. And this second season isn't quite on par with the first one. But it's still amazing it's still about. A future in which women are basically slaves. To toxic masculinity. It's still powerful. But people. What about the Americans. The Americans is it didn't last season it's been nominated to death and never want come mind people did you watch the last season. So armed rooting for that. Outstanding comedy series began a batch of nominees. Last year's winner with Atlanta. I had nothing bad to say about this mrs. for Donald Glover. As the star as a writer and director. Everything its triumphant the second season was that beef is good is the first one that he won four. And I just also believe that there should be a little spreading of the wealth around. And there was a comedy. A real kind of old retro. Sort of comedy that works like a charm called the marvelous mrs. maison starring Rachel Brosnahan. And written by Amy Sherman Paladino did Gilmore Girls. Something about this that 1958. In New York with a woman finding her voice through comedy. Just hit me in the right kind of way so all due respect to Donald Glover and Atlanta I'm out there rooting for the marvelous mrs. Mitchell. Then there's outstanding limited Theres amok and explained what goes on in these categories because its too complicated. But. Among the nominees there's the western called godless Douglas was on Netflix and it has Jeff Daniels at the very best in that playing a real villain. Who's making life hell for Jack O Connor character and women on the shell Dockery merit Weaver really. Have their place in what's usually a male driven kind of John. But I'm going for the assassination of Johnny Versace which Brian Murphy produced and directed. Because this story of the murder of Versailles it. Is done so powerfully as many years that we begin to understand and threw him and the way that Daryn Chris plays him. We don't sympathize with this killer but we feast how society helped create him. I'm all about that one. Then we go to the acting outstanding lead actress in a drama theories. Elisabeth Moss. Always terrific. And hand maid's tale which she won 40 last time she could when Ford and I wouldn't object to it at all. I've sounding like a broken record about the Americans and Keri Russell people he should have her in the mix as well and think of voting for her because she was done him. In this last season. But I have a special liking for Sandra oh in a show called killing eve. And BBC America didn't it doesn't have that wide audience and she's basically a desk found spy. Who. It's so rub shoulders with this assassin she's trying to catch. And it becomes between these two women something that I've never seen in TV before it's too people who. One's good one's bad and they come together in the middle. Fascinating stuff so you Emmy people have you worked out for. All right outstanding lead actor in a drama series sterling K brown I hear that name and they'll hear people opening envelopes and think. Sterling K brown yes. He should win four days people vs OJ Simpson and he did he should win but this is us and he did and he's up for this is us again. But here I go broken record me thing what about Matthew reached did you watch the last episode of the American. Did you see his scene in the garage where he basically being faced by his friend Noah Emmerich who he's betrayed. And he what goes on in terms of acting in that thing amazing. That's where I'm. All right outstanding lead actress in a comedy Ceres. Here we go Tracy Ellis Ross in blackness has been so good for so long and she's lost like the last half dozen times. To Julia Louis-Dreyfus and be. And there's no B this year they took that time off there was no be so it's an open category and she certainly do. But for me. This award needs to go to Rachel Bronson hand for the marvelous misses me this is a comedy. That is our law which kind of break that half hour rule. And Rachel Brosnahan sustained to this show. She makes everything about the character new ones and fascinating. So Rachel in my own private ME Ivan grade your name already. Outstanding lead actor in a comedy series we see a lot of people they're Donald Glover in Atlanta was the winner of this last year that's what the image do they tend to. Say let's do that it means you lose track of that six times that she's won and Donald of who wins again no protest for me. But I have to say a word about bill hater and bear whatever you think Berry and what HBO is done with it. Haters that comedian who's really expert. But here plane hit man who's going to acting. He's doing something I'd never seen him do before he and depth in that factors that are ripping. And I think he should give Donald Glover real run for as any money. All right outstanding lead actress in the limited's here if this is a very tough one. Jessica Biel and we all know is gorgeous married to Justin Timberlake all of those things that she becomes a tabloid figure. But she produces as well as acts in a show called the thinner. In which she plays a woman who we she commit a terrible crime. And the show is about why this woman was a way to commit that crime and she's up to every theme she's just accurate. But her competition. Is Laura Dern in the tail and I don't know if everybody watched the tail on HBO. It's about sexual abuse it's about ward turned character having a conversation. With their thirteen year old self. It's perfect acting or Dern won last year for supporting indeed little lines and he's just getting better with each thing she does so. I'm going with ward term for that. You have any difference as you know where to find. Outstanding lead actor in a limited series are moving. Again it's a tough one people are really. When they hear the name Benedict number back. They say let's nominated. So for every time he played Sherlock Holmes. There was a nomination. But this time he's in Patrick Melrose a guy who's coming apart. He's on Harrell when he's having a meltdown like you could never seen reports the real broad war kind of toward the war. Let me I'm going with Darren Criss. At playing and you're Yunnan and in the assassination of Johnny Versace because. What Darren Criss is doing if the guy from glee who Wi fi basically playing characters who are light. He gave substance to this and humanity that someone who's lost his own. A really great performs. Now we him some supporting categories and supporting actress in a drama series. And doubt he's been a guest on popcorn. She's aunt media arm hand it's now one of the scariest people that I've ever seen as a character in matters up perfectly nice but. If characters keeps growing. With each season she's just as good she won the Emmy before she has another one no objection. But I wanna say a word about Vanessa Kirby in the crown I I'm leaving the crap out of lap but. Here she's playing Princess Margaret she's the sister of the queen. And what she does with this is so surprising making somebody who lived in her sister shadow come to the war. I'd like to see somebody new like this who is really so talented so I'm rooting for Vanessa and that category. Outstanding supporting actor in a drama series. David Harbour in strange things. Stranger things is. It's a kind of CB series everybody likes but David harbors character of the share keeps growing. And he is never been better then he was this past season. So they areas if he'd have to lose to somebody I wanted to be met met in the crown who placed Prince Philip. Not a likable character in any way and give him so many colors class Matt Smith with doctor who wants now Hamas. Let's get these people that are in the shadow of the crackdown. A little more tension. Okay outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series Kate MacKinnon it's Saturday Night Live went all the time. You back in here any objection from me you know she's so great playing what ever celebrity whether Hillary Clinton. Whether it's Jeff Sessions she plays the mall brilliantly. But I wanna say a word about Alex forced dean in the marvelous mrs. nasal she's. The woman who is managing mrs. measles career she speaks the blunt truth about everything she told Larry is doing it. And she's also incredibly touching him. Outstanding supporting actor in a comedy theories here. We have so many Alec Baldwin and Saturday night. One already for doing its trial. Do we need to give him another one for doing trump if you do. That's your choice. What I'm saying something about two people I think we're just rate this year when his Henry wink or on Barry playing. The effects and Barry drama teacher as a money grubbing is just the worst kind of guy. And winkle or give him humor he gives them heart he gives him some bitterness is well I think great performance. Tony salute tonnage to that we've just won a Tony for the band and who played monk and his great everything. Lays mrs. measles father in the marvelous mrs. mental and doesn't miracles with. So how you're gonna accuse between these three I have no idea have given privilege to Tony she. Ari outstanding supporting actress in the limited series or movie most of the ones who are favorites are from the assassination of Johnny percent. One is Penelope Cruz who played on it Pella. Johnny's sister. And who is making something of a part that really isn't that well written on this series. But she'd embodies her something and then she that the white. Who plays the wife of the victim. And you can they and Judith Light. It's like has a light under a bushel for too long this person is one of the best actors working in television. Or theater or movies. A tough one. Probably going to be Penelope Cruz because she's the biggest star. Outstanding supporting actor in a limited series are moving here. Jeff Daniels in god bless. Is playing a villain so disgusting that he carries part of it is rotted to cap gated long term around with that. And its own shots loads them and discuss thing. That how could he lose but I want to put in the word for Ricky Martin in the assassination of Johnny Versace because what he does. As for such use lover who's left behind after his death. Is something and don't expect from somebody of his celebrity in his size he plays his character he meant game. So everybody happy Emmys.

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