Prince Charles to walk Meghan Markle down the aisle

Markle's soon-to-be father-in-law will do the honor after Markle's father, Thomas Markle Sr., was unable to attend her wedding to Prince Harry because of health concerns.
5:39 | 05/18/18

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through customs but I'm assured it will be here by the 8:00 hour. You can already feel the excitement. I've been waiting on you. Yesterday had a chance to walk along the long walk which you can see behind us, meet a lot of the locals, learn some terminology and on top of that I got a little carriage ride, so it made me feel special here in England. You'll share all of that with you. I'll share it with everybody. Harry and Meghan will tie the knot at St. George's chapel here on the grounds of Windsor castle. You can see it there. They will travel through Windsor in a carriage after the ceremony and so we want you to take a look at the route they will take before returning to the castle where they will have a reception. They'll come right by here. Lined by a hundred thousand or more people filling up each side of the road but we have team coverage here in Windsor. All are standing by with the final preparations before all the pomp and circumstance of tomorrow. Let's start with our Paula Faris who is at the heart and guarder hotel. We learned prince Charles will walk Meghan down the aisle. Yes, and this announcement is widely being celebrated this morning throughout Britain. What a special moment it's going to be for prince Charles, no daughters of his own to walk down the aisle and now he'll be walking down his future daughter-in-law. This morning, kensington palace announcing that Meghan Markle seen here with prince Harry leaving a dress rehearsal at Windsor castle has asked prince Charles, her future father-in-law to accompany her down the aisle. The palace saying the prince of Wales is pleased to be able to welcome Ms. Markle to the royal family in this way putting away speculation of who would walk her down the aisle. Markle's father, Thomas believed to be her first choice believed to have changed his mind following the news he was cooperating with the Paparazzi for this series of pictures and then admitted to suffering heart trouble which landed him in the hospital near his home in Mexico this week. Meghan announcing yesterday that regretfully he will not Beel to attend the wedding. So that leaves mom Doria as the only member of Markle's family who will be in St. George's chapel for the ceremony. The yoga instructor and social worker arriving in London yesterday where she was whisked from heathrow airport to Windsor castle to meet prince Charles and Camilla for tea. The first meeting between the three were described as jolly and this morning, Doria will be meeting the queen for the first time. Then she will be celebrating Meghan's last night as a single N with her at the Clifton house hotel. Meantime, prince William and Harry will be staying across at the coworth park, a five-star country house. And we've also learned that prince Philip, Harry's 96-year-old grandfather recovering from hip replacement surgery will be attending the ceremony and, robin and Michael, if you remember back in December Harry said something along the lines my familiar -- family is the family that Meghan has never had so poignant in light of everything that's transpired. Thanks for that, Paula. Joining us now is imogen Lloyd Webber, and, imogen, we just learned this morning that prince Charles will walk Meghan down the aisle and she asked him to do this herself which is a big step, I could imagine, for her but not only that, the future king of England will walk a biracial divorcee down the aisle in front of the world. How significant is that? It's symbolic. Obviously the royal family have evolved. The last prince of Wales wants to marry a divorced woman so they have moved on. He longed for a daughter, Diana talked about that and in 2015 he even admitted publicly that he wanted a second grandchild to be a girl and, of course, his wish came true so he does have that moment of walking his future daughter-in-law down the aisle. A big moment for a father. We're told they have a special relationship. This is really proof of that. It is absolutely and everyone is talking about how Meghan is a humanitarian activist, prince Charles has been for decades. The work he's done for 42 years really has been on hot button issues and sometimes got in trouble over it so I imagine they're bonding over that. Kindred spirits. This is not the first time he's walked someone down the aisle. You're right there. He actually walked Diana's goddaughter down the aisle, Alexandra in 2016 so has a bit of practice. This is a high pressure moment right now. Yeah. But this -- we're also learning that prince Philip is going to attend. Haven't seen him in a while. Great news. He did have a hip operation fairly recently. He's 96 years old. Soon to be 97. He is a very proud man. Anyone who's watched "The crown" knows this andientes to be in public unless he were nailing it especially for the queen to have her husband there. This really speaks about the royal family, the way that prince Charles accepted this invitation. I mean, to enter into this royal family as she has, she couldn't be welcomed any more than this gesture by him. Very important. Learn the lessons of the past and learned from Diana's death and had a rocky week but learning from that and stepping up and looking after her and that is so important. You know, every bride gets nervous before her big day. She has all the pressure of the N big goldfish bowl and she'll be beautiful and wonderful that prince Charles is doing this. A great way to be welcomed into the family even though we know she'll miss her father. In the spotlight and so many

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{"duration":"5:39","description":"Markle's soon-to-be father-in-law will do the honor after Markle's father, Thomas Markle Sr., was unable to attend her wedding to Prince Harry because of health concerns.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55256099","title":"Prince Charles to walk Meghan Markle down the aisle","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/prince-charles-walk-meghan-markle-aisle-55256099"}