Meet the new villain from 'Bond 25' - Rami Malek live on GMA!

Moments after the announcement that he's joined the latest installment in the 'Bond' franchise, the Oscar winner talks to George Stephanopoulos about the inspiration behind his "villainous" new role.
6:23 | 04/25/19

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Transcript for Meet the new villain from 'Bond 25' - Rami Malek live on GMA!
The big James bond announcement just moments ago, we now know the cast and director for next bond film. And we have the new villain here for his first interview. You guys ready for it? Please welcome academy award winner rami Malek. There he is. ������ Good to see you. Fitting entrance for a villain. Can't hear a word I'm saying. No. You had a real villain's entrance right there. Yes, yeah, I think slow and motivated. Congratulations. Thank you, man. Pretty exciting. It's splitting, yeah. Something I think so many generations have grew up with and grown up with. You watch it with one of your parents and then you just keep watching one right after the other. They're timeless movies. Did you ever imagine, boy, I'll be a part of that? No, a few things have happened in my life in the last couple of years where I thought I cannot imagine that these things are happening. But, yeah, I mean this is just such a perfect follow-up. I think to "Bohemian rhapsody." Going from one iconic Brit to an iconic British franchise. Did you have a favorite one growing up? Yeah, I liked -- I liked "Dr. No" quite a bit. Yes? I mean, Connery got me. "Goldfinger" is great, yes. "Man with the golden gun." Daniel Craig in "Casino royale" is my favorite one. It's a lot of people's favorites. It's a terrific film. I think Daniel has done such an astounding job with, you know, just making him -- in a way relatable. There's a lot of things none of us can do as James bond but brings this class to it but this human factor and he's kind of cynical at the same time and ruthless but you're always rooting for him. It's true. He's been terrific. It'll be very, very interesting to go up against that man. I know you can't say too much how much do you know about your character? Oh, I know quite a bit. Yeah, it's going to be -- it's going to be thrilling and it's Daniel's last film. Right. Yeah, that's pretty sad. So if -- I'll give him a run for his money. If you could describe -- I'm going to keep pushing until you say I can't answer. If you could describe the character in one word? Villainous. Any inspiration from other villains? Oh, I've liked them all. I thought Javier bardem did such a good job in "Skyfall." And Christoph waltz and, you know, all of them have -- they've just been indelible villains throughout, so it's like the whole franchise does something special. They give you a great villening. They give you an iconic song at the beginning. Those are all the things that stick with me. I've always looked forward to whoever was going to be singing that opening song and those opening credits are some of the greatest in the film history. You know they'll grab you from the start in yes, they get you. Got to be so much fun for an actor to go deep on your dark side. Yeah, maybe -- there's a limit you have to draw, right? I mean, some actors I think might go a little too far. I hope -- I have to strike a nice balance, but, you know, we've had such great villains in film history and I've just been going back and watching so many of them and trying to perhaps steal a little nugget from each one of them. That's good to be fun to It is. For me as an arc that's one of my favorite things to do is the research of it all and just come in guns blazing. We really saw that in "Bohemian rhapsody." You've had as you said quite a run this year. Incredible. Thank you all for watching. How close do you keep the Oscar? How close do I keep it? I keep it in between the bafta and the golden globe. No, I mean you don't know where to put those things, right? You don't want to be that person that's like, hey, come in and check out all these accolades I've earned but it's just astonishing. I mean, to grow up and think of being an actor, it's a difficult thing to set off to do in the first place. I think oscars are always something you dream about but you don't -- You have do it without expectation. Yeah, look, if you would have told me that the last two years, three years of my life I'd be playing Freddie Mercury and getting an Oscar for it and now being the villain in a bond movie and talking to you or someone -- Wow, this guy has it good, doesn't he? I've been really grew up watching you. I mean, my dad was very influential in getting me involved in politics and watching people he admired. He admired you so much. Kind of you to say. Your story. So to me, your version of James bond. Whoa, watch out, Daniel Craig. I'm coming for you. Thank you for coming in today. It's been a pleasure. Thank you, guys. Thank you, guys. And tune in to "Gma" tomorrow for more on the James bond film

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{"duration":"6:23","description":"Moments after the announcement that he's joined the latest installment in the 'Bond' franchise, the Oscar winner talks to George Stephanopoulos about the inspiration behind his \"villainous\" new role.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62621025","title":"Meet the new villain from 'Bond 25' - Rami Malek live on GMA!","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/rami-malek-entering-james-bond-universe-62621025"}