Reese Witherspoon says diverse crew for 'A Wrinkle in Time' infused film with love

The actress talks to "GMA" about the importance of female representation in film both on and off screen and dishes details about other upcoming TV projects.
8:21 | 03/08/18

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Transcript for Reese Witherspoon says diverse crew for 'A Wrinkle in Time' infused film with love
Thank you. A live look at the expressway, things looking better now here by the gas tank. We can see the blacktop. The crews have been working to keep the road conditions in good condition. Right now watch out for things like this. Fallen trees, and that ha been the problem all morning. Southbound here by 125, one report of a problem, also as you go here along 95 northbound by route 114, an overturned car and as you travel here along 93, still watching this accident northbound by Mont basemen avenue. That list has continued to grow. Lots of reports of downed power lines and tree limbs on the secondary and smaller roadways, and that's what caused the problems for the green line earlier. The D branch has shuttle buss from Riverside to reservoir station and that's because of tree limbs that fell onto the train tracks and that's the same problem that we have, that's impacting all of these trains this morning for the commuter rail so if you are heading out check ahead. All these lines are seeing delays, cancellation, and combined trains so lots of problems that are ongoing, another live look outside for you taking a peek here along the pike. Things aretarting to look better. And for amtrak riders keep in mind they did suspended service yesterday, they are hoping to go back up and running at 10:00. And we'll let you know if that happens between Boston and new York and also delays at the airport so call ahead and check with Logan. Antoinette. Thank you, and we are back at 8:56. You can stay on top of all the updates on the storm aftermath any time on our mobile app and representation in film. We see this in "A wrinkle in time," in front, behind the camera. It was amazing. Ava duvernay is amazing. She has a vision. You know, she really believes that, if you want to change the stories you see on screen you have to change the story tellers and that means the faces you see on screen, but it's also everyone behind the camera making the movie with the most diverse crew I have ever worked with in my life. Because making movies is hundreds of people and letting the people be a part of the process, infuses the whole film with love. And it jumps off the screen, it does. You want to see a little "A wrinkle in time"? Tell me what's expected. Mrs. Who? Mrs. Whatsit? What can I do for you, Mrs. Whatsit? Ava and Oprah talked about this, bring a child with you. Oh, my kids loved it. They all read it in school. My 18-year-old daughter, my 14-year-old son both read it in sixth grade. They had such a fun experience seeing it reimagined through ava's eyes. It was fun. Speaking of fun, y'all had a blast, you, Oprah, Mindy. We did. I was sort of the minister of fun. Self-appointed. I made sure we went to vineyards and we went on helicopters and -- Why not. Yeah, it was really fun. I dragged everyone around until we were tired. You can see that. Oprah was like, I'm not going any more places, you're wearing me out. She was a good sport. And the transformation you had to undertake. Yeah. Had to wear these amazing costumes and turn into a flying creature. It was fun. We had a lot of fun last week. There was somebody here who's actually a huge fan of yours and wanted to say hello. Take a look. Hi, Reese, you know me it's your Tennessee girlfriend, I'm sorry I'm going to miss you. Wish I could be there with you. Have fun. I love dolly. I love dolly. Yeah, I have a show that's coming on in a month and I interview dolly. Really? Yes. I'm so inspired by dolly, she's my childhood idol. You have so much going on, we're excited about big little lies and Meryl Streep. Yes. We start next week, first rehearsals with Meryl, Laura Dern, it's going to be different this year, new story lines, new characters. I love that little sparkle in your eye like, can't tell you so much. I know how you enjoy reading. You're teaming up with another name drop, Kerry Washington and you're working on a limit series? Yeah, so, this book called little fires everywhere by celest Ng, there's a mystery, there's a fire and you don't know who started it. Our children sort of like, your mother might not be the woman you're borne to. You can tell by the reaction from everyone. But wait, there's more. But wait, there's more. You and Jennifer aniston teaming up to do a morning news show. How are you guys preparing for that. Well, we're writing the script now, a fictional version -- Bless you. We play morning news anchors as media is changing. And women's roles in business are changing. We're writing the scripts now. I'm really excited. It's so fun to work with Jennifer. We did "Friends" a long time ago, I played her sister. This is our first opportunity to work together again. We're so happy for you. I mean, as they said, in front of the camera, behind the camera, and have just, you know, always somebobeen somebod we have rooted for. It's great, it came out of about five years ago I just started seeing parts were diminished. If you want something done do it yourself. So I started a production company and I sought out the women I wanted to work with and I said women want to see themselves on screen and they don't want to see this one-dimensional wife or girlfriend of a superhero. They want to see mothers and teenagers and different aspects of femininity on films, so it's been a really great time, becoming a producer and working with people I love. Hello, sunshine. The perfect name. Tell you what, I'm here for you. So if you want a little rehearsal for the show you're working with Jennifer aniston, would you like to take us -- stand and deliver the lines. ""Is in theaters tomorrow. And you know how much I love to read, so everyone here the audience is going home with a

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{"duration":"8:21","description":"The actress talks to \"GMA\" about the importance of female representation in film both on and off screen and dishes details about other upcoming TV projects.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53598543","title":"Reese Witherspoon says diverse crew for 'A Wrinkle in Time' infused film with love","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/reese-witherspoon-opens-wrinkle-time-53598543"}