Regina Hall opens up about 'Support the Girls' live on 'GMA'

The star of the new critically-acclaimed film opens up about what fans can expect.
7:21 | 08/16/18

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Transcript for Regina Hall opens up about 'Support the Girls' live on 'GMA'
We got a great treat for you guys. We have a fantastic guest who's about to come out. You know her from "Scary movie ", "Think like a man" and last year's mega hit "Girls trip." Now she's starring in a new movie called "Support the girls." Please welcome Regina hall. Have a seat. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. So tell us -- Welcome, welcome. Thank you. So every time I come here it's like sunshine in this room. Aw. All the time. Thank you. You know what, it's Thursday, throwback Thursday. Right, right. We've got a picture of you, throwback Thursday. Mm-n perform M. You look the same. I just got a wig on now. How old are you in this picture? I'm five. You know what, my mother keeps that picture in her wallet still. Sure she does. Yeah, I know. I was like, mama, you can update. That's how she always looks at me. As a 5-year-old. We're going to keep throwing it back. We're going to throw it back 18 years ago to "Scary movie". Oh gosh. One of your character, Brenda's, best moments on screen. Let's take a look back at this theatre scene. That ain't no man. Do you mind? I know you better get out of my face! Out of my face! Out of my face! Classic, man. Have you ever in real life wanted to have that Brenda moment? You know what, I've just seen people in theaters talking to the screen and I wanted them to stop but I've had -- I have had -- I mean, I don't know. But you know that was just so -- it felt so right that she would be like out of my face. You know when you're in -- you've been around -- you've been in the theatre -- Oh, yes, we have been. It's not interactive, people. No, no. That happened a lot when we watched "Girls trip." There was a lot of that going on. Yes, yes. "Girls trip 2" please. If we can find another fruit for Tiffany. You know, we had a lot of fun and we want to do it again. Everybody's trying to get their schedule together so we can bring it back, so yeah. It looks pretty amazing and pretty promising and so we're working. We're in progress, y'all. We're in progress. We hope that progress goes all the way through. Oh, and let me just say this, as an aside, thank you guys for supporting that movie so much. I mean, you know, women really showed up and men too. But you know, women were -- I mean, they were out there in groups and clusters. So thank you guys. But the work -- they supported the movie because it was a great movie. It was a great movie. People come out and "Support the girls." Oh ah. That's the next one, "Support the girls." I'll let you tell people the premise. Okay. So this story -- actually it's -- okay, so, you know, let me get the right words. It takes place in a restaurant which is how they describe it, like hooters, twin peeks. Breastaurant. That's what we've been calling it. I guess there are going to be butt-shaurants too. We're on TV, honey. Oh, right. Just nothing? It's all good. So it's -- but it's really about a sisterhood so it's interesting that they have the backdrop back like -- we're called double whammies. Double whammies is the name of our -- So many things. There's such a solidarity, such a sisterhood and it's like a family. And I spent a lot of time in them and I started loving them by the end. And you kind of play the den mother in this movie. Yeah. So in real life are you kind of like the den mother or are you one that's stirring up the trouble? I'm definitely home. I'm not stirring up the trouble. Everybody thinks I'm the wild one but I'm S -- I'm sleep. I'm like oh, my god it's dark out. If I don't get home -- I'm home by sun down. Streetlights come on -- Yeah, it's like I'm still five. Streetlights on. But no, there is trouble in the -- you know, they're young girls and life -- you know, life happens when you're young. Let's take a look at a clip. Oh, that's nice. "Support the girls," check it out. Let me say, the most important thing is that this is a mainstream place, you know, and it's a family place which means a lot of families come here. It also means that we're all family. And yeah, you're not -- you know, you're not wearing a whole lot of clothes but trust me, if these guys wanted to go to a strip club, they know where to find them. They just come here so some sweet girls can take care of them. It's like working at chili's or Appleby's except it's more fun and the tips are way better. Wait, I love robin's face right there, said it all. So sweet because you know what, your movies, yes, they're funny but there's always some heart to it. There's always a message there. Andrew wrote a great script. Like I said, that's the backdrop but the integrity amongst people who get up every day and go to work and do the best we can like we all do, there's nothing more beautiful than that. Amen, thank you for sharing that. We're happy you're here. You're sitting on the couch. This woman has a degree in journalism, everybody, if you did not realize that. A masters. A masters. She can take our job at any moment so we're going to get her out of here. It is "Support the girls." It is in theaters on August 24th. Make sure you go check out Regina hall and support her. Up next, Lara and our hot mess express. You like that hot mess express? She can interview us. I wanted to interview you guys. Let me at least get one. Let me get one, okay. All right, okay, robin, what skill did you learn when you were young that you think had the biggest impact on your future, you know, on your day right now? The greatest skill, patience, patience, to have patience. Thank you. Michael. So Michael, um, huh -- Yes? It's interesting because this is an interesting question based on -- you've got careers, several careers, but what was your favorite activity as a child? How is that different than what you ended up doing? Favorite activity as a child? Getting beat up by my brothers. So that served you well. Served me well because I'm

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{"duration":"7:21","description":"The star of the new critically-acclaimed film opens up about what fans can expect. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57214791","title":"Regina Hall opens up about 'Support the Girls' live on 'GMA' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/regina-hall-opens-support-girls-live-gma-57214791"}