Reigning Miss America accuses CEO of bullying and manipulation

Cara Lund publicly slammed pageant leadership as her reign comes to an end next.
2:58 | 08/18/18

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Transcript for Reigning Miss America accuses CEO of bullying and manipulation
Miss North Dakota, CARA Mund. There she is CARA Mund, H reign as miss amera comes to an E next month. It's been turbulent. The whole miss America system has been turbulent. She's not going quietly taking aim Ater bosses who she says have attempted to silencher. Miss North Dakota Reporter: CARA Mund thought she was getting her dream job. Now less tn a month before she gives up her crownshe says it was anything but. Accusing the newly appoint chair woman Gretchen Carlson and the CEO of bullying. The organization now in turmoil. Have so many great ideas for this organization. Reporr: Carlson took over E pageant in January overseeing sweeping changes including the elimination of the it contest. We will no longer judge our ndidates on their outward physical appearance. Mund said when Carlson arrived her reign took a turn for the worst. She wrote a letter saying I'm not comfortable any of us being controlled, manipulated, silenced or bullied. Even saying at every single eaking engagement she was quired to use these three talking points. Miss America is releva the took movement started with Gretchen Carlson. Gretchen clson went to Stanford. Overnight "Gma" reaching out to the pageant organizers to comment pointing us to a intervw with Carlson denying the allegations telling "People" magazine we have supported CARA Mund for her entire year. We will ctinue to support her. It's disappointi she chose T air her grievancpublicly and not privately. Carissa Jackson was miss ameri 2010. Shsaid she wasn't surprised by CARA's letter. I have seen Gretchen's buying pattern. To former miss Americas in our e-mail chain. If she would do it to us, I know she would do it to the person holding the crown. Reporter: Jackson signed a petition calling for the resignation of Carlson, CEO and the entire board of trustees. CARA MD said the leadership delivered an important message. There will be only one miss America at time and she is it. A new miss Arica will be crowned September 9th. So much controversy. Absolutely. I thought they put it past them. Doesn't look like's not just the former misses. Thatre PARTF this petition. It's some of the directors of the state pageants that are also in it. Gretchen Carlson reporting in the "People" magazine article there E some mischaracterizations in that letter she WRE, but a lot of things still playing out. Or don't happen.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Cara Lund publicly slammed pageant leadership as her reign comes to an end next.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57257520","title":"Reigning Miss America accuses CEO of bullying and manipulation","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/reigning-miss-america-accuses-ceo-bullying-manipulation-57257520"}