Robin Roberts chats with WNBA champions Washington Mystics

MVP Elena Delle Donne, Kristi Toliver and coach Mike Thibault talk the team’s first WNBA Finals win.
3:29 | 10/14/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Robin Roberts chats with WNBA champions Washington Mystics
dramatic fifth game to claim the title. First in franchise history. Joining us now league MVP Elena Delle Donne here and Kristi Toliver and Mike Thibault. First of all, congratulations. It was an exciting. I know you didn't want it to go five but exciting. Teammates in the front row and some of the staff members here as well. So I want to -- I want to take you back, the moment, the final buzzer goes off, you know you've won it. You started your career in Chicago, you came to Washington a couple of years ago for this very purpose to win. So what was that moment like when you knew it was differented. All my dreams came true. I dropped the ball I think a little too early and I just held her and we were hugging and crying. It's just hard to put that into words but dreams came true. They came for a lot of people. Yeah. All right. You know, Toliver is my mother's maiden name so I've always felt a little kinship with you. That warms my heart. Not new territory for you. You won a national championship playing for Maryland. Go, terps, then you won the wnba title with L.A. Now have you this title here. So what does this one mean to you? Ooh, everything, you know, we had a goal in mind when we got here late to the party and we just -- it just feels so validating to really accomplish your goal in such a short time. I've won three different championships on three different levels but the common denominator has been my teammates. They are just my best friends. I know, the way you played like that. All right, coach Mike, my goodness. You are a record setter. No coach has won more games in the wnba than this man right here. Yes. I'm old. Doesn't mean you're old. What does this mean? It's funny. I've been asked that so many times in the last week, it's meant more to watch the smiles on their faces than anything else. When you start out as a coach you think of yourself as a teacher and you just want to see your students or whatever just get better on and off the court and I got spoiled when I first started in pro basketball. I won as an assistant in L.A. And I thought, this stuff is easy. It's not easy at all. It's hard. And to watch them buy into what we were trying to do as a group and they trust each other so much, it's been -- it's just watching the smiles on their face after the game was the best part. I have to say I had the honor of being courtside for game three. I know I was there as a guest of the sung but you're opposition and she was giving me side-eyes the whole time no, no, no, but, you, I remember when you said to me thank you for showing support. That meant so much. During the game you looked over, saw me there and we want to support you. The league is going strong. It's only going to get stronger and stronger and congratulations to each and every one of you bringing home that title.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"MVP Elena Delle Donne, Kristi Toliver and coach Mike Thibault talk the team’s first WNBA Finals win.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66260413","title":"Robin Roberts chats with WNBA champions Washington Mystics","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/robin-roberts-chats-wnba-champions-washington-mystics-66260413"}