Robin Roberts and 'GMA' viewers share their binge-worthy picks

From TV shows to books, here’s a recommended list of things to watch and read while cooped up at home.
4:56 | 03/25/20

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Transcript for Robin Roberts and 'GMA' viewers share their binge-worthy picks
We know you guys might have a little extra time on your hands these days. So we have been breaking down the best TV shows, movies, books, podcasts and more so you can binge while you're home. Yep, and like so many of you, robin is working from home as well. Robin, you ready for binge this? I see you got your popcorn. Good girl. Oh. She ready. She ready. Let's go. Get your popcorn ready, robin. Here we go because we have got great options for everyone from getting the little ones up and moving to the TV shows that will have you cracking up on the I think you should binge this. That's right. Let's start with something everyone needs right now, a good laugh. Ha ha! We called in someone who knows a thing or two about that. Take a look. Hey, folks. Hank Azaria here. I have two shows that I hope will keep you laughing. 30 seasons of my show, "The simpsons," featuring Moe the bartender and three seasons of "Brockmire," which I play Jim brockmire. Takeout food, stay the heck away from people. My life is about to dramatically stay exactly the same as it's always been. Stay safe, folks. Oh, thank you so much, hank. That man is so talented. And next, just because you can't watch your favorite show in the same room as your best friend doesn't mean you guys can't watch the same though at the same time, and robin, you've got a great one to binge with your bff. Oh, I hope y'all have been watching this. "Grace & Frankie," two friends played by Jane fonda and lily Tomlin. Absolutely hysterical. They become bffs in the most unlikely way, and they could not be more polar opposites. It's kind of, like -- they could not be more opposite. It's kind of like a modern day version of "Lucy and Ethel", but have you guys seen this at all? I have. It's season six right now. You're way ahead of me. There are six seasons. We have a lot of time. Yep. A lot of laughs in that one. I have seen it as well, and the way they come together is -- you can't even describe it. You have to see it, everybody. I love that. We can binge that together later on, and next, for anyone with little ones at home, we know how important it is to keep moving. How about bringing recess indoors? The website, gonoodle has tons of kids up on their feet, busting a move, and take a look it a these guys doing the banana, banana meatball dance at home. Yes. It's all about moving and mindfulness which sounds pretty good right about now, and while you're at home -- meatball? The meatball dance. What is the meatball dance? I don't know. I was just watching it. Oh, no you don't. I know you want me to do it, but I'm going to throw it back to you. While you guys are at home, what better way to unwind than with a good book? Jennifer Weiner is sharing two great books for all of us out take a look. Book one is one of my favorites. Anne Tyler's "The accidental tourist," about two damaged middle-aged people finding love at last, and there's also a very cute dog. Book two, "The long winter" by Laura Ingles wilder. If the Ingles family can get through the blizzard of 1881 trapped in their cabin with only holy bread and potatoes to eat, we can get through this. Yes, we can. Two great books to help you there. For all you guys out there, you're looking for the sports fix. I'm calling Tony Gonzalez for an extra hand, and let's see what he's watching. I have a great recommendation for you. It's called "all-American" starring taye Diggs, and it's about his life in high school at crenshaw high school in southern California, and transferred to Beverly hills high school. You talk about two worlds colliding. It's a great show. You can enjoy it with your family. I have been enjoying it with my kids, and it's got football at the center of it. My daughter, Kate, is obsessed. She wanted me to tell you to tell everybody about it. Tony did it for us. Tony did it for us. Tony, I'll send you a razor. "All-American," it sounds like a great show for anyone who is looking for solid sports drama, and there's lots of great stuff to binge, everybody. We gave you everything we had, and before we go, listen to this. While you're at home, there's plenty of time for dance parties. That song is from robin's quarantine playlist, and we're all sharing ours. You can find them on our website, good, and tell us what you are watching and reading while you are at home.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"From TV shows to books, here’s a recommended list of things to watch and read while cooped up at home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69786456","title":"Robin Roberts and 'GMA' viewers share their binge-worthy picks","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/robin-roberts-gma-viewers-share-binge-worthy-picks-69786456"}