Sean Connery dies at age 90

The Oscar-winning actor best known for his James Bond role has died, the BBC reported.
1:12 | 10/31/20

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Transcript for Sean Connery dies at age 90
We have breaking news into or ABC newsroom Sean Connery has died the actor best known for portraying James Bond was ninety years old. It BC's Julie McFarlin joins us now from London this morning with the very latest Juliet good morning. Get moaning wet sad news this morning from the double A seven found a place Sean Connery. Has died at the age of ninety has Tommy telling the BBC he passed away peacefully. In his sleep Jason Connery said his father had many of the thumbing around him when he died adding it was a Sunday fool who knew and loved my dad. Many Connery was V definitive Dublin seven often topping polls of who was the best bond. The kind produces of the W seven franchise added tweeting we are devastated by the news of the posse of social and Connery we shall be forever grateful to him. Connery from Edinburgh Scotland he was costs as the original bond back in 1962. And in 1988 he won an Oscar for playing a tough virus caught in the untouchables. And in 2000 Connery was knighted by the queen cementing his status as a national British icon you quit him. All right Juliette thank you a lot much more on our second hour on the legacy. He leaves behind.

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{"duration":"1:12","description":"The Oscar-winning actor best known for his James Bond role has died, the BBC reported.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73944217","title":"Sean Connery dies at age 90","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/sean-connery-dies-age-90-73944217"}