Taylor Hicks discusses the highlights of last night's 'American Idol'

The former "Idol" champ opens up about the best moments from last night's episode as the competition heats up.
5:31 | 04/16/18

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Transcript for Taylor Hicks discusses the highlights of last night's 'American Idol'
growing for "American idol" Toni we'll find out who makes the top 14. We already know seven ofthem. Last night 12 other contestants went head-to-head and we'll talkto former champ Taylor hicks in men. The big moments from last night firs tonight, cstants are teaming up ford but before they share thestag a big N all about their act. ?????? the singe W W mentor. Before hng those high notes. ?????? Caleb Hutchins meeting Scotty eery and jaws dropping as gh schoolr Mara juice teendol bts Whitney houss "Run to you." from tearsf joy toe HT?????? and a few standing ovations the edges. Bringing their "A" game.??? re for America's vote. Amer take the wheel is there take the wheel, America. "American I season five winner Taylor hicks is her to talk about last night. ?????? I'm back. I love how you have a real musical introduction. Good morning, ama. Who were the standouts from last T? , Rc isne of my favorite, Maddie, allamazing, beautingbird singers. They picked wonderfulongs that showcasedir voice and now it's time to maybe getutside of the mrophone a start moving a little bit. Oh,ant to see some dance moves. I want T S some moving. I want T see some dancing. You know,e all that they can sing. We all kno that they have wonder vois and voices that Wille I recorded music at P in teut it's time to shake the B a little bit. You know what I an? All right. Well, who do Y thinks definitely going to make it to E top 14ecause as yousa they all were so good. I T know how you choose. I think all three O the ones that ike, tnk all three of them are going through. Now it's time get - you got to get someotes together. You got to put your soul -- your own soul patrol togr so to speak. You have to put your fane together. This is a very important moment where you got to get on social media and you got to the fan base together. Wow. Okay, yeah, you got to be smart tnd get your group gather. What do you think about in terms of we see everybody gro during this season. Who has improved the most. I thinka has. You ow, she's been a great -- LI, it's not easy being to go through this competition and be Youn also be smart about your choices. She has blossomed iron of our eyes. I think sheas a really strong portunity make it T the top five or six. I'm just impressed to see them do tll love at the age they at and how manerves are they dealing with that moment going live Know, interestingly enough for us it wae elementary school again. We had naptime. We had play ti know, we had rrs time and then showtimeo with all of that being said, once get into the comfortable nature O the routine of "Idol," waking up in themoing, press, the more mfortable are with the routine, better you are a your crtableness on stage. Once all T performerget into a situation where they get co then I think we're really going T S all of their ars start to shine. Anyone on S ground your opinion? Nt singer Caleb is a littit -- our lastntry singer, so he's really got to step his game up.he's G to really -- he's got a great rtunity T release a lot of records and he's our last country guy so we have to - we got to get him movingittle bit. I was supposed to ask you xt what yr advice was for the top 14, but I think it involves the dance move thing. Yant to show them? I mean feel like maybe you ld -- I think you got to shake it baby. You got to shake it. You're going to have to shake it a bit. Do Y still remember where you wereow you were ling befo you got into THA final stretch of "ICAN idol" what did you D to prepare yourself. Youow, it's a lot a that you canind mentally in your mind that will help you just to create a phones. I sayt every week. Don't have mom and unclend aunt talking to you all the timebee you're going to lose your voice. Stay offour cell phones make sure your social Medi presence is big. And if you get a hug from Katy Perry, you know whenhey hug -- when Katy comes to H say follow me on Instagram, please. Th such an important part of process. You're campaign as well as singing. You got T campaignd you got to sing. Campaign. Enjoy it too. Have some fun!

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{"id":54492611,"title":"Taylor Hicks discusses the highlights of last night's 'American Idol' ","duration":"5:31","description":"The former \"Idol\" champ opens up about the best moments from last night's episode as the competition heats up. ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/taylor-hicks-discusses-highlights-nights-american-idol-54492611","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}