Tom Brady will be the oldest quarterback to play in Super Bowl

The 41-year-old signal caller for the New England Patriots is heading to his ninth Super Bowl.
4:16 | 02/03/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tom Brady will be the oldest quarterback to play in Super Bowl
We want to transition to another big story on this super bowl Sunday. Of course, we are just hours away from the head to head between the rams and the patriots. And the patriots quarterback assembling his Brady bunch on the field ahead of the game as he makes super bowl history yet again as the oldest player to start. ABC's T.J. Holmes is in Atlanta with more. Good morning, T.J. Reporter: You know what? I really wish, Eva, people would stop talking about him being the oldest this and oldest that. Tom Brady and I are the same age. That doesn't make me feel good. That's where our list of accomplishments and things this common kind of end. There is a lot on the line, a lot of history and legacy on the line on Sunday, but you know what? It's not just the players. You also have law enforcement and halftime performers also have something on the line on Sunday. Brady. Reporter: The last time these two teams met in a super bowl, the rams were the St. Louis rams and Tom Brady was an unknown 24-year-old quarterback leading the underdog patriots to their first super bowl win. My how things have changed. 17 years and 5 super bowl rings later, Brady is a legend, and he's now taking on the youngster, rams quarterback Jared Goff who was just 7 years old when Brady won that first championship. Patriots head coach bill Belichick has been working in the NFL longer than rams head coach, Sean Mcvay has been alive. Having been in all those positions myself, special teams, offense, defense, assistant coach, play caller, head coach, you know, you have a appreciation for everybody's spot there in the roster. Reporter: At just 33, Mcvay is the youngest coach in the league, and could become the youngest to ever win a super bowl. You appreciate the magnitude of this game. It's a blessing to be here. Our players and coaches have earned right to be here. Reporter: A million people expected to visit the city in the lead-up to super bowl Sunday, though the majority of them won't be lucky enough to get a seat inside the brand-new, 71-thousand-seat Mercedes-Benz stadium, and as always, law enforcement has taken extensive security measures to protect the game and surrounding areas. They're here to watch the super bowl and watch over it. Reporter: Controversy of the halftime show is taking some of the spotlight. Maroon 5 is set to perform, can they have been criticized for their participation. Several artists turned down offers to perform at halftime, and cardi B. Told me this week she also refused to perform in support of Kaepernick, the former 49er who is without a job after taking a knee during the national anthem. Maroon 5's lead singer Adam Levine, addressed the controversy on "Entertainment tonight". Most recently, I wanted to make sure we were able to speak, once again, through the music. Back live now with T.J. Last night they handed out the league MVP award. Who won that award? Reporter: Yeah, look. You might not be sure who you are going to go with for the game, but it was a pretty easy pick in terms of who will be the MVP of the league. Patrick Mahomes. This young cat, and just as we kind of spent some time with him earlier this week, quarterback for the chiefs just had a breakout year. Won that MVP award. Picked up 41 votes. Drew Brees got the over 9. He had a breakout year as a starter and his first year as a starter, he did something that only one other quarterback in history has done, which was throw for 5,000 yards and also 50 touchdowns. The only other player to do that was a man by the name of Peyton manning. That's how special of a year he had. For somebody who is older and wiser, do you agree the patriots are likely to win today? Reporter: Look. I don't know how you can go against Brady and Belichick ever, ever, ever, but the rams fans, they have the best player on the field though, Aaron Donald, their defensive lineman. They have the best player, so if he can have an impact on the game, they have a chance, but Belichick and Brady? How you go against those guys? And Gronk? Can't argue with that. By the way, Dan Harris, note the sports analysis from T.J. There. We'll take our guidance from you next time, T.J., instead of Dan Harris in the future. Thank you. Fair enough.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"The 41-year-old signal caller for the New England Patriots is heading to his ninth Super Bowl.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60813188","title":"Tom Brady will be the oldest quarterback to play in Super Bowl","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/tom-brady-oldest-quarterback-play-super-bowl-60813188"}