Tomi Adeyemi opens up about her blockbuster book series live on 'GMA'

The 24-year-old writer discusses her breakout fantasy trilogy series, "Children of Blood and Bone."
4:49 | 03/07/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tomi Adeyemi opens up about her blockbuster book series live on 'GMA'
I am here with told me that he had me if you don't know her name yet you well she define what the biggest book field ever ever. For a young adult author her benefit trilogy and the first book of the series children of blood and bone just. Came how things about the peace. Actually make you posted when you got your first yeah look it even Steven king he reached out to you absolutely need like I was when I saw that I was so excited that like my body started over reacting and I like an hour later I was feeling sake get out like a good idea but I think that unarmed and a again on homers on I was colleagues like how like this there are real I think it's sick right now fire really had to like okay. OK Stephen King knows your name Stephen King once decried again. All of yeah people about this because you really celebrates your your heritage and it's taken place of the fictional world yes so the book is called children of blood and bone and it's basically black panther but with magic. It's he asked if the kind of your every I'll come. Latest so it that follows a girl. Lindsay Lee and she's in this fight to bring magic back to her people and the world is like an analog West African society in the space stopped by Nigerian Harry Toews so. In other cities are all named after Nigerian cities are gonna see them with LA is in you know this he Keyes and other writings giant lions the in the jungle like it's this really big. Epic adventure but I think for all the reasons people of black camp there there really responding to this because. We we have like Lord of the Rings we have Harry Potter we have these stories that we Love Boat. Usually in the same setting so this time we're gonna get to see. Like the same adventures that we love but in a completely different setting with completely new magic in characters in. On yes I'm I'm excited it's fun having something in your head for so long and then. Having kind of a world like yeah. I got a city have the first time someone said my character's name out loud I was like who told you about that and I couldn't. Crazy by Matt outside you were told no after no laughter no win you know. But you can't go with you out with my first book when it's you know rightfully shouldn't have come out like I didn't get to publishers like I couldn't. Even get an agent without whining even with this but some people still told me now. But a lot of really great people say yeah yeah and it's like yeah now we are. On Good Morning America yeah. Okay. They're okay she's 587 figure deal. The book and also are worried it could be made into a series making it in the franchise of movie. Your brother who really did you Toby he did what was it about your. Sister that you knew I think it was that like she never lost that magic that I think there were all born with. But as we hear older we intensive Lou's dad imagination that. That things that we can just think like anything's possible anything can happen. But do the world is so real in the guess who has that we start to lose it but she never lost this he's always had it in at the right through dinner and I'm so proud of her for bringing it to the world so. Her mom a dad his beaming with pride. Read her book by the dozen times. 1616. Sixteen times in Fairmont just what do you from your emotions I'm so it's just so excited for my baby Toms been a long journey town went through some struggles we've everything going on in the wallet and she's sad. I'm gonna do something about it I'm going to write a book Danks going teaching the walls and I am so excited. For what she's about him back. So that everything that you thought this moment would would be aids. All of it has been beyond my wildest imagination like there was times I was like okay if you work really hard maybe in ten years. Something like this could happen and thumb in the navy F very inside years maybe a movie night I knew it was a little bit possible but I never thought it would be like this and her. Even like the book came out yesterday and on Twitter this morning give. Are alike. And you don't what you read 540 but he doesn't that school that. I'll let what do you do I like adding even get that that spends so it's. It's been in this really wild ride but it's at its and I still haven't really processed albeit some kind of this like they'll Howard hour it's probably gonna hate you don't want to be sobbing in the street but at least not on yeah. Enjoy enjoy this wonderful moment the journey and we can not wait to see what continues to come your way be visiting until this missionary.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"The 24-year-old writer discusses her breakout fantasy trilogy series, \"Children of Blood and Bone.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53569985","title":"Tomi Adeyemi opens up about her blockbuster book series live on 'GMA' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/tomi-adeyemi-opens-blockbuster-book-series-live-gma-53569985"}