Woody Allen's wife breaks her silence in explosive interview

Soon-Yi Previn told New York Magazine that Mia Farrow, her adoptive mother, has "taken advantage of the #MeToo movement."
4:24 | 09/17/18

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Transcript for Woody Allen's wife breaks her silence in explosive interview
Back now W that interview from soon-yi preving H and adoe mother Mia farrow.ula, some blistering revelations .ring is under she claims Mia her with a hair brush, slappeder across face and lled her stupid. When askedhe hadthing warm toay about said she cannot comepit a single positivco as the relatnship that quicklyame tabloid fodder, even, the then-21-year-oldtef actrs Mia farr,aught in a woody alle they married in . Shhas early stayed out of the limeligh but 2 later she isakinger silence in a new Yorke interview, defending her husba whised of molesting rrow's then-year-old daught, dyla back in 1992. It I somethi he has repeatedlyenied andow previn is taking aim at her adoptive moer.ned to woodyupsetting, so unjust. Mia has of me too movaraded LAN as a victim. A I pla with the toy, I sexually assaulted. He has bn lying for so long. Reporter: Dylan farrow F ba overnight telling ABC news, woody allested M WHE 7 years old,documented pattern of inapriate above touch that led a judge to T was no evideat I was hed and that it was unsafe me tbenallen's no one Ising me arod a victim. Ebe an adult woman king Credi unchan F decades, backed up byevidence. There wo investigations into Dylan's clashat were launchedin Allen, iningne by the New York state deptm of Socia services. The investigators conclin though that no credibledence was abetreated.evin also aim that her op mother, Mia, who arred in movies like "Rosemarysically and emoonally abused saying it's really hard to ag iy can't come upit pleast Mory. Soon-yi put down minimized, made F , a Mia threatened to take her ton insane asylum Repter: The author of T cle is Daphne merkins. She felt that R to tell herstory, that she was the rs who hadn't en in a Rorter: Farrow anden ared the B screen in his film annah and her sist" then toget for 12 years in , discovered nud photos of a then-21-year-old soon-yi in his ho And the one thing that be guiltyf is falling in love. Reporter: Farrow says she Allen were still a couple at the time, but previn said she believed the pair was er she said they were L two et attracted to each other. She said M was never K to me, never civil, butllen she sa, she felt valued. Now we reached out farrow. E is not commenting however sen of her nine livg il say they, quote, by our m.none of us witnessednything othe than compassionate treatment in our home, andylan firing back atrk"ing the article included falsehoods, the idea oa friend of an alleged predator wri an artle that is one-sided is, quote Ng. Soon-yd woody aln have been mariedyears. She S ready bre her silence, and wow, did she ever. Stunning . Hank you, Paula. Up, we have mis accomplish, this

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"Soon-Yi Previn told New York Magazine that Mia Farrow, her adoptive mother, has \"taken advantage of the #MeToo movement.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57874664","title":"Woody Allen's wife breaks her silence in explosive interview ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/woody-allens-wife-breaks-silence-explosive-interview-57874664"}