Adulting lessons to teach your kids while schools are closed

As millions of kids are out of school, here are ways to incorporate some life lessons about finances, email and more.
3:51 | 03/19/20

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Transcript for Adulting lessons to teach your kids while schools are closed
Millions of kids are now out of school learning from home. So all week long we're showing you different ways to make homeschooling a success. This morning, Becky Worley has a different kind of class for kids, adulting 101. She's joining us from San Francisco this morning. Good morning, Becky. Reporter: Good morning, Michael. Life is normally so busy, so what if the sudden shift provides a chance to teach kids adulting and simultaneously get stuff done around the house? Get it. Get it. Reporter: Soccer games, homework, the commute. Who has time to teach kids life skills? Wait, school's closed for three to four weeks? I guess I have time. The author of "How to raise an adult" says seize the moment. I was at Stanford university from 2002 to 2012, and over the course of those years, I saw more and more students relying on their parents to handle the day-to-day management of life. Reporter: The first idea, remember snail mail? Have you ever done this? No. I'm horrible at this. Well, you have to learn sometime. Show me what you got. Wow. This is never getting delivered. Reporter: Of course, kids of all ages can cook. I'm asking my 12-year-old to cook a meal every few days. What are the things you have been trying to make time to do? Reporter: How about those photos you have been meaning to digitize? Hit scan. Save it as a jpeg. That's photo format. I look the same, right? Not really. Reporter: For kids who have an email account, teach them to unsubscribe to spam email. You know what spam is, right? Yeah. It's emails you don't want to get. Okay. Let's get rid of tell. Scroll down to the bottom on almost all of these emails, you'll see a button that says unsubscribe. I do this, like, once a month. I'll go back and find the next one. Ecould be here all day. How did you sign up for this much stuff? I don't even know. Reporter: Or having them plan a theoretical vacation. Where would you go? Fiji? I love that you picked Fiji. Reporter: And real world stuff. Okay. So the oil is what do you think? Low. Unfortunately, I don't have a funnel. So I'm going to temp you some macgyver skills. Who's macgyver? Okay. You're doing it. Good, good, good. Don't lick it. I was smelling it. Reporter: Adulting their way through school closures one project at a time. More than ever, our kids need to learn to fend for themselves, to become their own macgyvers. Remember this life skill for when you want to teach them. They're going to watch you do it. Then you do it together. Then the tables turn. They do it, and you watch. Michael and Lara, you got teens and kids. These adulting skills are key. They need to know them, and we've got time. Let's teach them. I think I just learned three things from watching you I didn't know before. I remember my dad teaching me how to check the oil. I remember that back in the day. I had a probe. What did you have? A Ford. You two were rolling. I can't get over how the kids have grown. What happened? You know, I remember announcing that I was protect on "Gma" 12 years ago. Right. You've seen them go from in this big belly to who they are now. So thanks for being on the ride Now deleting spam. Great ideas, Becky. I am all over it. Beautiful, beautiful. Great, great stuff. Thank you, Becky. Now over to ginger.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"As millions of kids are out of school, here are ways to incorporate some life lessons about finances, email and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69681292","title":"Adulting lessons to teach your kids while schools are closed","url":"/GMA/Family/video/adulting-lessons-teach-kids-schools-closed-69681292"}