Back to school like a boss

Genevieve Shaw Brown sharing tips how to document the first day of school in unique ways
2:18 | 08/12/18

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Transcript for Back to school like a boss
All right, in today's weekend download, we're GE you backo like a Bo. All long we'vbeen giving T ideas from Mone saving ti, joining us with advice on how to traved life-sle editor D author of happiest mommy yoow," geshaw brown. Genevieve, good toee you. Tnkyou, rob. First day back to school a some are pphow do we aoing that right? You want to document those precious moments and obgatory bacto school photo,yo to do that. But I also Thi idea of a t-sh you simak one t-shirt they've grown. At high school gradu a harder timngrom their chil--at's me poem THA se to que the tear. You N find that poem"good morning America." Buy a t-shirt that's enoughhem to grow Exactly. Those that ard enough twrd you havehe writabout thisxperience, nalize it?ght, and eve if old enough to Wright, you can with the interer and th be the interviewee. Things like favo favoriteoods. That's afeiment to back to sool photo. You're at the school bus and kids aheot and parents are E too. It can be S. What do you advise? T so if you want T break the ic break I over iced coffee. Bring bagels, me a back to ol brunch at stop. Th's a good way to start the year off rht. And meet hetoo. And meet other parents too. Very itant. Expand Yo social cile when the kids get home from schoolnd they'us extracurricular activities, withhomework, 'S still iortant pend time the family it is Ando set for the year and talk about whour child nts to accomplish. Adse vision boards. They can be used for kids too. Put motivaalhem. It's great way spend ti tother. We have all idmore that sounds so, vision boards, but it works. And it't of fun to te. Anything you can create with your kids is time well spent. Anutese you do it, right? Hat's true. Nicwoeve. Thanks so much for T Coming up ne"pop news.

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"Genevieve Shaw Brown sharing tips how to document the first day of school in unique ways","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57144169","title":"Back to school like a boss","url":"/GMA/Family/video/back-school-boss-57144169"}