Getting kids outside to have fun

Mom.Me editor Erika Souter explains why fresh air play is important for kids.
1:35 | 10/27/18

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Transcript for Getting kids outside to have fun
In today a "Weekend download," getting your kids to play outside. A rent survey found that American kids spent 35% less time playing outside freely than their parents did. I recently sat down with parenting expert Ericka souter to talk about it. Thank you so much for being here helping out all the parents. You know, I think fondly of my childhood and some of my favorite memories were playing outside, but I worry that my own kids aren't getting enough of that same experience. What do you recommend? Our kids aren't getting enough outside time. First thing we need to do as parents is relax. We are overscheduling our children. I've been guilty of that. Robotics class, extra language class, chess class. All those things are great but there needs to be a balance between those rigid structured activities and free time and we need to think back and let kids be kids. So if we take a step back then the question is what specific actives should we focus on? Good old-fashioned outdoor time. Shooting the hoops in the backyard, kicking around the soccer ball. You have a child that's into art. Get some sidewalk chalk and go crazy and I also like to look at how I grew up. What I was like as a child. I built forts in the backyard with sticks and boxes and I climbed trees. All those are still great for kids. What if your kid says, I don't want to do it? They're resistant. It's hard to just get them out the door. Yeah, our readers complain about that all the time and we're always telling them, you're the boss. You're the boss. Make your kids get outside. They'll have fun and they'll buy into the idea. All good tips and have some good weather before the cold comes with the winter. Ericka souter, thank you very much. Back here with "Pop news."

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{"duration":"1:35","description":"Mom.Me editor Erika Souter explains why fresh air play is important for kids.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58790171","title":"Getting kids outside to have fun","url":"/GMA/Family/video/kids-fun-58790171"}