Kids take over 'GMA' for Take Your Child to Work Day

"GMA's" kids show off their amazing art project and delivered a special report for Take Your Child to Work Day.
4:12 | 04/25/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kids take over 'GMA' for Take Your Child to Work Day
you by -- wait a minute. I'm hearing something from the control room. They tell me there's breaking news. Breaking news. Slime quad report. There are new revelations coming in now about the nature of slime and here to tell us more on the new and gooey headlines is the "Gma" slide squad led by chief slimer my daughter Madelynn and parker. What can you tell us? It's just slimy. Accurate information. Is it sticky or slimy. It's just slimy. I like slime and, parker, what can you add? I like it. I like slimy stuff. You all like slimy stuff? Guess what, you all get to take your slime home. Does that sound good? Thank you, Madelynn. Thank you, parker, thank you, the entire "Gma" slime squad for being part of our take your kids to work day. I will a keep the slime here. Our tiny talent was put to work. Let's see the masterpiece. Wow! Great job, guys. Excellent work from them. Thank you, guys. We have investigaive reporting behind the scenes at "Gma" from our kid correspondents and have Vincent, the son of Sal from the prop department. He has the latest. Hey, Vincent. Thank you, George. I'm here in the props department with Billy. What are you guys working on. We're working with "Deals & steals." Put all the items on top. It's very good show to do. It's fun. It's fun to set it up go that's really cool. Over to you, Rebecca and Julianna. We're so excited to be here with the one and only George Stephanopoulos. George, how often do people spell your last name incorrectly? It even happens here at ABC, I have to say. I've had to correct the chyrons at the bottom of the screen way too many times. Let's set the record trade. Spell your name. S-t-e-p-h-a-n-o-p-o-u-l-o-s. Thanks, George. I'm Liam, the son of one of the producers for "Gma." This is Tom Kelly who tells the audience what to expect. Tom. Our job is to get the crowd excited. Do what I taught you how to do. Give me thunder. Good job. And back to you guys. We're looking forward to you sitting here one day. We're not done. We have a kit correspondent live from Nashville. He's covering the NFL draft with Jesse palmer. Jesse, what's the latest down there? What is he going to do? What is he going to do? Camdyn, what's it been like since you've been here. Pretty amazing so far. In a few hours it's going to be packed. Packed full of fans. I know you're a huge Seahawks who do you hope they draft. They signed a 140 million extension for the quarterback, Russell Wilson so we need an offensive line to protect him and also switch sides on defense, we need a defensive lineman because they traded away one of their best players on defense. Okay. So it sounds like the Seahawks need a lot of help. I promised you guys cam is not playing arou. He's a pro, done his homework and is excited for tonight. On it. Thanks very much. How about a round of applause

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"\"GMA's\" kids show off their amazing art project and delivered a special report for Take Your Child to Work Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62620986","title":"Kids take over 'GMA' for Take Your Child to Work Day","url":"/GMA/Family/video/kids-gma-child-work-day-62620986"}