Tim Tebow sheds light on homeschooling, says it's 'good' to be 'different'

The football star opens up about his experience as a homeschooler, and ESPN's Jessica Mendoza reports on the new face of homeschooling.
4:42 | 03/15/18

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Transcript for Tim Tebow sheds light on homeschooling, says it's 'good' to be 'different'
We thank you, "Actor -- arc textural digest J.T. Ifle homeschooling is soaring in popularity and Jessica Mendoza is here with more and my daughters were homeschooled for a few years and I know you started homeschooling your kids. It's a subject super close to my heart. I started. Aring. So many ways we can now educate our kids and the curiosity has never been higher and as I start talking to more family, more people, I enlisted a good friend, Tim Tebow. With two national college championship wins and Heisman trophy to his name Tim Tebow became a household name playing three seasons in the NFL. His trademark tebowing pose becoming I phenomenon. Now professional baseball player, Tebow is not only known for his moves on the field but also for his charity work off the field with his foundation. The 30-year-old Florida native crediting much of his success to his strong faith and being homeschooled. Why did your parents decide to homeschool. They wanted us to learn reading, writing and arithmetic but it wasn't number one. It wasn't the most important thing. They wanted us to learn a work ethic, a dedication. Walk me through a day of homeschooling. Oh, goodness. Well, we also grew up on a farm so waking up and doing chores and then having a bible study then we'd break up into our individual studies. The whole process was always something that I knew had a great purpose. Reporter: Tebow believing in the benefits so much, he awe are thoughed this interactive homeschooling guide called "Know who you are, live like it matters." What was the hardest thing you had to go through. When you go to practice and, oh, you're homeschooled and that means you're probably weird or stuff like that and honestly it never really affected me. But I know it affected a lot of homeschooled friends of mine and some of my siblings. You can be the cool kid. Age you can break the trends and show that, yeah, you're different but in a good way. Reporter: Tebow credits his parents as pioneers in the homeschooling movement and over the last 20 years, the method has grown in popularity from 1999 to 2012, the percentage of homeschooleds students has doubled and as of 2016, there are about 1.7 million homeschooled students in the United States. Almost all of it was value based for religious reasons. People are now actually homeschooling for the academic reasons. Reporter: Single mom darcell white says it was a deeply personal choice to homeschool her three kids near Dayton, Ohio. They're more engaged in what they're doing and can go at their own pace. Reporter: The whites take part in a learning co-op where other homeschoolers meet up and attend classes or go on field trips. How do I make him stay? One week they work on science, the next they do a craft and that way they get to spend times with their friends. Reporter: She largely lets their kids lead their own lessons, an approach called unschooling. We are many interest-based learners. Reporter: She says it's not without its challenges. It's gotten harder as they get older to meet each child's individual needs. It requires more of my time being the facilitator and researching. But darcell says it has helped her kids grow. It's been a great experience for the whole family. You know, something I never knew about Tim Tebow before reading hit book on homeschooling was the fact he was dyslexic and not only did that help him better academically but athletically he had special flash cards used on the football field that helped him with his dyslexia to retain information as a quarterback on the field which is crazy. Yeah, I had no idea about it and had no idea his mother was such a pioneer in the homeschooling process and I enjoyed it because of the flexibility of the homeschooling as well and each kid is very different but for you why did you decide to go into homeschooling. First of all it's one of the hardest things I've ever had to do and you know this. I hybrid homeschool. There's all these different variations. I travel so much for "Sunday night baseball" and on the road and the hybrid they're home with me for two days and go to school three days. I get my time at home and you know how difficult it can be and the challenges we face. Point is it's not a cookie cutter system anymore. We're educating our kids in a variety of different ways. A lot of things you thought you knew you find out you didn't know. Right, right. You learn something at the end of the day. I'm excited because you'll be back. Tomorrow. We'll have more from Jessica about homeschooling and her journey on our website as well

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"The football star opens up about his experience as a homeschooler, and ESPN's Jessica Mendoza reports on the new face of homeschooling.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53760678","title":"Tim Tebow sheds light on homeschooling, says it's 'good' to be 'different'","url":"/GMA/Family/video/tim-tebow-sheds-light-homeschooling-good-53760678"}