Wedding traditions: 'OK' or 'So yesterday?'

Plus, a debate emerges online over whether exclamation points are okay to use in work-related emails.
9:33 | 05/16/18

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Transcript for Wedding traditions: 'OK' or 'So yesterday?'
I'm going to start us off with the royal wedding just three days away. George's countdown clock is going. Put it up. We're hearing a lot about tradition. And as we all know Harry and Meghan are breaking some of those. So which ones are still okay and which ones are still so yesterday? That's what we're calling this thing. So we want to know what you think. Everyone in our audience, you guys have clickers in front of you right there. I'm going to -- what I'm going to do, I'm going to name a wedding tradition. I want you to vote if it's okay or if it's so yesterday. So yesterday. So we'll -- we'll start off with the garter toss. Okay or so yesterday? Okay. Well, this is not a verbal tag. It is that thing in front of you and what does everyone say about the garter toss? Yeah. It's okay. No harm. I agree with you, no harm. Only 37% tossed the garter last year down from 41% in 2016. So it's kind of -- Someone is keeping stats on that? I can -- I can tell you -- you know, they keep stats on everything. Wow. The second one, second tradition is the bouquet toss. Okay or so yesterday? I love that. You love seeing everybody fighting and elbowing each other to catch a -- No, not that part of it. Is it okay or so yesterday? What do we have? What are you voting more? Come on okay. Yes. Okay. Yes. Why not, right? 49% did it last year as opposed to 53%. Do you know why it was started? Back in the ancient days they would rip a piece of the woman's bridal dress to obtain good luck so she threw the garter so they would chase that and she could run away. Wow. Yeah. Wow. We're just full of knowledge here. All right. We're full of it, all right. Here we go, the last one, matching bridesmaids dresses. Matching bridesmaids dresses, is that okay or so yesterday? I don't know about that one. So yesterday. What do you think? Individuality. You've been married for 42 years -- they said okay. A little closer this one. Kind of up to the bride. It's kind of up to the bride but the tradition behind that was ancient Rome when everyone in the bridal party dressed like the bride, it confused the evil spirits, okay, who might whisk the bride -- You're a font of knowledge. I'm just -- I know. Just delivering. Serving. This is perfect timing for the royal wedding. Yeah. And everything else so there we go. We appreciate you participating and helping and all that. Yes. Couldn't have done it without you. This next debatable topic cops to us from nyc public radio called and tweeted, do you think exclamation points are acceptable to use in work-related e-mailses? In work-related e-mails, is that okay? So use your clicker. Let us know, yay or nay. Can you use the exclamation point? Yea. Okay. It does communicate a lot. It does. I don't have stats here but it says I'm going to go out on a limb saying more women voted yes because it says that more women are likely to use the exclamation point than men. I use it. I use it all the time too. I use it all the time. It gives a sense of urgency to what I said. And excitement. And excitement, yes, hooray. One other work-related e-mail we want to ask about. Audience, writing in all cap, all cap, all caps, all caps S. That okay? Okay or no way? Okay or no way. Only if you're prepared to get a stop yelling at me. Kid does So I'm going -- yeah. No way. Yeah. We have a very astute audience. We have a great guest to bring to the table right now. She is starring in "Deadpool 2." Emmy nominated actress, Morena baccarin. Please welcome her. Hello. How are you are thank you. Thank you. Hi. What's going on? Thank you. Sorry. Wo I get to be in the middle. Right in the middle. Smack dab in the middle of the action. Wonderful to have you back. We had the whole cast here and everyone is excited about the movie. We hear you're ready to jump into our royal wedding coverage. Fascinating. Yeah, I brought something with me for you guys. Let's see what you got. I thought it was time to celebrate. Yeah. Wow. Why, thank you. Look at this. I'm not bossy, I'm the boss. Okay. That's right. Have you caught the mania. You know, I don't know why but everybody is just really obsessed including me. I feel like it's fascinating. So will be you watching on Saturday? I think I will. I mean I have babies so we'll see, but if not I'll watch the highlights so I'm excited to see what she's going to wear. I'm a girl. I just got married a year ago so it's really fresh. Everybody will be watching "Deadpool 2." Yeah. Yes. Yes, indeed. So at the premiere last night, what was it like the first time you got to see the film. I saw it for the first time in a fox screening room completely by myself so not that exciting. I loved the movie but then seeing it at the premiere with an entire audience of people screaming and going crazy was so much fun and really made me excited about Friday. I think people will love it. They will love it. I foe we did. It is a fun movie to watch. It is. It is. The underwater scene, I understand you were a little -- It actually did not end up in the movie which I'm R annoyed by but I have a huge phobia of being underwater. I swim for exercise but scuba die something not my thing and I had to do some scuba training because we sunk basically in an apartment 20 feet underwater and I had to -- it was this dream sequence thing that ended up not working but I had to be strapped into a chair under water. Strapped in for real. Yes. Underwater. With weights on me so I wouldn't float up and ago a scene out with no goggles or anything O and I -- Were you supposed to be terrified? No. And I think that's why it didn't work. Because my face was like -- That's when you call in the cgi guy and say make it look like I'm underwater. Special effects and Ryan, by the way, was like calm. He's like -- you take the breath -- what's it called? Breathalyzer. No, it's not a breathalyzer. As you can see, nobody here is a scuba diver. Regulator. Okay. I don't know why I said breathalyzer. Touch your nose. You know, you take it out and start doing the scene and Ryan would get his out, wait, okay, okay, I'd give my to the diver for when I need air and he's just waiting for me and we do the scene and I'm like, that's a sign for giving it back and put it back in my mouth and still standing there, doesn't need his, totally calm, fine. Swims up to the surface. I'm like -- You know. He could do anything, that guy. You guys surprised everyone with the first "Deadpool." Was the experience very different second time around? I think there was more pressure all around to do just keep up the -- what we broke out with. I think they did a really good job with that on this one. For me it was great. I mean I don't have any of the pressure of writing it or producing it or any of that and I think these guys really upped it. They did. I watched it with a group and there's laughter and excitement. Everything. It' -- there's something in this movie -- The story. There's a steer there and there's an emotional connection I think the audience will really feel in this film particularly that makes you earn all that comedy and all the action. Well said. Well said. So true. You mentioned earlier about your kids, being a mother. We want to wish you a belated mother's day. Happy mother's day in thank you. I'm curious. With Julius and Frances, did they do anything special for you on mother's day? I was tired and just got back from a huge press tour and at like 6:30 morning they all came into the room, the three of them. Happy mother's day and I was like -- literally went like, ah. Dad is like that's the reaction we were hoping for but it was nice. They drew me pictures and got flowers and we all went to brunch. It was really nice. So sweet? We're happy you came back to talk to us again in such a short period of time. I know. I feel like I live there. Come back any time you want. Sure. And the movie, "Deadpool 2," it is in theaters on Friday. Do yourself a favor and go check that out. No breathalyzer required. All right, coming up we're

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