Celebrity chefs to serve up tasty food at the US Open

A look at the wide variety of gourmet food items that chefs hope will score with fans.
2:59 | 08/25/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Celebrity chefs to serve up tasty food at the US Open
Amazing tennis is coming O U.S. Open kicks off on Monday. And if you don't care about tennis, care about the food. Adrienne is here covering th . Oh, we want to have our cake and N. All right. S talk about it. Live the U.S. Open feature W WHEs abeard nners and top schefsm famed nts includg America's cut. A preview of Harlem bas trend Italian from cafe spiaggia. So many, so let's eat. ?????? the U.S. Open, the biggest tennis venue in the wo grand slam for fans. You got supersathletes a best food may celebrit chefs including David Burke. , David, when I think of you, I think either you're a founding father of culinary genius in America or youth godfather, so which title would you prefer? Hey, K. Odfather. L take either on Rorter: He's been S up his culinary creations fo the pa ten yearsthe open D going fastasual this year with items like the shrimp po boy. A nod to New Orleans. Reporter: Marc Forgione taking over the steak house concept for the first time. Ris iconic New York traonto his elevated menu. UT the pastrami and rye while you eat that. You G a little mustard in there. Thereustard. O strami spice and smoke the steak. Ter: Serving food like this at the open working at the most popular spot tn. To do thous of people a is whole different ball game. Reporter: Iron chef and restauraur -- restauranteur masaharu Morimoto delivers world clasth year. Especially ew York, U.S. Open tennis here in New York, big ev Reporter: And newcomer J. Johnson would attend the U.S. Owith his fly. I always said to, I wonder what it would be like to have my open. It is truly a Mo F Reporter: He's delivering a tell tern en. And now I'mng to eat T food, bye. You got Vari the U.S. Open has everything from tacos to burger, Vietnamese, fresh squeezed lemode and popcorn. Koarbecue bowls, and fi it off with iceam and that's just some of it. It's also the open's 50th anniversary ou can rai glass and fill your belly while celebrating the best in te. Are you hungry yet? I want to start -- Starving. He does meatless stuff? Yeah,s a lot of ric That's awes He has a lot of rice dishes, rice bowls. That was a rbao burger a lot going on. Did you taste thing. Eva, you know I You look like you liked it alhat are you talking about? Everything is so good. Whaustrating about she eats but you can't tell. I have a lot of men. I have the metabolism of a Thankadrienne. Looking forward to that for sure.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"A look at the wide variety of gourmet food items that chefs hope will score with fans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57398066","title":"Celebrity chefs to serve up tasty food at the US Open","url":"/GMA/Food/video/celebrity-chefs-serve-tasty-food-us-open-57398066"}