Chef Daniel Lambert shows ‘GMA’ how to make award-worthy Oscars snacks

While many couldn’t go to the movies this past year, Lambert’s recipes will bring your favorite movie theater snacks to your home.
3:35 | 04/23/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chef Daniel Lambert shows ‘GMA’ how to make award-worthy Oscars snacks
Learn more at or call 212-covid19. Our road to the oscars and chef Daniel lambert showing us how to make snacks for the big night. Thanks for joining us. I like how you're bringing the movie theater home to everybody. Hey, how are you? Yeah, I mean I'm really missing the movies at the moment. You can totally bring the movie theater to your own home. We love it. We all miss going to the movie theater so the very first thing you're going to make combines two movie theater favorites which is popcorn and soda. Yeah, look, I know it sounds different but it is absolutely amazing. So what I've done is combined popcorn and cola and popcorn chicken on a Coca-Cola barbecue sauce and show you how to make it. Really simple slice up some chicken, first of all, soak it in buttermilk. Okay. So once your chicken is soaking, I have a reduction with ketchup so I'll show you how to make a quick barbecue sauce and mix in sweet chilly sauce, as well. We'll go with some smoked paprika. Cayenne pepper and a wee bit of salt. Secret ingredient. Some worcestershire sauce. This is a really good ingredient for any sort of sauce you want to make so give that a quick whisk and there you go. Homemade barbecue sauce. So what you want to do is save that for when your chicken is cooked. We'll reduce that in the pan, all right. So once everything is put together, we go ahead with our flour so in the flour mix we have smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, some garlic salt, onion powdery black pepper so that is our coating for the chicken. The chicken goes in the oven or pan fry it and once it gets nice and crispy left with this amazing dish. I tell you what, we got caught eating that when we came on to talk to you because it is so good. We couldn't stop. Also, no trick to the movies is complete without candy. You have to have candy. You have a recipe that includes everyone's favorite sweets. What is that recipe? So like when I go to the movies I just want all candy bars. I can't decide what to get so came up with a recipe to put everything into the same candy. I've made a candy brittle. So I got all my favorite snacks on here. Sometimes I put skittles on here as well but everybody to their own so this is really simple. Three ingredients, sugar, water and corn syrup, okay. Bring it to 325. Once it turns a goldeny brown add in butter, vanilla extract and bacon powder. Baking powder gives it that texture to get that brittleness and pour it on to your baking tray, okay, I oiled mine up. Use tin foil. Whichever you prefer really and then let it cool down for a minute and add your favorite How do you keep the candy from sinking into the brittle? Yeah, good question. So chef's tip there, I would say, put a teaspoon in the freezer, okay, before you start to prep the dish and then if the teaspoon sticks to the brittle it's not ready for the candy but if it doesn't stick and comes out clean, a brilliant dish for the family to make. Good advice. Great recipes. Point your camera at the Q code at the bottom of the Hi, I'm Dr. Dave Chokshi, the City's doctor. We are at a crucial point in the covid-19 pandemic.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"While many couldn’t go to the movies this past year, Lambert’s recipes will bring your favorite movie theater snacks to your home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77263335","title":" Chef Daniel Lambert shows ‘GMA’ how to make award-worthy Oscars snacks","url":"/GMA/Food/video/chef-daniel-lambert-shows-gma-make-award-worthy-77263335"}