Chef Jamie Oliver prepares his 20-minute, easy crispy garlicky chicken

Jamie Oliver breaks down his recipe for this easy, tasty meal.
2:49 | 01/10/19

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Transcript for Chef Jamie Oliver prepares his 20-minute, easy crispy garlicky chicken
I guys well. Fish. We can beat Chris goat chicken with a group and then this is a recipe for my friend. Which it is. It's really simple anyone they. Let me show you the ingredients we've got some brown break then god beautiful kick him and arugula. Amid tight leave some plastic wrap or some priests recite. So we're gonna act that you cannot back. Season at this stage if we wanted. With a little salt and pepper just covering it Florida and pick up anything heavy in flat. Oh or Olympic. I get your question. Now the hopefully we'll do things it would tender. Issues. Wooden hoops slate including. Latent. And that almost would make it. Quit. And if this recipe. I want you to think crisis and now to my my break rooms along comic garlic bread by gunning down. So when he's just walked just one clove of garlic. It would just what the but god it's gonna get punished and cop into the bread crumbs those that iced the incredible another woman a date. He's just get these bread crumbs. Hands frequently from the top. And then you can feel that should you know. I just do in the paper that his company you walked off covering. That you can say that how people let's pounded the right I'm in particular want. Now in the Kelly we've just a little olive oil. What a chicken. Straight. If you don't know leftover. Brick homes you can just put and I'm getting crispy bits up back. And then we'll camp it's about three minutes on each side. It is nice to go now wall that's doing its thing when it directs the rookie lemon pictures so. And then without some rights activists aboard that we look back in the past now. Avenue and he sees them nice and go around the edges as soon as it go and you. That 10 plant and a sizzled. Along for the vote we got. This. Slightly up. To stress that rookies Alan Marcus that you licensing. And fresh and Lemony. And eleven. A little use of so. On the to him about my friends. That thing plays most vicious. Crispy garlic chicken.

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{"id":60275169,"title":"Chef Jamie Oliver prepares his 20-minute, easy crispy garlicky chicken","duration":"2:49","description":"Jamie Oliver breaks down his recipe for this easy, tasty meal.","url":"/GMA/Food/video/chef-jamie-oliver-prepares-20-minute-easy-crispy-60275169","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}