Delicious meatless meals for the grill

Maggie Hoffman, the digital director for Epicurious, shows us how to make and enjoy classic veggie burgers, meatless burgers and advises which veggies turn out best on the grill.
2:56 | 06/19/21

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Transcript for Delicious meatless meals for the grill
We're firing up the barbecue with a round-up of the best and tastiest meatless options out there. Maggie Hoffman joins us now, Maggie, good morning. First, you say that old school veggie burgers are still in style. That's actually news to me as a non-meat eater, so tell me about that. Absolutely. You know, these are sort of nostalgic for me. I love an old school gardenburger piled high with onions and creamy avocado. We did a taste test of all the veggie burger options at epicurious, and the winner had great texture. I was about to bite it, but you stopped talking, so I can't bite it. What do I do? Go ahead. Okay, I'll ask another question, then I'm going to bite. Meatless meat burgers are all the rage. What can you tell us about them? Go, I'm going to bite. Yeah, so these are plant-based burgers that are designed to mimic beef. They're really rich and really savory. A little gamey. We've learned a lot about these. We did a blind taste test on these, too, and our favorite, the top pick was the impossible burger. When you're cooking these, you really want to think crisp. You want to make a smashburger instead of a thick, pub-style burger, and the more sear, the better. All right, tasted this one, too. It's really good. I have to swallow before I can ask you this next question though. Are you just taking a bite of each? Yes, I'm trying everything. That's my job. That's what they pay me for. Tell us about preparing the vegetables. You put them right on the grill, as I understand it. Show us how you do that. There are so many ways to cook vegetables on the grill. One of the things we love, and we have a great recipe for pulled mushroom tacos on epicurious. What we do is, take these and pull them apart. Put them in a grill basket, and they'll be smoky and crisp on the grill. They make beautiful tacos. Almost like cornitas. You can also put a whole eggplant on the grill just like this. You can put it in the coals. You don't have to wrap it or anything. Then it'll get smoky and soft. You can serve it with grilled if you want to do a cauliflower, you have a couple options. If you want to start with a whole cauliflower, which makes a really impressive presentation. Start it by microwaving it for a few minutes so it will get tender before you put it on the grill, then it'll look like this when you're done. Cook it in wedges to get evenly charred on all sides. Maggie I think you're great. These are incredible ideas. I love the cauliflower. Whit told me it looked like a brain on a plate, so I don't know. One that you want to eat. I do want to eat this brain. I'm like a zombie for cauliflower. Maggie, thank you again. Thank you for putting up with our nonsense. You can get all of T As Attorney General for President Obama, I worked with some impressive people.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Maggie Hoffman, the digital director for Epicurious, shows us how to make and enjoy classic veggie burgers, meatless burgers and advises which veggies turn out best on the grill.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78375630","title":"Delicious meatless meals for the grill","url":"/GMA/Food/video/delicious-meatless-meals-grill-78375630"}