'Food for Thought' author shares her healthy breakfast recipes live on 'GMA'

Cristina Ferrare opens up about her new cookbook, and demonstrates some of her go-to healthy breakfast recipes.
4:03 | 12/05/18

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Transcript for 'Food for Thought' author shares her healthy breakfast recipes live on 'GMA'
who got her start as a model gracing the covers of, oh, well, just about every major magazine. Look at you, girl. Now she's gracing the cover of her brand-new cookbook called "Food for thought." Welcome, Cristina. Thank you, Lara. Smells so good. Good morning. This is your sixth cookbook. It is out tomorrow. It's out now. Out right now. Make sure you go get it right now but this morning you're here to help us whip up some breakfast. We'll start with some egg white wraps. Yes, we're going to do that because this is for my new book "Food for thought," all the things you should think about eating to keep yourself healthy. I'm one of those people who like morning breakfast sandwiches but filled with lard and eggs and bacon -- not that you can't have eggs and bacon but you can eat anything, anything you want if you just change a couple of things and that is -- Thank you. That's how you make it. Delicious. We're starting with a breakfast wrap. We have egg whites but you don't have to use egg whites. You can use regular eggs. Depending on your cholesterol. But I made it with coconut milk. If you are allergic to dairy you can use any nut milk you like and substituted greasy muffins with tortillas made out of whole wheat and we'll roll these up. You can help me. We'll fill it up and put some of the egg whites in there. Is that enough? Yeah. I'd put a little more. Yeah, these are the things we'll do but I would suggest, Michael, so we can roll it up exactly -- he knows what he's doing. Not Michael's first -- I've been told by women plenty of times. Lara, what would you like to put in it? Everything -- avocado, black bean, jalapeno looks great for a kick start to your day, a little salsa. Everything in here is good for you, good for the brain, good for the heart, good for your gut, everything, so -- you guys -- This audience wants to eat. Peppers too. Yeah. I love it spicy. Also I feel like it just gets you going in the day. Meanwhile, Michael whips that up and we'll get to the grilled cheese. Will you roll it up. Yeah, I'll roll it up. Like a burrito. Who doesn't love grilled cheese sandwiches? They use white bread and have a lot of butter. I have a seeded whole wheat bread and toast it first then to it I'm going to add if I may, Lara, if that's okay I'm going to take -- Jump ahead? I tend to do that. You're so excited. I like a little spicy -- instead of using butter I use a little bit of dijon mustard discuss to give it a little kick so we'll put that on the bottom. That doesn't look so good what I rolled. Okay. Look at that. Oh, my goodness. That's what it looks like. That's what it looks like, everybody. Yes. And then what we're going to do, take a tomato. I love tomato, good for the heart as well. A little salt, a little pepper. Put the cheese on it, stick it under the broiler about four inches from the broiler, it will melt -- wait a minute. What we'll do, instead of making a sandwich it will be open faced. So when we're done, you can see here it is. We'll put it in here and what you do, put it in there, stick it in the oven four inches from the broiler and gets nice and melted. I like your breakfast twist of putting an egg on top. So delish. Coffee, this is a different take on coffee. This is a different take on coffee. This is a coffee that you can have in the morning, polar ice coffee. It's made with coconut milk. Cheers. This whipped coo cream is made with rice whipped cream or coconut whipped cream so you can have it and enjoy it, nutmeg and cinnamon, all the things that are good for you. So cheers, my friend. Tastes like a holiday. Really good for you. You can go kridz's recipes on our website. Her book is out right now, "Food for thought."

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"Cristina Ferrare opens up about her new cookbook, and demonstrates some of her go-to healthy breakfast recipes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59618955","title":"'Food for Thought' author shares her healthy breakfast recipes live on 'GMA' ","url":"/GMA/Food/video/food-thought-author-shares-healthy-breakfast-recipes-live-59618955"}