Make chef Millie Peartree’s easier no-layer lasagna recipe

Chef Millie Peartree’s take on lasagna combines the classic flavors of the pasta dish without all the layering.
4:30 | 04/09/21

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Transcript for Make chef Millie Peartree’s easier no-layer lasagna recipe
That there, you see it. It is time for our Friday edition of ultimate pasta week. He's diving in. I'll bust him out and it's all about lasagna. You guys are going to want this recipe once you see what our next guest has cooking, a special twist on this dish, chef Millie peartree, the founder of full heart, full blessings is joining us now, Millie, good morning. Good morning, good morning, everybody. How are you, great morning. It is a great morning because you've got lasagna in front of us. I'll confess it's going to be hard for me to concentrate on this because it smells so good in here. So you got a special twist, no layers. Can it really be lasagna if there's no layers? Totally could be a lasagna. It's all about the ingredient, first we'll offer condolences to the royal family and we're going to send prayers and blessings to the rapper dmx this morning so lasagna, so everybody that follows Millie peartree on social media @chefmilliepeartree. We take our ingredients and create healthy dishes and as you can see I've been on a wellness journey, lost 30 pounds so let's get into it. So I took some ground sausage, if you do not have ground sausage use ground Turkey, any lean meat will do and I have vegetable, peppers and onions. Cut it once, use it twice, add it to our pan and get to mixing and already has our seasonings in it because the sausage has wonderful flavor and salt and pepper and garlic are already in our vegetables then I like to add mushrooms, everybody knows I love a good mushroom, always have those on hand and continue to add this to our pan, right? Have some spinach, yes. It looks amazing, I'm feeling like you're going there next. You got to have cheese if you're making lasagna. Absolutely, totally have to have cheese. We'll add some sauce and we're going to add some cheese to it, as well. And the best part about this is, you can use any type of pasta, I have brown rice lentil noodles. We'll add this in here and break it up. If you don't have that, use rigatoni, spaghetti, anything you have on hand then we'll dollop with some cheese. Lots of cheese. There's a close-up of Michael Strahan eating his lasagna. It's named right. Full hearts and full belly, Millie, I'm all in. You're not cooking the pasta. Absolutely. You put the pasta in there uncooked? Put the pasta in there we just stir it all up, we dollop with some cheese. This our finished product. We leave the lid on it. We make sure all of our cheese is nice and melty and ooey and gooey, the best part you can add things and take things ou you know, you just make it your own. Now we'll add more cheese in the end. You've got ideas to give this a more of a nontraditional twist if you wanted to go with different flavors. Absolutely. So during the fall months I like to do butternut squash or fresh just pretty much add anything that you like to your lasagna. It's all about making things your own. One thing about cooking, it's not about a recipe, I like this very much because it's not about a recipe, you know, you can throw anything in the pot that you like and just throw it together and you can have this done in 30 minutes or less and especially if you have your vegetables and meats already prepared, it'll come together even quicker. The best thing about these -- the best thing about the ready made lasagna noodles are thinner and you can eat more. You can feed so many off a dish like. This I want to go to the ultimate taste tester, Lahr R I'm hearing you made this. What is the verdict. Thank you so much for this recipe, I'm saving it. Guy, I made this before the show this morning. And I love it. You said make it your own, I'm obsessed with basil so threw in fresh basil. Not only was it super easy and I was skeptical about throwing in hard pasta but it tastes amazing and it's really fun because pasta like explodes when you break it, these noodles so we had a lot of laughs and I'm having a very healthy breakfast. Thank you. Mm-mm. Thank you, so good, right? Thank everybody, you guys, amazing. I can't wait to dive in. The verdict? You dive in. I'll read this tease for you but I got to say it is delicious.

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"Chef Millie Peartree’s take on lasagna combines the classic flavors of the pasta dish without all the layering. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76967462","title":"Make chef Millie Peartree’s easier no-layer lasagna recipe","url":"/GMA/Food/video/make-chef-millie-peartrees-easier-layer-lasagna-recipe-76967462"}