Make Dollywood's special funnel cake

Robin Roberts and Dolly Parton are joined by Dollywood’s culinary director Aaron Banks, who will make a fresh berry and lavender funnel cake and a barbecue brisket slider.
4:34 | 05/12/21

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Transcript for Make Dollywood's special funnel cake
It is always a treat to be with miss dolly parton and also have dollywood's culinary director Aaron banks with us. Yes. He will show us how to make some of the delicious treats that you can get here at the park. A cheerleader you are. We do cheer him all the time here at dollywood because he makes sure all the food is great. Everybody loves it. He kind of works with all the people that do all the different things but he's a great boss, has a lot of talent. I like how she says you're the boss. Okay. They put me on this pedestal because you're so tall. I didn't want to say anything but you're high right now. Last time I was on with Wendy Williams she was up here so I said give me a little platform. I think you're taller than robin. Yay, for the first time in my life I can be tall. You can be anything you want. We are at dollywood in your world. Yeah, if I'm ever going to be on a pedestal it should be at dollywood. Aaron, tell us about this brisket. We're down south so you got to have barbecue. One, it's incredible. Favorite thing to make here at the park. We have our own dollywood seasoning we put on it and smoke the brisket for 6 1/2 hours. We hand slice it then we build our sandwiches and our guests are just out of sight, out of mind about it. So I'm just going to give a quick demo what we do. All right. We'll put the brisket stack it. Then a little barbecue goodness. Oh, barbecue goodness. That sauce is amazing. Yes. People want to buy it when they leave the park. I bet. Then we have an apple and cabbage slaw that we add. Ooh. Right after. See, I told you we had the big apple. New York got nothing on you, right? Yeah. There we go. Perfect. Ready, serve. What are some other delicacies you have? Some of everything. One of my favorites is the hand breaded fish and chips, that is delicious. The Cuban sandwich is spot on. Also we have a cupcake, cookies, we have wings, we have nachos, like there's so many items out there, also too a fan favorite is the lobster roll. The lobster roll. I thought I saw that. Yeah, you did. Celery stock underneath it and bun there. It's great. With the flower and food festival they come for the music and the food. I think we have a competition or something about the dessert. We have fun. We can do that. We're with dolly. Lavender honey mini funnel cake so we'll make this, okay? First we have our powdered sugar. Okay. I'll add a little powdered sugar. Like so, all right? Okay. Okay. Then we have Santelli cream. You don't have to do it. Very slowly. Very slowly. Then I will start. You're going to make a smoky mountain. Smoky mountain. Yes, it's like -- Ooh, okay. Is that good? I like that. How did you get that? Okay. Next we have the lavender honey. Lavender honey. Then drizzle like so. Just a little drizzle. A little drizzle. Okay, and then add somberries. I do four but you add how many you want. Well, I guess I'll have to use spoons. See, it's healthy. We're adding berries so it's healthy. Who wants healthy? You think all this sugar, you think one berry is going to counteract all that. A girl can dream. I don't think so, robin. To finish it off, edible Edible flowers. You know what, you can really eat these. They told me. Watercress. All of that. I don't know that I would actually feel good about eating that -- That's pretty. That looks good. I like that. Yes, delicious. I'll eat some of that later. You're going to sing for us later is what you're going to do. Yeah. Going to sing for your funnel We have stuff to go. I'll sing for my breakfast, for my dessert. Thank you, Aaron. Aaron, we're so proud of you here. You did good. I'm more nervous than you. Little bit of everything here in dolittle woodruff what you say? We do have everything.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"Robin Roberts and Dolly Parton are joined by Dollywood’s culinary director Aaron Banks, who will make a fresh berry and lavender funnel cake and a barbecue brisket slider.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77639889","title":"Make Dollywood's special funnel cake","url":"/GMA/Food/video/make-dollywoods-special-funnel-cake-77639889"}