How to make Kristin Cavallari’s white chicken chili

The “True Comfort” author’s nutritious, cozy freezer meal will have your entire family coming back for more.
5:14 | 01/14/21

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Transcript for How to make Kristin Cavallari’s white chicken chili
Good morning, everybody. Great to have you with us on this Thursday morning. So great to have our friend Kristin cavallari with us. She is the best-selling author of "True comfort" and this morning teaching us how to make a nutrition cozy freezer meal. Kristin, good morning to you. How are you doing? Good morning. I'm good. How are you guys? We are great. We've happy you're joining us. Before we start cooking I want to ask you about something. You're a mom of three. You're in the spotlight and recently you received some criticism or comments on your parenting. So I'm just curious how do you deal with that and how does your family deal with that? Yeah, I mean, to be honest, I don't read comments on Instagram so I don't catch wind of those comments unless my best friend Justin decides to go on and read my comments and respond to people or whatever it is. But, you know, I got to tell you, my oldest son is 8 1/2 and the second I became a mom people have always loved to criticize some of my decisions. I the one area of my life I'm so confident in, I know what a good mom I am and know I'm doing the best for me and my family so it's just noise to be honest. I don't let that stuff affect me. I know, George. That's a healthy way to look at it. Good for you. Thank you. You know what, you also could get it done in the kitchen. You when white chicken chili you'll make for us. This is great for the freezer, you say. Yes, so this makes a huge batch and it is spicy so this is one meal that my kids will not eat so I do find I'm freezing a lot of it but sot's great. It is a white bean chili. It has a nice kick. I had avocado oil in my pan and sauteed buy chicken so I'll take Poe plan know and hall pain Yo peppers since I love spicy and I'll take onions and saute all of this up and I like avocado oil if you're using high heat and good oil for you. So you're going to saute them up until everything is nice and soft which I've already done for you guys. Thank you. The magic of TV which we love so much. So what you'll do is add a bunch of chopped garlic, all of your spices, a little pink himalayan salt and I like pink himalayan salt because it's topped with vitamins and minerals so I don't use anything white, no white flour, sugar or salt. It's been stripped of all its nutrients so what everything nutrient dense and packed with flavor and I'll add my chilies, my beans and mix this all up in here. You get this going and then you'll take your chicken stock and a little lime juice and squeeze that in there. Kristin, Kristin, do you see -- I'm sorry. I'm eating. It's delicious, by the way. Do you recommend -- Are you eating the chili? Absolutely. Not putting all the spices -- I can't se you. Not to put all the spices in at the same time to kind of layer it. I like to build the flavor. I had a chef years and years ago who really taught me everything I know about cooking but he was the one who told me you want to build your flavors so you want to throw everything in at one so that's kind of the trick there and then a little citrus at the end to cut it. Kind of balance everything out and find it gives it a slight tangy flavor. You would cook it until it thickens up then I have mine over here so let's see. Hopefully you can see all of this. Then I like to garnish with chopped avocado and cashew crema. Cashew crema I love, it's dairy free but resembles sour cream, it thickens it up and gives it that creamy added texture. A dollop. A dollop will do you. A dollop. This is really good. Yeah, so you can definitely, you know, you can take a little container, fill up whatever you don't eat, put it in the freezer for four to six months. It makes life so much easier if you have kids or running around. So, yeah, this is a great meal. Sounds like one of those dishes that gets real good overnight too. Exactly. That's what I love about chili, yes, as the flavors all combiepdz. Kristin, thank you. I'm eating now too and am supposed to talk. You cleaned your bowl. It's delicious. I'm hungry, it's 8:35. She made great food. Kristin, thank you so much. We really appreciate you, as always. Always good to see you. Being a great friend of the show. Get this recipe on our website @

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{"duration":"5:14","description":"The “True Comfort” author’s nutritious, cozy freezer meal will have your entire family coming back for more. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75246168","title":"How to make Kristin Cavallari’s white chicken chili ","url":"/GMA/Food/video/make-kristin-cavallaris-white-chicken-chili-75246168"}