‘GMA3’ Reading Squad takes on ‘Dear Justyce’

Author Nic Stone talks about an incarcerated teen boy who writes letters to a teen ​boy about navigating his way through the juvenile justice system.
4:39 | 11/24/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘GMA3’ Reading Squad takes on ‘Dear Justyce’
Latest time once again for GM bakeries reading spot earlier this month we tackle dear justice a brand new book by New York Times best selling author knicks down. Take a look. Your justice. Ruth group in the same area into safe elementary and middle schools. Want which can also different. Back in my life. And I can't really see resident Janice. Make different choices. When I was fourteen. Hostile okay. But in sixteen years for meaning it's an important. Uses Kearney and trying. To. Its own strong justice and I'll shining so home. And with us now the woman behind though book mixed know make it is good to have you with us today. At all so we want to introduce our readings lot. They have been enjoying your book the past few weeks say hello to thirteen year old on a twelve year old with -- sixteen year old the Nyack and fourteen you're all love. Hope everybody is doing well but Nikki NTELOS did just this talk about friendship with from a systemic racism little empathy in there. And you got a lot of this book. Yeah I do you know it's a followed through different thick add that I'm sure gets EU bank. In this but I really want it's he stressed that into theater it's always smelled like we are in. A critical time in this country and have been all year so afraid to come out right now I think. It's great Abbott yet all of our deciding. To end at that somebody who might be different from new many might have been different perspectives and YouTube. While we can all use a little empathy these days so nick perfectly timed your right so and I know our reading squad has some questions for you so let's jump right in. We're gonna start with what kind but I what's your question for neck. And a great read and loved it. I don't under your inspiration behind Google. Yeah yeah kind of guy you are adorable it is lovely to meet you. It see it did just this came from a pair of mid teens actually who had. Rig the other novel dear Martin. And asked me to write a story that was more in line with the latins that they remaining on these are two boys who honestly we're just doing their best. Estate in school ends who had been in trouble with the law and wanted to see. Themselves reflected is humid in the book. Argument look I think view I want to get over this the -- you have a question as well the right ahead. I'm hanging nice to me show I also loved the book. Home. So I read and often notes that this look was the most difficult street right so far how long it take you right. Clean. I will be completely honest I don't remember. And I know that would I started this black. I don't play who's. We're dealing with a lot and it was at like you like you said isn't really the public's rights a lot of it this past filled out remembers finishing X. On an air break even and it was sitting there on the airplane and I burst into tears when I ruby and it was probably it'd take in about. Three month there's editor act is my guests. But I could be totally wrong about that kids who know what he didn't is time like lately has been going on for thirty that he asked not oh yeah art that's such a good point I think I. And love we didn't forget about to have time for you as well. What's your question for nick. I hate. I don't EU and let slip any expenses that they'd get there won't remember. Hello love and yes they can there's a lot of saying there are some things Anquan flight that I definitely pulled from my own. In experience in general I definitely was more like just distance like I was very I TV and I did very well in school I was on the debate team like justice for your Martan. But with look why and there are some stuff about his home lice and that I I pulled for my own experience and I do know what it feels lake. Two. Have a stents that there's nobody who really believes in new. So my goal with this book was to make it clear that. Everybody deserves somebody who believes in that men who pulled like continue to bleed and then no matter what. Such important messages and that's three questions knicks don't thank you so much for joining us today. Everyone you can pick up a copy of deer justice in stores now and yes another big. They queued to our reading squad for following along with everyone.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"Author Nic Stone talks about an incarcerated teen boy who writes letters to a teen ​boy about navigating his way through the juvenile justice system.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74379828","title":"‘GMA3’ Reading Squad takes on ‘Dear Justyce’","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/gma3-reading-squad-takes-dear-justyce-74379828"}